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                        Official Magazine of the National Guard Counterdrug Programs
                                                                     Fall/Winter 2009

CD and Security
 team prevents
border violence
 NGB CD joins
  social media
Chief’s                                                                                               the Catalyst
                                                                                                    This Army and Air Force funded
                                                                                                 quarterly magazine is an authorized

                                                                                                 publication for the members of the
                                                                                                 U.S. military services.
                                                                                                    Contents of The Catalyst are
                                                                                                 not necessarily the views of, or
       I would like to take a                                      a complete re-organiza-       endorsed by, the U.S. government,
moment to welcome every-                                           tion of the CD Division.      the Department of Defense, the
one to a new fiscal year. W                                        Within NGB-J3, we have        Departments of the Army and Air
ith it comes new opportuni-                                        changed our office desig-     Force or the National Guard Bureau.
ties to further promote the                                        nation to NGB-J32-CD             All content and submissions are
amazing        accomplishment                                      and have created a new        edited and prepared in accordance
of our Soldiers and Airmen                                         organizational structure      with AR 360-1 and AFI 35-101 by
as they execute the National                                       aligned by complemen-
                                                                                                 the Counterdrug Public Affairs staff.
Guard Counterdrug Pro-                                             tary activities rather than
gram. We - almost 2600 of                                          by functional area in or-
us - have made wonderful                                           der to better serve the                NGB J3-CD Chief
strides in the past year; from                                     states, Office of the Sec-        Air Guard Col. William Carle
providing first-class support                                      retary of Defense, federal
along the Southwest Border                                         agencies and the NGB.                         Editor
with our assistance of the                                         This will also provide                      Air Guard
Texas Rangers to jumping Air National Guard                        opportunities for anyone         Senior Airman Jessica Donnelly
on the social media network Col. William Carle,                    in the field who wishes               Contact Information
with the implementation Chief, National Guard                      to serve at the National                  NGB J3-CDM
of our own website, Twit- Bureau, J32                              level, as we are always                    Suite 6500
ter and Facebook accounts. Counterdrug Division                    looking for talented per-
                                                                                                       1411 Jefferson Davis Hwy
At the National Guard                                              sonnel with state CD ex-
Bureau (NGB), our staff is looking for- perience to add to our staff. This new or-                       Arlington, VA 22202
ward to a year full of new and challeng- ganizational chart will be available once                            Commercial
ing missions, as well as national recogni- it has been fully approved here at NGB.                           703-607-8689
tion of our super-star CD team throughout           More changes are coming on how we ap-                         DSN
the states, territories and the District. portion funding and resources to the state CD                        327-8689
   Advances in technology required upgrades programs. We will be briefing senior lead-                           E-mail
to our management control systems and as of ership on some recommended solutions to       
October 1, we transitioned our system from better address the drug-trafficking threats to
the Counterdrug Management Information our nation. No changes will be made until
System (CMIS) to the Full Time Support all stakeholders have been briefed and given
Management Control System (FTSMCS). opportunity for inputs. Our Counterdrug Ad-                       InsIde thIs Issue
The transition took place in order to reduce visory Council (CDAC) has been an integral
costs, provide better performance with less partner on our funding model proposals and
system downtime and the ability to integrate will continue to be National Guard Counter-         Chief’s Corner..................................2
with other ANG and ARNG information drug Program advocates to NGB-J32-CD; I                      NPN Reasearch Conference............3
systems. We ask you to please be patient look forward to our meetings this coming year.          NM CD prevents violence............4-5
with us as we continue to iron out the kinks         It is important that our National Guard     CD gets message out at EAA..........6
and develop the processes to fully utilize leadership, as well as our external custom-           CD joins social network...................7
the system. With your proactive inputs and ers, understand all of the remarkable sup-
comments, the system will be refined to be port our Soldiers and Airmen provide to               Cover shot: An OH-58 provides
a more responsive, real-time management Law Enforcement Agencies (LEA), Com-                     aerial reconnaissance for Border
tool for the NGB and the CD Task Forces. munity Based Organizations (CBO), schools               Patrol agents to help them locate
    In order to use this new system to its full- and local communities. To ensure our Na-        smugglers and human traffickers
est extent, ensure your personnel utilize the tional Guard leadership and the public have        on the ground in the New Mexico
FTSMCS Counterdrug orientation training a true picture of our program, please send
offered through the Midwest Counterdrug us your stories, pictures and annual reports             desert. The aircraft is also used for
Training Center (MCTC) in Johnston, Iowa. which highlight these phenomenal accom-                search and rescue and can pin-
There is also the possibility of a Mobile plishments so we can share it with others.             point the exact location of refugees
Training Team (MTT) coming to a location             Lastly, thanks to each of you for your      from Mexico who may become
near you if the requirement exists. For ad- continued service and support to the CD              dehydrated or injured while trying
ditional information on the FTSMCS sys- program. Your dedication to the mission,
                                                                                                 to cross into America. (Photo by
tem, please see your system administrator willingness to work in a non-traditional
to set up an account and visit the website military program, and high level of enthu-            Capt. Amanda Straub, New Mexico
at: siasm displayed every day on the job has              National Guard)
    Additionally, we are also in the process of made and continues to make a difference.

