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DIY Solar Electricity - How to Build Your Own Solar Panels & Never Pay For
Electricity Again!
by Brian A. Russell

While the world is facing economic crisis, being able to save hundreds of dollars every month
on your utility bills would be a great relief. DIY solar electricity can help you do just that. The
sun is an abundant, inexhaustible and above all free energy source. The only thing you need to
do is to collect this energy and convert it into a usable form.

By building your own solar panels you will be able to capture sunlight and use it for heat or turn
it into electricity to power all the appliances of your home. Unfortunately many people give up
on the idea of assembling and installing their own solar powered system, thinking it would be
too hard or expensive. This couldn't be further from the truth. A Diy solar panel doesn't cost
more than $200 to put together and you only need to devote a couple of days to complete this
project. No special skills are required and practically anyone can do it with the help of a
step-by- step instructions manual. Of course you also have the option of purchasing a
ready-made panel, but it's a rather expensive solution because it can cost up to $3000.

Here are some of the advantages of DIY Solar Electricity:
 Completely eliminate your electricity bill or at the very least reduce it by more than 80%. Get
paid by your utility company, by selling them any extra energy that you generate. Receive tax
credits for using green energy. Protect the environment and fight global warming Be more
energy efficient and stop caring about power outages. Never care about the rising energy
prices again. Have a lot of fun during the building process!

Placing the system at the correct angle so that it can absorb the maximum amount of sunlight
is very important. You can install the solar cells on your roof, garden or backyard. Thousands
of people all over the world are taking advantage of the power of the sun and save hundreds of
dollars every month on their utility bills.

Click Here to find out how to produce your own DIY Solar Electricity and save $1000's on your
electric bill!

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