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                  Development Partner Program


Revised 4/30/03      Subject to change at any time by ACCPAC International, Inc.   1
The Development Partner Program (DPP) facilitates the integration of third-party solutions with
ACCPAC products. Development Partners’ third-party solutions are the most important resources for
extending the functionality of ACCPAC products. Development Partners receive valuable benefits,
including a variety of technical and marketing support. As a result of technical support and
documentation, Development Partners are able to independently develop products that integrate with
ACCPAC products. Our marketing support then helps introduce and effectively promote these
solutions to our channel.

The Development Partner Program also supports ACCPAC users who want to customize the
functionality of their ACCPAC system. Such clients enroll in the program as Corporate Development
Partners. Their development staff may include internal employees or outside consultants, but the
corporate user must register in the program. The solutions or customizations developed by Corporate
Development Partners are licensed for internal use only and may not be resold.

The Development Partner Program overview includes:

Development Partner Program Benefits ................................................................................................... 3
Development Partner Program Requirements and Restrictions ............................................................... 5
Development Partner Program Fees ......................................................................................................... 6

The Development Partner Program supports the following ACCPAC products:

ACCPAC Advantage Series™
ACCPAC Pro Series™
ACCPAC Simply Accounting®

For more information about ACCPAC solutions, please review our web site at

Revised 4/30/03                           Subject to change at any time by ACCPAC International, Inc.                                          2
Development Partner Program Benefits

Technical Benefits

    •   ACCPAC Product Demos
        Development Partners receive ACCPAC demo software for integrating, testing and
        demonstrating their applications with ACCPAC solutions. Demo products are not licensed for
        in-house use. Corporate Development Partners are not eligible to receive demo products.

    •   ACCPAC Software Development Kits
        SDKs are available for download from the Web in the Development Partner Support Center.
        There is no need to wait for the final product. The development staff routinely updates these
        downloadable files so you can coordinate your efforts with the latest developments.

    •   Certified Developer Training Class and Exam Included with Initial Authorization Fee
        Payment of your initial authorization fee entitles you to attend training sessions and challenge
        the exam for each authorized product. The curriculum includes SDK usage, our data structure,
        XAPI access, and other relevant topics.

    •   Development Partner Support Center
        Our password-protected Development Partner Support Center provides up-to-date development
        partner information at the click of a mouse. The online Developer Partner Forum in this section
        enables Development Partners to exchange information with other members.

    •   Product Beta Testing Opportunities
        All Development Partners have access to the beta versions of the ACCPAC solutions and SDKs
        in order to coordinate their development efforts with the latest product enhancements and new
        product release dates.

    •   Technical Support
        Need technical assistance? Development Partners receive answers to integration questions
        directly from our development team via email or telephone. The first 12 issues per year are at
        no charge; additional issues are charged at ACCPAC’s then-current rates.

Marketing Benefits

    •   Business Partner Account Manager (BPAM) Conference Calls
        Provide a short presentation on your third-party product to our regional Business Partner
        Account Managers during their weekly conference calls. These Account Managers facilitate
        local Business Partner meetings and seminars and often include Development Partner
        participation in these events.

    •   Conferences and Trade Shows
        Opportunities exist for Development Partners to exhibit at ACCPAC conferences and events
        worldwide, such as Partnership, ACCPAC’s premier annual conference.

    •   Development Partner logo
        Leverage the power of your partnership with ACCPAC. ACCPAC provides you with the
        Development Partner logo, free of charge, for your marketing materials and web site.

Revised 4/30/03                Subject to change at any time by ACCPAC International, Inc.                 3
    •   Direct Mailing Opportunities
        ACCPAC offers Development Partners the opportunity to mail directly to our channel of

    •   Options Catalog
        Advertise your third-party product in the ACCPAC Options catalog. The Options catalog is
        mailed quarterly to all Advantage Series end users and resellers in North America.

    •   Partner Newsline
        Submit a short product description (2-3 lines, URL) in the ACCPAC Partner Newsline, a bi-
        weekly online newsletter distributed to ACCPAC’s channel of resellers.

