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									Outsourcing Software Development Offshore

FDSC is a an Software Development Company located in India. Offshore Outsourcing is a
strategic move and our intent is to build effective and mutually beneficial outsourcing
partnerships with our clients. FDSC has been into offshore outsourcing and has provided
software solutions in a variety of industry verticals, including finance, real estate, education,
retail and others in various

We offer a range of software outsourcing services including

   -   New product development
   -   Custom software development
   -   Software application enhancement and maintenance
   -   Web based content management system
   -   Dedicated center and dedicated teams
   -   Business Analysis
   -   Quality Assurance (QA) and Testing

For the above services you can choose between Time and Material / Effort based pricing and
 Fixed / Project based pricing

The most common Outsourcing Challenges in outsourcing software development offshore are

   -   Language Barriers - We provide you with Excellent English Speaking Professionals.
   -   Time zones - “Common” Agreed hours overlap with Clients Time zone
   -   Distance - 24 hour response time
   -   .......

Five most common Project Risks why offshore software outsourcing fails:

   - User needs not understood - The most difficult part is not the act of recording what the

Outsourcing Software Development Offshore

users want; it is the exploratory, developmental activity of helping users figure out what they
want. FDSC has well defined process for                                          requirement
 analysis                                                                                and skills
to help you do just that. 

   - Unreasonable Expectations - FDSC manages expectations at all fronts including your
stakeholders, users, developers, marketing teams etc. If all know what is expected of them then
project would be a smooth sail.
   - ......

More on common challenges and issues and how FDSC counters them with effective offshore
 project management


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