MELBOURNE IVF PRIVACY POLICY

     1. Melbourne IVF will, at all times, be compliant with the provisions of the
        Commonwealth Privacy Amendment (Private Sector) Act 2000 and the Victorian
        Health Records Act 2001.

            Melbourne IVF will have regard for the Office of the Federal Privacy
            Commissioner’s Guidelines on Privacy in the Private Health Sector dated
            November 2001.

            Melbourne IVF will adopt and follow the Guidelines and Regulations and the
            eleven Health Privacy Principles (HPP) as set out in the Victorian Health Records
            Act 2001. In summary these Principles provide for:

     2. Collection

            Collection of health information by MIVF will be that which is necessary and as
            permitted under HPP 1. MIVF will collect health information necessary to the
            performance of its services and with patient consent. Patients will be made aware
            of how their health information is used and how they can gain access to it.

     3. Use and Disclosure

            Melbourne IVF will only use or disclose health information for the primary
            purpose for which it was collected, Melbourne IVF will only disclose health
            information as permitted under HPP 2, the requirements of which include:
                • patient consent
                • any secondary purpose which is directly related to the primary purpose
                • reasonable patient expectation of such disclosure
                • circumstances related to public interest, such as law enforcement and
                   public or individual health and safety

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     4. Data Quality

            Melbourne IVF will take all reasonable steps to ensure that the health information
            it collects, uses, holds or discloses is accurate, complete, up to date and relevant to
            the functions or and services it provides.

     5. Data Security & Data Retention

            Melbourne IVF will take reasonable steps to protect health information from
            unauthorised access, modification or disclosure.
            Melbourne IVF will not transfer, destroy or delete health information other than
            as permitted under HPP 4.

     6. Openness

            Melbourne IVF will set out in a document available to patients, a description of:
               • its policy on the management of health information
               • how a patient may access their own health information
               • why that information is held and how it is used.

     7. Access and Correction

            In accordance with HPP 5, Melbourne IVF recognises its patient’s right to access
            to their health information, except in certain circumstances outlined and permitted
            in HPP 6. Melbourne IVF will promptly correct any error in health information
            that is brought to its attention.

     8. Identifiers

            Melbourne IVF will only adopt or use a public sector identifier where necessary
            and permitted by HPP 7.

     9. Anonymity

            Melbourne IVF will give patients the option to interact anonymously wherever it
            is lawful and practicable to do so.

     10. Trans-border Data Flows

            Melbourne IVF will only transfer personal information to a recipient outside
            Victoria where information will be protected in a substantially similar manner to
            the requirements of these HPP’s and where confidentiality and disclosure
            agreement are in place between the individual and the recipient.

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     11. Transfer or closure of the practice of a health service provider

            Melbourne IVF will follow the requirements of HPP 10 with respect to provision
            of a notice of transfer or closure to current and past patients and the dispersal of
            health information.

     12. Making Information available to another health service provider

            Melbourne IVF will respond to requests to provide health information promptly
            and in accordance with the requirements of HPP 11.

            A full copy of the Health Privacy Principles will be provided to patients upon

            1.     i)      All questions of appropriateness of management of patient’s health
                           information will be tested against the Health Records Act. Where
                           deficiencies are found, procedures will be amended to ensure

                   ii)     Melbourne IVF will deal with all issues relating to privacy within
                           the Melbourne IVF Complaints Handling Procedure, which is set
                           out in Attachment A.

Dr Lyndon Hale,                            Caroline Mulcahy,
Chairman                                   Chief Executive

May 2007

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