    •   Development Partner Solutions Directory
        We provide all of our resellers and end users with access to your company and product
        information in the Development Partner Solutions Directory. At the click of the mouse, anyone
        can visit and query the Development Partner database to find a solution.

Revised 4/30/03               Subject to change at any time by ACCPAC International, Inc.               4
Development Partner Program Requirements and Restrictions
ACCPAC continually searches for products that meet the needs of our diverse market. Any developer
may apply to join the Development Partner Program if the following requirements are met:

         The products developed must add value to an ACCPAC product by extending the functionality
         of ACCPAC Advantage Series, ACCPAC Pro Series or ACCPAC CRM.
         Development Partners must submit a completed application including reference accounts (if
         available) that represent product quality, service and support for their product(s).
         Development Partners must agree to the Development Partner Program Contract.
         All initial authorization fees and annual renewal fees must be paid.
         Each Development Partner product is approved on a product-by-product basis.
         Development Partner products must be kept current and compatible with current ACCPAC
         Development Partners must supply a copy of their software and literature, if requested, at no
         charge to ACCPAC.

Please Note: Acceptance into the ACCPAC Development Partner Program does not constitute an
             endorsement by ACCPAC of a Development Partner or a product. You may not imply
             in your marketing activities or elsewhere that ACCPAC in any way sponsors or
             endorses your company, products or services.

Corporate Development Partners
The Corporate Development Partner Program is designed for current ACCPAC clients that want to
modify ACCPAC for their internal use only. They are not developing a third-party product for resale.
Corporate Development Partners receive access to the technical documentation (SDK, programming
manuals, etc) and email integration assistance from the Development Team. Corporate Development
Partners do not receive ACCPAC demo software or have access to the marketing benefits.

Corporate Development Partners receive the following technical benefits:

         Integration assistance, via email, directly from the ACCPAC development team
         Developer training class opportunities
         Access to the Development Partner Center on the ACCPAC Web site
         Software Development Kits (SDKs)
         Product beta testing opportunities

Corporate Development Partners must meet the following requirements:

         Corporate Development Partners must submit a completed application excluding reference
         accounts or other marketing collateral and pay all applicable program fees.
         Corporate Development Partners must agree to the Development Partner Program Contract.

Revised 4/30/03                Subject to change at any time by ACCPAC International, Inc.               5
 Development Partner Program Fees

Product                                             Initial Authorization Fee             Annual Renewal Fee

ACCPAC Advantage Series         (All Editions)      USD $2,000 / CDN $3,000 USD $1,000 / CDN $1,500

ACCPAC Pro Series               (All Editions)      USD $2,000 / CDN $3,000 USD $1,000 / CDN $1,500

ACCPAC CRM                      (All Editions)      USD $2,000 / CDN $3,000 USD $1,000 / CDN $1,500

ACCPAC Simply Accounting        (All Editions)           USD $400 / CDN $600                  USD $250 / CDN $375

 A company that develops products for more than one product line must pay all associated fees. A
 company that develops solutions for any combination of the above products pays the highest initial
 authorization fee within the group of product lines and then receives a discount of 25% off the initial
 authorization fee for subsequent product lines. Current business partners in the ACCPAC Solution
 Provider Program, Certified Consultant Program or Development Partner Program receive 25% off the
 initial authorization fee.

 For example, a new Development Partner applying to develop products for ACCPAC Advantage
 Series and ACCPAC CRM would pay initial authorization fees of USD $2,000 for the Advantage
 Series authorization and USD $1,500 (25% off $2,000) for the CRM authorization, for a total of USD

 Please Note: Canadian applicants must pay in Canadian dollars. All other applicants must pay in US
 dollars. Annual renewal fees must be paid in full. Applicable taxes will apply. Registration will not be
 completed until all payments have been completely processed. Checks should be made payable to
 ACCPAC International, Inc. If paying by check, please contact Kerry Tuttle for exact total as taxes
 may apply.

 Revised 4/30/03                Subject to change at any time by ACCPAC International, Inc.                     6