Social Media for internal coMMunicationS by elfphabet2


									Social Media f o r i n t e r n a l c o M M u n i c at i o n S
a o n e - d ay S e M i n a r f ro M t r i b e

Why social media? Because social media is a direct route to building trust and facilitating collaboration within your company. If trust and collaboration are present in your company, you can accomplish anything. Learn from companies with success under their belts Hear the stories and best practices of early adopters of this powerful way to connect with employees. Companies include IBM, Virgin Media, Nationwide Insurance, Yum! Brands and Quicken Loans. You’ll learn best practices for: • Getting the most out of this channel, including why to use it in the first place • Getting leadership buy-in (or getting started without it) • How to market (or not market) your social media sites • How to measure your journey and success We’ll also discuss some bite-sized ways to test social media within your company and build enthusiasm among employees for embracing this channel. It also makes it a whole lot easier to get leadership buy-in when you’ve already got a success story under your belt. Create your own set of guidelines Actually, it’s really not that difficult. We’ll take a look at social media guidelines from leading companies such as IBM, Kodak and Intel. What’s just as important as the guidelines themselves is how they’re communicated and introduced to employees. Our research tells us that no one wants to be “that person” who’s doing it all wrong or doing something with serious legal implications. There are just too many upsides to ignore social media. Other vehicles may have some of these characteristics, but not all of them: • Social media says leadership is listening, and employees like to know that leadership cares enough to have a venue for conversing with them • It gives the company instant street cred with younger generation employees • Social media is multi-directional and knows no rank: communications flow freely from top to bottom, bottom to top and side-to-side • Transparency builds trust and employee morale as companies have real-time, authentic conversations with employees • It gives management accurate employee intelligence • Social media is more efficient than other communications channels—time and money are spent on the content rather than production Click here to register When: Thursday, December 3rd from 9 AM to 3 PM Where: Tribe Includes: Breakfast and lunch Fee: $349 Bring: Laptop

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