Athens County, Ohio – Record of Births, Probate Court by hijuney7


									Athens County, Ohio – Record of Births

Format is as follows:

Name in Full; Date of Birth; Place of Birth-City, Town or Township; Sex; Color; Name of Father; Name
of Mother; Residence of Parents.

Maxwell, Charles Linley; 1879 June 17; Nelsonville; Male; White; L.A. Maxwell; S.I. Smith;
Nelsonville, O.

Martin, John; 1879 Aug. 14; Nelsonville; Male; White; John T. Martin; Emma Rhodes; Nelsonville, O.

McGill, Raymond Moore; 1879 Aug. 25; Nelsonville; Male; White; C.W. McGill; Julia Custer,
Nelsonville, O.

McMarrow, Manda E.; 1879 Oct. 21; Nelsonville; Female; White; Lafayette McMarrow; M.K. Stethee,
Nelsonville, O.

Mitchell, Selia Vell; 1879 Apr. 23; Nelsonville; Female; White; George Mitchell; Annie Lyons,
Nelsonville, O.

Mace, Robert; 1879 May 29; Nelsonville; Male; White; Robert Mace; n/a; Nelsonville, O.

Miller, Eugene; 1879, Sept. 22; Nelsonville; Male; Colored; O. Miller; Julia Norman; Nelsonville, O.

Miller, Benjamin F.; 1878 Aug. 23; Nelsonville; Male; White; Michell Miller; Mattie Fay; Nelsonville, O.

Stewart; 1880 July 7; Nelsonville; Female; White; E.P. Stewart; Martha Wiley; Nelsonville, O.

Desmer; 1880 Mch. 11; Nelsonville; Male; White; Ralph Desmer; Charloti Higgins; Nelsonville, O.

Nana, Franklin; 1879 July 20; York Twp.; Male; White; Lonis Nannie; Anna Smith; York Twp.

O’Neal, Charley; 1879 Oct. 4; Nelsonville; Male; White; Thomas O’Neal; Mary White; Nelsonville, O.

Plumb, Jesse; 1880 Feb. 25; Nelsonville; Female; White; John W. Plumb; Phebe Lewis; Nelsonville, O.

Poston, Walter Don; 1879 Aug. 6; Nelsonville; Male; White; W.B. Poston; Francis E. Comstock;
Nelsonville, O.

Parry, Charles A.; 1879 May 23; Nelsonville; Male; White; Richard Parry; Sarah J. Anslow; Nelsonville,

Perry, Francis P.; 1879 Aug. 9; York Twp.; Male; White: J.C. Parry; Louise Kughn; York Twp.

Perry, Alexander; 1879 Dec. 24, York Twp.; Male; White; Alfred Parry; Orpha J. Smith; York Twp.

Patton, Elmer; 1879 May 30; York Twp.: Male; White; Felix Patton; Laura Linn; York Twp.

Rettenmiller, Elizabeth; 1879 Dec. 17; Nelsonville; Female; White; John Rettenmiller; Mary Brenner;
Nelsonville, O.

Shaffer, Don; 1880 July 10; Nelsonville; Male; White; George W. Shaffer; Mary M. Shoemaker;

Shepard, Charles Grosvenor; 1879 Oct. 30; Nelsonville; Male; White; Thomas Shepard; Mariah Smith;
Scott, Nellie; 1879 Dec. 29; Nelsonville; Female; White; L.L. Scott; Celia L. Hartgrove; Nelsonville.

Spencer, Mable; 1879 Oct. 20; Nelsonville; Female; White; Joshua Spencer; Ida Six; Nelsonville.

Socie, Albert; 1880 Jan. 13; Nelsonville; Male; White; James Socie; Susan Smith; Nelsonville.

Socie, James; 1880 Jan. 13; Nelsonville; Male; White; James Socie; Susan Smith; Nelsonville.

Steenrod, Laura A.; 1879 Oct. 7; Nelsonville; Female; White; George Landon; Louisa C. Longley;

Socie, Bertha; 1879, June 12; Nelsonville; Female; White; Louis Socie; Francis Unk; Nelsonville.

Sulivan, George; 1879 Oct. 30; Nelsonville; Male; White; David Sulivan; Sarah Winchell; Nelsonville.

Six, Robert Samuel; 1879 Aug. 26; York Twp.; Male; White; Jacob Six; Laura Cross; York Twp.

Strait, Sarah; 1879 Aug. 2; York Twp.; Female; White; George Strait; Ruth Lewis; York Twp.

Smith, Rolney; 1879 Sept. 7; York Twp.; Female; White; William R. Smith; Rhoda Matheny; York Twp.

Six, Martha; 1880 Feb. 27; York Twp.; Female; White; James W. Six; Sarah C. Bowersock; York Twp.

Six, Harvey C.; 1879 Oct. 15; York Twp.; Male; White; Elijah C. Six; Dolly Johnson; York Twp.

Stufflebean, Leonard; 1879 June 6; York Twp.; Male; White; Henry Stufflebeam; Margaret Siggler; York

Smith, Francis M.; 1879 Dec. 30; York Twp.; Male; White; Saml Smith; Malinda Groves; York Twp.

Sullivan, Blach; 1879 May 15; York Twp.; Female; White; Daniel Sullivan; n/a; York Twp.

Stem, Marvin; 1880 Jan. 13; York Twp.; Male; White; Nathen Stem; Matilda Willen; York Twp.

Tucker, Lorenzo Don; 1879 Oct. 30; Nelsonville; Male; White; George Tucker; Margaret Hammon;

Tucker, Edward R.; 1879 Oct. 9; Nelsonville; Male; White; William Tucker; Sarah Mender; Nelsonville.

Teal, Willie; 1879 Sept. 1; Nelsonville; Male; White; Peter Teal; L. Batkin; York Twp.

Teal, Lilley; 1879 Sept. 1; Nelsonville; Female; White; Peter Teal; L. Batkin; York Twp.

Townsend, William; 1880 Aug. 30; York Twp.; Male; White; Ezra Townsend; Florence Bowers; York

Traugh, Eugene; 1879 Dec. 19; York Twp.; Male; White; John Traugh; Julia Townsend; York Twp.

Thompson, John Price; 1880 Mch. 24; York Twp.; Male; White; Hugh Thompson; Mariah Perry; York

N/a; n/a; n/a; n/a; White; John M. Thompson; H. Cooper; York Twp. (Note the copy of the first page was
to high to copy the bottom line of the page, but the second page showed all the lines for the page. That is
why the first 4 items are n/a.)

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