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									                                             Me dia R ele a s e

                           S olar ele ctricity in s o uth ern E uro p e
           juw i s olar e x p a n din g its a ctivitie s in Italy, S p ain a n d F ra n c e
    B ola n d e n (G erm a n y), Marc h 12 th , 2008. This month juwi solar
GmbH based in Rhineland-Palatinate in western Germany is tak-
ing great steps toward expanding its international activities.
Whereas the solar business of the juwi group have been predomi-
nantly in Germany so far, an increasing number of projects in
southern Europe are now poised to be launched. For instance,
building work is due to soon begin at a large-scale, free-standing
power station near Lecce in the region of Apulia in southern Italy.
Another free-standing project (1.7 megawatts) will go up near Vit-
toria, a town in the province of Ragusa, in the island region of Sic-
ily. “Alto g eth er w e inten d to in stall m ore th a n 20 m e g aw atts in
Italy this ye ar,” says Bolzano branch manager Erwin Mayr. Due to
the abundance of projects juwi solar GmbH will open two more                         Visit th e ju w i s olar
branches in Verona and Bari.                                                         G m b H b o oth at th e fol-
                                                                                     lo w in g tra d e fairs:
    The juwi group’s solar experts are also increasing their in-
volvement in Spain. Construction of the C ortijo E l C ura s olar                    Solarexpo in Verona, Italy
                                                                                     May 15-17, 2008
p ark in th e m u nicip ality of A nte q u era in A n d alu sia has begun.
This two-megawatt free-standing project in the Spanish province of                   Intersolar 2008 in Munich,
Málaga was developed jointly with the Ansasol S.L. company and                       Germany
                                                                                     June 12-14, 2008
is due to go on line in summer 2008. Juwi solar has also founded a
branch in Valencia to facilitate its presence on the Spanish market.                 Intersolar North America in
                                                                                     San Francisco, USA
   Juwi solar GmbH aims to install photovoltaic stations amounting                   July 15-17, 2008
to m ore th a n 2,000 m eg aw atts of p ow er pro du ctio n c a p a city
                                                                                     European PV Conference in
b y 2012 in Germany, Spain, Italy, France, Greece, the Czech Re-                     Valencia, Spain
public, the United States, Rwanda, South Korea and many other                        September 1-4, 2008
countries. Project development is underway and to support these
sizable plans juwi is expanding its network of branches abroad.
Juwi korea Co., Ltd. was recently founded in Seoul; juwi solar Hel-
las is currently taking shape in Greece; and juwi S.A.R.L. has its
center of solar activities for southern France in Aix-en-Provence.                   F or m ore inform ation
                                                                                     ple a s e c o nta ct:
“W e are s yste m atic ally c o n v e yin g o ur q u ality a n d c o m p ete n c e   juwi solar GmbH
a bro a d. This e ntails m a n y intere stin g va c a n cie s to b e fille d at      Christian Hinsch, Director PR
                                                                                     Tel: +49 6131-58856-40
o ur h e a d q u arters in Rhin ela n d-P alatin ate, G erm a n y, a n d als o       (Cell: +49 172-6794912)
at o ur foreig n offic e s aro u n d th e w orld,” says Lars Falck, man-             E-mail:
aging director of juwi solar GmbH.                                         

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                                        Me dia R ele a s e
                                    B a c k gro u n d inform atio n
…o n th e re n e w a ble e n ergie s m ark et
In recent years the proportion of cleanly produced power in the electricity supply has grown con-
stantly. In Germany wind, hydro, solar and bio sources now generate nearly 15% of the national
supply. Th e G erm a n fed eral g o vern m e nt’s s ustain a bility strate g y aim s at a 50% s h are of re-
n ew a ble s in th e mid dle of th e c e ntury. In Germany the Renewable Energy Sources Act (EEG) is
the core instrument for implementing this strategy. It has become an essential building block for
securing and creating jobs. The German renewable energies sector em plo ys a b o ut 250,000 p e o-

…o n s olar e n erg y
2007 was a record-breaking year for the German photovoltaic sector. According to the German
Solar Industry Association (BSW), the number of solar power installations, predominantly on Ger-
man rooftops, increased by around 130,000, bringing the total to 430,000 in stallatio n s.
Some 1,100 megawattspeak (MW p) of solar electricity capacity newly joined the grid last year in
Germany, more than ever before in a single year. Benefiting from that are domestic manufacturers,
suppliers and skilled workers. Sales figures of German photovoltaic makers increased last year by
23%, amounting to around EUR 5.5 billion. According to the BSW the total n u m b er of e m plo ye d
in the sector is now 40,000.
The organization also says that there are now solar electricity installations totaling 3,800 m e ga-
w atts of capacity installed in Germany. The thre e billio n kilow att-h o urs of electricity they pro-
duce is enough to power all the homes in Hamburg, the second biggest city in Germany. In 2005
and 2006 respectively, 850 MWp were newly installed; in 2007 some 1,100 megawatts of photo-
voltaic production capacity was installed, making G erm a n y th e w orld’s lea din g s olar m ark et.

…o n th e juw i gro u p
The juwi group ranks among Germany’s leading renewable energy companies. In addition to pho-
tovoltaics and biomass, wind energy is its strongest mainstay. With about 250 staff juwi is involved
in the entire value creation chain. B y th e e n d of 2007, P V statio n s in stalle d b y th e c o m p a n y
n u m b ere d m ore th a n 650; th eir total c a p a city a m o u ntin g to s om e 80,000 kilow atts – a n in-
ve stm e nt valu e of a p pro xim ately E U R 400 millio n. Some of last year’s showcase projects in-
clude several megawatt-scale rooftop installations and in South Tyrol one of the most powerful PV
installations in Italy. In Kigali, the capital of Rwanda, juwi was commissioned by Stadtwerke Mainz
AG (city of Mainz public utility company) to build a 250-kW plant, the largest PV installation in Af-
rica. At the end of April 2007 construction work began on the world’s largest PV installation in the
Waldpolenz energy park. Located in Brandis, east of Leipzig, this 40-MW solar park is being built
at a former military airbase. It is due for completion by the end of 2009. At the end of 2007 more
than 13 MW were already in place.

F or m ore inform atio n co nta ct:
juwi solar GmbH, Friedhofweg 10, 67295 Bolanden, Germany. Tel: +49 6352 706680,
Fax: +49 6352 7066888, E-mail:, Internet:
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