 2                                                                                                                     the Catalyst
Counterdrug members ‘Strike Gold’
at Prevention Research Conference
By Senior Airman Jessica Donnelly       nerships.                                         loved the opportunities to connect
Editor                                     It was a chance for each state-                with [the National Guard],” said Kos-
                                        level NPN to connect with their DDR               terman. “DDR personnel were sought

                                        administrator and be introduced to                out by attendees for additional
ANAHEIM, Ca -                           each other’s programs, explained                  information about the program and
           he first official meeting
                                        Dr. Judi Kosterman, chief executive               its possibilities in states and com-
           between National Guard       officer and president of JKosterman               munities.”
           Counterdrug Drug De-         Associates.                                          The conference included members
           mand Reduction(DDR) and        “This year’s conference focused                 from Substance Abuse and Mental
           National Prevention Net-     on research pertaining to youth and               Health Services Administration/
work members took place at NPN’s        substance abuse,” said Air National               Center for Substance Abuse Preven-
22nd annual Research Conference         Guard Capt. Linda Williams, DDR                   tion, Office of National Drug Control
Sept. 15-18 in Anaheim, Calif.          administrator from the Tennessee                  Policy, National Institute on Drug
  NPN is the prevention component       National Guard. “It was an oppor-                 Abuse, National Institute on Alco-
of the National Association of State    tunity to meet your state’s repre-                hol Abuse and Alcoholism, Office of
Alcohol and Drug Abuse Direc-           sentative and also receive training               Juvenile Justice and Delinquency
tors (NASADAD). The conference –        and continuing education credits for              Prevention, U.S. Department of Edu-
themed “Prevention Research: Strik-     Prevention Certificates.”                         cation, as well as prevention profes-
ing Gold” – was dedicated to alcohol,     The conference was also a chance                sionals from all over the country.
tobacco and other drug prevention       to discuss the latest advances in pre-               This was the first official year
research and focused on prevention      vention research, added Kosterman.                for DDR’s involvement in the NPN
research findings and practical ap-       “Attendees loved learning about                 Prevention Research Conference and
plication; innovative approaches and    the role of the Guard DDR program                 they are slated to attend annually,
emerging trends; and system part-       throughout the nation and especially              explained Kosterman.

