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					                                                                                         Vol 34, No 1 • January - April 2008

Four Exciting Keynotes                                                           The

S                                                                                Corner
        ocial media, 3-D virtual communities, information architecture for
        web site development, and managing creativity are the topics of four

        featured presentations at the June, 2008 conference.                              isiting the
     Thursday features two speakers to kick-off the conference. Randall                   hallowed halls
Moss, of the American Cancer Society’s Futuring and Innovation Center,                    of Yale was
will present Healthcare Informatics in the Metaverse. He will show us how         a highlight of the
a 3-D virtual community is being used to support fundraising, education,          HeSCA Board of
and other support services by integrating Online Community Interaction,           Directors meeting in January. From the meeting
Social Network Analysis, and Virtual Online Engagement into the                   rooms at Yale to the accommodations at the
American Cancer Society’s strategic plan.                                         Omni Hotel the venues for this year’s annual
     Moss will be followed by Harry Pence, Professor of Chemistry at SUNY         meeting are outstanding. But the site and physi-
Oneonta, who will discuss social software and its applications (blogs, wikis,     cal facilities are secondary to the great program
social tagging, RSS, and virtual worlds) and how they are being used to           that has been planned for you by Mark Saba, Ar-
facilitate learning in higher education.                                          lyn Bonfield and their team. The program looks
     Friday morning’s keynote presentation is titled Information Architecture     forward to new technologies that are beginning
in the Virtual World. Phillip Simon of Yale’s ITS Web Services Department         to change our lives and our workplace. How are
                                                              will demonstrate    social networking and 3-D virtual worlds are
                                                              how the design      being used for education, caregiver support, and
                                                              of space that       fundraising? Virtual worlds like Second Life
                                                              information         have captured the attention of over a million
                                                              occupies (known     users. Now businesses including health care and
                                                                                  educational institutions’ are getting interested
                                                              as Information
                                                                                  in what a virtual world can do for them. If your
                                                                                  institution buys an island, are you ready to help?
                                                              can benefit from
                                                                                  How many of us have MySpace accounts?
                                                              the planning,
                                                              prototyping, and                                        (Continues on page 5)
                                                              construction of
                                                              dynamic and
                                                                                 In this issue. . .
Yale University                                               digital virtual    Four Exciting Keynotes ..................................1
                                                              worlds.            The President’s Corner...................................1
     Finally, on Saturday morning, Jonathan Feinstein will set the stage for     From The Editor .............................................2
a day focusing on management and the nurturing of creativity. Professor          HeSCA Calendar ............................................2
of Economics at Yale University and author of the book, The Nature of            HeSCA Board of Directors and other
                                                                                  Volunteers ....................................................2
Creative Development, Feinstein studies individualism and creativity as the
basis of cultural development and innovation. He promises to show us how         Wordsearch .....................................................3
the nature of creative development is critical to the successful management      Welcome New HeSCA Members .....................4
of creative individuals and creative enterprises.                                Thanks to Our Conference Sponsors..............4
                                                                                 Conference Registration Opens ....................5
     But the keynote presentations are just the beginning. The conference
                                                                                 Half-day Workshops and Field Trips .............5
is filled with other presentations that will ensure a busy and satisfying
learning experience for all. Visit the website for more information
From the Editor                                                                        HeSCA 2007-2008
                                                                                       Board of Directors

             hen I became Past President, one of the duties
             of the office is to edit Feedback, our HeSCA                              Executive Committee:
             Newsletter. I would like to thank the editors                             Chuck Lenosky, HeSCA President,
before me for a wonderful job.                                                          Creighton University,
          I would ask you, the membership, to please                                   Kathy McFall, HeSCA President-Elect,
contact me if you have anything you would like to                                       Gartnavel General Hospital, Scotland,
share with your peers. This could be anything from new                        
applications at work to personal information you would                                 Cliff Pollack, HeSCA Past President,
like to share.                                                                           Logan College of Chiropractic,
          I have held positions in several sister organizations over the years,
however, it has never ceased to amaze me how sharing our association can be.           Sam Dement, HeSCA Chief Fiscal Officer,
I have met many members over the years and have learned more from informal               Lake McQueeney, TX,
chats at meetings, or quick phone calls that have aided me in growing my               Ron Sokolowski, HeSCA Executive Director,
professional knowledge and career.                                                       Health & Science Communications Association,
          The word career today seems to be a concept that is embraced by the  
“older generation.” So many newcomers to the field of media communications
seem to work at a position until a better paying one beckons them to move on           Board Members:
and switch career paths. I am of the opinion that this phenomena accounts for the      Arlyn Bonfield,
major decline in most association’s dwindling membership.                      
          I would ask our membership to embrace new members and provide                Bob Myers, Baylor University Medical Center,
mentoring to these young adults starting out on a journey of discovery. A little of
your time at a meeting, or over the phone, can make a major impact on a young
adult’s life. When it really comes down to it, the most precious gift one individual   Christopher Sarley, CADMUS Communications,
can give to another is the accumulation of knowledge one has amassed over
the years. Sharing your knowledge with peers and newcomers to the profession           Keven Siegert, University of Arizona,
makes you an individual that others respect, and as I have found over the years,
the personal knowledge that I have somehow inspired another to seek new                Laurie Lambert, PDL BioPharma,
knowledge or understanding has immeasurable rewards.                           
          There is an old saying that goes like this:                                  Roger Hickinbotham, Leicester Royal Infirmary
                                                                                         & General Hospital,
He who knows, and knows he knows, knows not;                                   
He who knows not, and knows not he knows not, knows not;                               Robin Fisher, East Tennessee State University
But, he who knows not and knows he knows not, knows.                                     Biomedical Communications,
Just a little ditty to ponder.
                                                                                       Committee Chairs and
Best regards,                                                                          Other Appointments
                                                                                       Dean Schaefer,
                                                                                       Feedback Layout Editor
                                                                                         Bryan Albritton,
Cliff Pollack (                                                Internet/Website
                                                                                         Chris Sarley,
                                                                                       JBC HeSCA editor
                                                                                         Karen Adsit,
                                                                                       JBC Management Board representative
                                                                                         Lee Potts, lee_
                                                                                         Lynn Povanda,
                                 HeSCA Calendar                                        2008 Annual Meeting Chair
                                                                                         Mark Saba,
                                    June 18 - 21, 2008
                                       Annual HeSCA Meeting in
                                       New Haven, Connecticut

