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            The electric current assurance for single-family homes
Safe, simple, efficient

                                       No light, no heating, no computer: to-     The Sunny Backup Set S is a highly
Your Advantages                        day, it is very difficult to do anything    efficient and reliable complement to
» Secure: fast, automatic supply,      without electricity. You may be inter-     small, rooftop-mounted solar instal-
  even during power outages            ested to know that for safety reasons,     lations of up to 4.6 kW. If there is a
                                       your solar plant is disconnected from      power outage, it switches over to
» Efficient: both during grid-feeding   the grid if there is a power outage?       stand-alone operation completely au-
  and during grid failure              From that moment on, it ceases to pro-     tomatically within 50 milliseconds. In
» Maintenance free: long-lasting       vide solar power – neither for grid        so doing, the system uses the current
  and proven SMA Technology            feeding, nor for the internal power        stored in the battery sets in addition to
                                       supply.                                    the current produced directly by the
» Straightforward: Sunny Remote                                                   solar installation. Whether summer or
  Control for location-independent     It is precisely this supply gap which we   winter: the Sunny Backup S means so-
  operation                            are filling with the new Sunny Backup       lar power at any time, day or night.
» Modular: expandable through          Set S (the "s" is for "small") from SMA.
  additional battery sets              If there is a power outage, the Sunny
                                       Backup Set S separates your solar
                                       plant from the grid and switches to
                                       supply your home with solar electric
                                       current. The system, which was award-
                                       ed the 2007 Innovation Prize, equips
                                       you with a self-sufficient energy supply
                                       for the future.
How the Sunny Backup Set Small              battery with only 50 milliseconds
Works                                       pause at most. Due to the presence of       Components
                                            the solar plant, the battery usually only      Solar Inverter
With great efficiency, the Sunny Boy         has to bridge the night hours. There-
                                                                                           Automatic Sunny Backup-
solar inverter      converts the direct     fore it is small and inexpensive.
                                                                                           switching device
current produced at the modules into
the alternating current. In turn, this is   Acting as the system manager, the              Sunny Backup battery set
fed into the public grid without further    Sunny Backup 2200 coordinates                  Sunny Backup 2200
loss during normal operation.               all switching operations, namely the
                                            disconnection from the grid and the            Sunny Remote Control
If there is a grid failure, the Sunny       switching over of the solar plant. In
Backup Set becomes active automati-         this way, every grid failure is compen-
cally: the switching feature sepa-          sated reliably.
rates the solar plant and electric devic-
                                                                                        Then ask your local specialized
es from the grid safely. If desired, one    Regardless of the location of the back-
                                                                                        dealer: he will be able to advise
can also switch to self-sufficient supply    up system, the Remote Control al-
                                                                                        you on all important questions, so
manually.                                   lows the reading of all data, and the
                                                                                        as to guarantee the professional
                                            switching over to stand-alone opera-
                                                                                        planning and installation of your
While the plant switches to stand-          tion. This is a comfortable solution if
                                                                                        plant. In addition, visit the SMA
alone operation, the most important         the system is located in a basement
                                                                                        specialized dealer search machine
loads, such as lamps, heating devices       with difficult access.
and freezers, are supplied from the
SMA Solar Technology AG

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