Mo. National Guard supports Operation Powder Keg
By Senior Airman                                                                                         ably would have gotten
Jessica Donnelly,                                                                                        away,” said Army Na-
Editor                                                                                                   tional Guard Staff Sgt.
    Members from the                                                                                     David Parks, intelligence
Missouri National Guard                                                                                  analyst with CNET.
Counterdrug Program                                                                                          According to a CNET
provided aerial and intel-                                                                               press release, ap-
ligence analyst support                                                                                  proximately $15,000 in
to Law Enforcement                                                                                       methamphetamine, a
Agencies (LEA) Sept. 17                                                                                  half-pound of red phos-
in support of Operation                                                                                  phorous, more than
Powder Keg.                                                                                              150 marijuana plants,
    The operation cov-                                      Photo provided by Missouri National Guard.   numerous weapons and
                             The Missouri National Guard Counterdrug Reconnais-                          ammunition, and many
ered multiple counties,      sance Aerial Interdiction Detachment team used an
to include Vernon, Bates,                                                                                chemicals, beakers and
                             OH-58 Kiowa helicopter in order to aid Law Enforce-
                             ment Agencies on the ground with aerial observation
                                                                                                         flasks used to manufac-
Dade and St. Clair, in the
                             during Operation Powder Keg.                                                ture methamphetamine
search for illegal drugs
                                                                                                         were seized during the
and included support         warrants to serve and          the LEAs on the ground.                      operation.
from the Community           used us to help,” said         While officers were serv-                        Hoelscher said, Op-
Narcotics Enforcement        Army National Guard            ing arrest warrants to                       eration Powder Keg was
Team (CNET), Drug En-        Capt. Douglas Hoels-           alleged drug dealers, the                    part of a yearly drug sei-
forcement Administration     cher, CD Reconnaissance        RAID team was flying                         zure operation conducted
(DEA), and officers from     Aerial Interdiction De-        overhead marking sus-                        with CNET in the multi-
several county Sheriff’s     tachment (RAID) team           pects that tried to run                      county area.
departments.                 member.                        away.                                            “We try to do at least
    “It was basically a          As Hoelscher ex-               “We had one person                       one big drug round-up
drug task force working      plained, the RAID team         run on the first warrant,                    about once a year and
together with LEAs that      was used to provide aeri-      and if it wasn’t for the                     [Powder Keg] was this
had a large number of        al support operations for      RAID team, they prob-                        year’s,” said Parks.

Fall/WInter 2009                                                                                                                  3
Counterdrug, Security team prevents border violence
The New Mexico National Guard Counterdrug and Security team protects citizens along the Southwest border
By Capt. Amanda Straub,               in an operation it’s just families   full-time Soldiers serving directly      smart choices so they grow into    be selected for this council,” said   the Border Patrol to use as a
New Mexico National Guard             trying to cross into America for     along the border assisting Cus-          healthy, happy adults, who don’t   Montoya. “I have worked with          training model.
SANTA FE, N.M. – Rugged,              a better life,” says Army National   toms and Border Protection with          turn to drugs.”                    our governor for years on secur-
thirsty land stretches for 179        Guard Col. Richard Clark, CDS        surveillance and search and res-            According to Clark, the New     ing the border in New Mexico          A National Guard Soldier moni-
miles between the state of New        commander. “By the time we           cue capabilities. These Soldiers         Mexico National Guard could        and I look forward to continuing      tors the portable Forward Look-
Mexico and the country of Mex-        find a lot of these crossers they    operate OH-58 helicopters outfit-        use an additional 200 Guard        to do that at the national level.”    ing Infrared (FLIR) systems
ico. This barren desert region        are severely dehydrated and          ted with FLIR camera equipment           men and women permanently in                                             mounted to National Guard patrol
is particularly dangerous, not        sunburned. We provide imme-          as well as remote-controlled             order to help secure the border.   Photos by Capt. Amanda Straub,        vehicles. National Guard Soldiers
just because of the lack of water     diate assistance before turning      surveillance planes. They work           The governor of New Mexico, as     New Mexico National Guard             will spend up to 48 hours at a
and soaring temperatures , but        them over to law enforcement.        directly with CBP to process             well as the governors of Ari-                                            time camouflaged in the desert of
because it is plagued by drug         Let’s face it, the humanitarian      statistics on apprehensions and          zona, California and Texas, have   (Left to right)                       New Mexico watching for illegal
smuggling, human trafficking          part is the most important part      contraband seizures, operate re-         appealed to Congress and the                                             activity at the border.
and escalating violence.              of what we do.”                      mote cameras and sensors from            president for increased funding    Portable Forward Looking Infra-
    For nearly two decades, the           Over the last 19 years, the      air- conditioned surveillance            for the CDS programs on the        red (FLIR) systems are mounted        A National Guard Soldier as-
New Mexico National Guard             New Mexico National Guard and        banks, and spend days in the             border.                            to National Guard patrol vehicles     signed to the New Mexico Nation-
Counterdrug and Security (CDS)        Customs and Border Patrol have       desert under-cover patrolling for            Army National Guard Maj.       for extended periods of under-        al Guard Counterdrug and Secu-
team has stood watch here, pro-       developed a strong working rela-     illegal activity and calling in CBP      Gen Kenny C. Montoya, New          cover reconnaissance. National        rity team explains the features
tecting the citizens of the United    tionship.                            when they find it.                       Mexico adjutant general, was       Guard Soldiers will spend up to       of the unmanned aerial vehicle.
States from threats to their way          “We couldn’t do it without the       Along with the transport, New        recently appointed by the Secre-   48 hours at a time camouflaged        This small, light-weight plane is
of life, assisting local, state and   National Guard,” said Timothy        Mexico Guard is also battling            tary of Homeland Security as the   in the New Mexico desert watch-       operated by remote control and
federal law enforcement agencies      Sullivan, El Paso sector super-      the demand for drugs. Approxi-           only actively serving Guardsman    ing for illegal activity at the       costs approximately $30,000 for
like Customs and Border Protec-       vising border agent. “By support-    mately 50 Soldiers and Airmen            on the Southwest Border Secu-      border.                               initial purchase. More traditional
tion, and providing lifesaving        ing us, the National Guard frees     from New Mexico are employed             rity council.                                                            methods of aerial observation,
assistance to illegal immigrants      up agents to go out and perform      as part of the Drug Demand                   “It is a great                 A member of the New Mexico            including the OH-58, cost several
braving the harsh conditions for      police work.”                        Reduction (DDR) Team. These              honor to                           National Guard Counterdrug and        million dollars including initial
a chance to live the American             CDS currently employs more       troops spend a great deal of time                                            Security team points out hid-        purchasing cost, operating costs
dream.                                than 100 men and women to            with the youth of New Mexico in                                              den compartments in a vehicle        and fuel. The New Mexico CDS
    “Half the time when we assist     make New Mexico more secure.         the classroom and in summer                                                   that could be used to smuggle       team is still testing and training
                                                 There are approxi-        camps acting as positive role                                                  drugs, weapons, or other illegal   with the UAV, but when it is fully
                                                               mately 50   models and teaching kids to stay                                               items across the border. The       functional, it will be a powerful
                                                                              away from drugs.                                                             New Mexico National Guard         weapon in the battle for border
                                                                                                “Countries                                                  custom-built this vehicle for    security.
                                                                                                      drugs ille-
                                                                                                      gally point
                                                                                                     the finger
                                                                                                    at us and
                                                                                                    say that
                                                                                                   if Ameri-
                                                                                                   cans didn’t
                                                                                                 illegal drugs,
                                                                                                they would
                                                                                                not produce
                                                                                               them; and
                                                                                               they’re right,”
                                                                                              Clark said.
                                                                                              “The key to
                                                                                             DDR is helping
                                                                                             our kids make