                           49th Int'l HeSCA Meeting
                                  Cliff Pollack
 Be the first to correctly complete the puzzle by adding ONLY vowels and return it to me
 and win two (2) beautiful Logan College of Chiropractic Laser Pointers. Remember, you
 supply the VOWELS.
 Have fun.

                 t . v md m.         v   .   d .   .   w.    r   k   l    .   k
                 . c d . l . n       .   t   . t   l   . s   .   t   .    d   .
                 l . . s l n s       n   t   s .   .   b b   .   r   .    y   y
                 . d y s . . t       .   .   t r   b   g .   .   c   r    .   n
                 m. d . . g r        r   l   r .   r   . r   v   r   n    b   .
                 . mr mr . .         l   .   . .   .   v n   .   .   .    r   t
                 d . . . n mc        y   h   b f   r   . .   l   .   n    c   .
                 . c . n r . t       n   .   . .   y   r .   .   t   g    r   m
                 c . mm. n .         c   .   t .   .   n s   g   .   v    .   .
                 . n p . r t .       h   l   . n   .   mt    w   v   l    .   r
                 n s r q wf n        c   t   . s   d   . .   .   .   r    t   g
                 . . . . . . .       c   h   n t   d   n k   r   r   .    .   .
                 t l d . v . l       .   p   m.    n   t .   k   p   l    .   y
                 wt . s . l h        .   s   p .   t   . l   s   .   .    c   t
                 . . c t wd .        s   t   . n   c   . l   h   .   t    h   h
                 r n t . mp .        c   t   . d   .   s c   .   v   .    r   .
                 k g . . t wr        .   t   . n   g   r .   p   h   .    c   s
                 . . . n t r .       p   s   . b   c   d .   s   .   g    n   c
                 n . n . w. k        .   n   m.    r   k .   p   y   c    t   .

abcd              academic           add                     arlyn                awaken
communications    consulting         create                  creative             daydream
design            development        discover                distance             distribution
emerge            feinstein          field                   freelance            give
government        graphics           hesca                   hospitals            impact
instructional     keynote            learn                   learning             library
lynch             management         mark                    media                moss
network           osborne            play                    production           question
relate            simon              site                    take                 teach
telehealth        telemedicine       trips                   video                wave
web               work               workshops               writing

Welcome New
HeSCA Members
Mary Lou Bernardo, Ph.d., M.S.n.

