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   Website Design                     Website Maintenance and Support                              Search Engine Optimization

                                                         1   Hospitality Industry Focus
                                                             Unlike other companies, we are exclusively focused on serving the needs

10        Reasons to Choose Us
                                                             of the hospitality industry.
                                                             Hospitality Management Experience
                                                             Our management team has over 100 years of hospitality experience. Our
                                                             founder was Corporate Vice President of eCommerce, Reservations &
                                                             CRM for Prime Hospitality Corp., owner of over 300 hotels.

                                                         3   Accountability & Measurable ROI Results
Pro-Active Social Media Marketing                            Everything we do is 100% measurable and we are accountable to our
                                                             clients for producing a profitable ROI.

                                                         4   Proven Results With Over 600 Hotel Clients
                                                             We have over 600 hotel clients worldwide consisting of top independent
Our new Social Media Agency Services                         properties, major management companies and branded properties
                                                             representing all the major brands.
combines our HuBBub Social Media Platform
with our Chatter Guard, Online Reputation                5   Competitive Pricing
                                                             Our pricing is amongst the most competitive in the industry. We leverage
Management service to deliver an unrivaled                   our investment in technology and infrastructure to provide our hotel
                                                             clients with cost-effective online solutions.
end-2-end Social Media solution for
hospitality.                                             6   One-Stop Solution
                                                             We offer hotel clients a single source solution for all their online sales &
                                                             marketing needs. Whether it be the design of a new hotel website or the
Think of us as your online PR Agency, pushing                deployment of a search engine marketing program, we offer a single
                                                             point of contact and accountability.
out your information through a professional
hotel blog, Facebook, Twitter etc., and                  7   Our Longevity
                                                             Since 2001 we have helped our clients maximize the return on their
                                                             website investments and enabled more bookings to flow direct versus
providing a vigilant eye on what people are                  third party merchant sites.
saying about your hotel. Pro-Active Social
Media Marketing done right and completely
                                                         8   Client Satisfaction – Nearly 100% Client Renewal Rate
                                                             As a direct result of producing real, bottom-line results, we continue to
                                                             grow at a record pace. We enjoy a nearly 100% renewal rate with all our
managed, saving you time and money.                          clients.

                                                         9   A-La-Carte Solutions
                                                             All our hotel clients enjoy the deployment of customized online
                                                             marketing solutions tailor-made for their exact needs.

                                                     10      Investment In Best-Of-Breed Technologies
                                                             We continue to invest in best-of-breed technologies to enable the
                                                             highest level of profitability for our hotel clients.

2001 Route 46, Suite 310          Parsippany, NJ 07054            T: (877) 291-4411     
Social Media Agency Services for Hospitality

From a commercial perspective social media has two important             measure the blog and website visitors coming from your social
components. The first is how you manage your online reputation,          marketing activities. Our goal is to keep your social media
including how you use this information. You need to know what            interaction easy to manage, cost effective and profitable by
reviews and videos are posted online by your past guests. It is          building social relationships with guests and potential guests.
important for you to measure what is said so you know your strengths
                                                                         The Lodging Interactive Social Media Marketing service is an
and weaknesses from your guest's perspective and then apply this
                                                                         essential marketing tool that will save you time and cost while
unsolicited feedback to improve your internal operations. Guest
                                                                         managing and measuring your online reputation and building
feedback can also be used to enhance your social messages by
                                                                         your online social relationships through your own social network
integrating them into your website, blog and social profiles. By
                                                                         of guests and followers.
interconnecting your social points of contact you will build your SEO
and create a stronger social presence with your fans and followers.
The second important component for building a successful social            Online Reputation Management
media marketing platform is where and how you join the
conversation. The key here is all about what you have to say and how       Broad monitoring coverage of both travel and non-travel social
you say it. There is a significant difference in what you say and how      media websites and blogs
you say it when you are posting a comment on a common interest             Monitoring captures text and video reviews
social site like TripAdvisor, Travelocity or Yelp compared to a social
network site like YouTube, Facebook or Twitter. What you have to           Each review that is captured is filtered and a quality index score
say should be brief, appealing and informative not self promotional.       is applied to the service attributes that are included in each
You should also try to target your comments to specific personal           review.
demographics related to your targeted guest types. By personalizing        Each review is quickly emailed to the hotel with the full review
your message, people on the social website can search by relevant          and a link to any videos with detailed quality index scoring.
keywords to find your comments. The goal is for the person to share        Each hotel has its own online dashboard to sort and analyze
a comment, become a follower and to visit your blog or website.            their reviews to identify trends by online reputation and service
Lodging Interactive launched its social review management service in       attributes.
2006. This was the first social review management service specifically     A monthly summary report of the reviews is emailed to the
for the hospitality industry. We soon realized that for hotels, the        hotel management and a multi-hotel report is available for
social media goal is a lot more than just tracking negative reviews or     management companies and chains.
monitoring your compset. Social media offers a direct link between
your hotel and your guests and potential guests.                           So your hotel can evaluate its rankings, Lodging Interactive
                                                                           provides a monthly benchmark report to show national
Based on years of experience and months of research, Lodging               averages for online reputation plus service attribute. The
Interactive is delivering a total Social Media Marketing Service           report sorts the hotels by the hotel categories established by
solution with all the necessary elements that a hotel needs to             J.D. Powers and Associates.
effectively listen to guest reviews across hundreds of social media
websites and to measure these reviews based on what is said, not
only about the hotel, but also its specific service attributes. By         Viral Marketing
measuring service attributes you can sort the reviews based on their
value. This segmentation makes it easier to apply this unsolicited
                                                                           We create a custom blog designed to match your website
guest feedback to internal operations, public relations and most
important your social marketing plan.                                      We create a vanity URL to link the blog and your website
In addition to managing your online reputation, it is our goal to be a     You have easy online access to a data entry form to add
marketing partner that provides a cost effective way for your hotel to     information and photos to the blog
reach out to social media websites. Our service provides a web             Content loaded into the blog will automatically post on your
based method for you to enter your conversational messages one             Facebook and Twitter profiles
time and update your blog and multiple social profiles. Our
professional team of social media account managers takes on the            The blog offers easy RSS or email subscription for visitors so
task of cleaning your blog visitor comments and eliminating spam, so       you can begin building your network.
you only need respond to relevant and profitable opportunities.            We optimize your blog postings with relevant keywords
Our service includes a reporting and tracking solution so you can          We post one blog entry per week for you, you can post your
                                                                           own entries as well
                                                                           Your social account manager will manage the blog comments
                                                                           for you by cleaning the spam and bringing relevant comments
                                                                           to your attention.
                                                                           Twitter Marketing Program

2001 Route 46, Suite 310                 Parsippany, NJ 07054             T: (877) 291-4411   

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