4                                                                                          The CaTalysT             Fall/WinTer 2009                                                                                          5
Counterdrug Program gets its
message out at EAA’s Air Venture
By Tech. Sgt. Tom            570,000 aviation enthu-
Sobczyk, Wisconsin           siasts in attendance.
National Guard                  Situated at the Inter-
OSHKOSH, Wis. - Since        national Federal Pavilion,
1990 the Wisconsin           the Counterdrug Pro-
National Guard Counter-      gram shares space with
drug Program has made        roughly 15 other federal
its presence known at        agencies from the United
EAA’s Air Venture held in    States, Canada and the
Oshkosh, Wisconsin.          Bahamas.
    Every July the Witt-        Since 1990 these
man Regional Airport be-     agencies have worked to-
comes the world’s busiest    gether to form the Inter-
airport for one week with    national Federal Partner-
more than 10,000 air         ship. This partnership
craft visiting.              has been crucial to the
    This year’s EAA Air      success of the pavilion       Spc. Lauren A. Bloch,121st Medical Company, takes time
Venture was one of the       and the Counterdrug           to talk to a little boy about the helicopter she maintains at
busiest with an estimated    Program.                      EAA’s AirVenture. EAA is the world’s largest general avia-
                                       see EAA page 7      tion gathering, held each summer in Oshkosh, Wis.
                                                                                                 Photos by Tech. Sgt. Tom Sobczyk

Members of the National Guard’s Counterdrug Program pose for a group photo in front of their display during EAA’s Air
Venture held in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. The display was used to educate the visiting public about the program and it’s
mission. From left to right: Tech Sgt Jackie McQuaid, Cadet Justin Frank, LtCol Steve Dunai, Tech Sgt Tom Sobczyk,
and Staff Sgt Curtis Cooksey.

    2009 EAA Air Venture Oshkosh
6                                                                                                  The CaTalysT
Counterdrug division joins social media network
By Senior Airman Jessica Donnelly,     advantage.”                              support like never before,” said
Editor                                     The Counterdrug division fol-        Army National Guard Maj. Patri-
ARLINGTON, VA - The National           lowed the National Guard Bureau’s        cia Jones-Johnson, Multimedia
Guard Bureau J3 Counterdrug            lead after it launched a Facebook        officer in charge. “We will actually
division recently joined the techno-   site in January.                         communicate, as well as educate
logical community by launching its         “With the National Guard             in real-time, worldwide, on real
own Web site, Facebook and Twit-       Counterdrug Program being a              issues that involve a multi-front
ter accounts.                          part of the social media realm, it       battle against drug addiction and
    The use of the social media        will help us connect to the com-         drug related violence.”
sites is a way for the Counterdrug     munity and the agencies that we              You can find the Counterdrug
division to quickly disseminate in-                                             social media sites here:
formation about what the program
is doing in the 54 states and ter-        “Too many kids need                   Web site: http://ngbcounterdrug.
ritories and to educate the public      guidance and don’t get it     
to what the program’s goals.            from home and wouldn’t                  Twitter:
    “Too many kids need guidance
                                         participate in a class-                NGBJ3CD
and don’t get it from home and
wouldn’t participate in a class-        room, but will use social
                                            media instead,”                     Facebook: http://www.facebook.
room, but will use social media in-                                             com/pages/Arlington-VA/
stead,” said Air National Guard Lt.                -Lt. Col. Mike Shiels,
Col. Mike Shiels, CD State Plans                   CD State Plans Chief         Counterdrug-Divsion/
chief. “We need to utilize it to our                                            93842081145

EAA continued                              For additional information re-
                                       garding the International Federal
    By renting out an entire build-    Partnership stop by EAA’s Web
ing it allows the different agencies   site at: http://www.airventure.
to fly in static displays and in-      org/attractions/federal_pavilion.
cludes a stage inside the building     html
                                                                    Photos by Tech. Sgt. Tom Sobczyk
to give presentations and demon-                                                                       Master Sgt. Wayne
strations.                                                                                             Wilson keeps the
    “Being a part of this part-                                                                        kids smiling at the
nership is a huge benefit for us                                                                       Counterdrug dis-
because it gives people a one stop                                                                     play during EAA’s
location to get government infor-                                                                      Air Venture held in
mation” said Air National Guard                                                                        Oshkosh, Wisconsin.
Lt Col. Steve Dunai, Wisconsin’s                                                                       The display was
Counter Drug Coordinator. “Each                                                                        used to educate the
agency contributes to the partner-                                                                     visiting public about
ship so we can share the cost and                                                                      the CD Program.
responsibility involved which is
a win for everyone. More impor-
tantly, it’s a great opportunity to
interact with the public, explain
our mission, and basically get our
message out.”
    In addition to answering ques-     Chief Warrant Of-
tions and handing out marketing        ficer CW3 Edward J.
items, the Counterdrug Program         Naines, 832nd Medical
                                       Company, explains the
also brings its massive display that
                                       workings of his UH-60
includes three interactive stations    Blackhawk helicopter
where people can access informa-       to attendees of EAA’s
tion.                                  AirVenture. EAA is the
    Planning for next year’s EAA       world’s largest general
AirVenture has already begun and       aviation gathering, held
they’re looking forward to having      each summer in Oshko-
another successful year.               sh, Wis.

Fall/WinTer 2009                                                                                                          7
                                                                          Photo by Air National Guard Master Sgt. Gerold Gamble

Texas Counterdrug celebrates Red Ribbon Week
Army National Guard 1st Lt. Yves Raoelina, Texas National Guard Joint Force Counterdrug Drug Demand
Reduction, and Army National Guard Master Sgt. Roy Martinez, TX JFCD DDR, pose with students Oct. 15
at the capitol building in Austin, TX where the students came to rally in support of Red Ribbon Week. With
participants from Austin, Dallas, Houston and other parts of the state the event started with student tour-
ing the capital. Tour Guides escorted the students through the halls of the House of Representatives and the
Senate Chambers. Drug Free t-shirts worn by the students were given through the generous support from
the Counterdrug Task Force, Drug Enforcement Administration and the Combined Law Enforcement Asso-
ciation of Texas.

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