             ary Lou Bernardo
             is a freelance
             health and medical
writer living in Branford, CT.
She has a masters degree in
nursing from Yale University
                                                                       Jane Fallows and husband, Paul Cromton
and a doctorate in psychology
from Columbia University.                                              art department and after further training and experience, both
She has clinical experience                                            there and at Moorfields Eye Hospital, she gained an MSc from
in both fields and academic                                            the Royal College of Art in 1994 (culminating in taking a viva
experience in nursing. But she                                         with a 4-week-old son on her knee). Her dissertation on ‘The
was always writing, writing,                                           Changing Face of Medical Illustration’ included artwork by
writing. Three years ago Mary Mary Lou Bernardo                        several prominent US medical artists, whom she met at an AMI
Lou came to the edge of a                                              conference during the course of the degree.
                                                                            Jane moved to Cardiff in Wales in 2002 and subsequently
cliff and had to decide what to do. Turn back? Jump off? She
                                                                       married Paul Crompton who introduced her (extremely
decided to jump off and see if she sprouted wings. Mary Lou
                                                                       enthusiastically) to the joys of a HeSCA conference in 2007.
is happy to report that it’s great up in the sky. She and her alter
                                                                       This enthusiasm was contagious and, together with the obvious
ego, WritePhD, couldn’t love it more. “Doing what you love
                                                                       benefits of joining such a bunch of friendly, interesting and
is a natural high. And, for a freelance writer, the commute is a
                                                                       engaging colleagues, led to Jane’s desire to join in her own right
breeze”, she said. It also blends well with her second love, travel.   as a professional member. Jane is actively involved with the
“I’ve adopted the motto – Have Laptop, Will Travel. There’s a          Institute of Medical Illustrators and currently Senior Tutor on
big world out there and time is so short”!                             a distance learning BSc degree in Medical Illustration. She is
     When not traveling, Mary Lou practices yoga, walks the            also an external examiner for Postgraduate Certificate courses
Connecticut shoreline, reads and plants herbs or, at least, thinks     in Clinical Photography and Graphics in Healthcare, and holds
about planting when spring comes. She joined HeSCA because             professional membership of AMI. She is part owner of a small
she liked what she saw on the website. It was an organization          family delicatessen, and has a large extended family of children,
that seemed like it might be fun and … the next annual                 stepchildren and a feisty 3 yr-old granddaughter, all of whom
conference was just a fifteen minute drive away. Maybe those are       provide numerous moments of joy and despair.
not the best reasons for joining an organization. Perhaps there are
more serious reasons. But anyone who thinks that seagulls are
the souls of reincarnated university professors can lay no claim to    Thanks to our conference
seriousness. Mary Lou hopes you will all join her in New Haven
in June, even the budding seagulls among you.
Contact information:                              • Gold:
                                                                            o Yale University, Department of Media Services
Jane FaLLowS                                                                o Biomedical Media

                                                                       • Silver:
      ane Fallows is a freelance medical illustrator specializing           o Strategic Growth Initiative
      mainly in producing book illustrations for Wiley/Blackwell       • Bronze:
      and Elsevier. She started her working life as a technical             o Symon Communications
assistant helping with medical research using germfree pigs            • Sponsor:
before moving to humans and work on complement and                          o York Telecom
macrophages in the Renal Unit at the Hammersmith Hospital,
Royal Postgraduate Medical School, London. Her medical                 For information on sponsorship opportunities, visit the Sponsor
illustration career began there when she started preparing             page on the website ( or
all artwork for the Professor of Medicine and Department               contact Cliff Pollack Tel: 636-230-1779
consultants. She was subsequently offered a job in the medical         Email:
Conference Registration Open                                      Half-day Workshops and

         egistration is open for the 49th International           Field Trips
         Conference on Health and Science Communications

         in New Haven, CT, USA, June 18-21, 2008.                        n addition to the scheduled keynotes and general conference
    This year’s focus is: Riding the Creative Wave in                    presentations, meeting attendees will choose to attend one of the
Technology. ABCD is again joining HeSCA for a conference                 following workshop/field trips—all included in the registration
that is jam-packed with presentations, workshops, tours and       fee.
events that you will not want to miss!                                  The Deep Structure of the Web Page: Structural markup for
    Connect with other health care and science communications     search optimization, accessibility, and design flexibility will be taught
professionals, as we explore the following themes:                by Patrick Lynch. Pat is Director of Special Technology Projects at
• Creative Technology Gets a Second Life: 3-D virtual             Yale University and co-author of the book, The Web Style Guide.
    communities and social networking                                   Health literacy expert, Helen Osborne, will lead a workshop
• Creating Web Experiences: Information architecture, web         titled Health Literacy: Using metaphors and stories to communicate
    publishing and creative web applications                      your health message. Helen spoke at the HeSCA Denver meeting
• Unleashing Creativity: Release the creativity inside you        in 2004 and is back by popular request. She’s the author of Health
• Breaking Down the Walls: Telemedicine and distance              Literacy from A to Z: Practical Ways to Communicate Your Health
    learning                                                      Message and founder of Health Literacy Month.
• Nurturing Creativity in the Team: Nature of creative                  If you want to explore your creative side, attend Experimenting
    development                                                   to learn. Learning to experiment, a creativity experience at the
    You can review the full program and speakers, access the      Eli Whitney Museum. The museum is an experimental learning
registration form, and make hotel reservations at                 workshop. It collects and exhibits not objects, but the ways in which                                           objects are created and the ways through which objects educate.
                                                                  Through one of the museum’s hand-on projects you will be reminded
                                                                  that creativity begins in play.
                                                                        If the workshops don’t spark your interest, take this unique
                                                                  opportunity to take a Tour of Yale University and its State-of-the-art
                                                                  Anatomy lab. The tour includes a demonstration of the Anatomy
                                                                  Lab at work, the Gothic Sterling Memorial Library, and the Beinecke
                                                                  Rare Book and Manuscript Library. Constructed with more than one
                                                                  hundred panels of translucent marble, the Beinecke is home to one
                                                                  of the world’s preeminent collections of rare materials, including the
                                                                  Gutenberg Bible.

The President’s Corner                                            Meeting on health and science communications will take place
(cont’d from page 1)                                              on the campus of Logan College of Chiropractic, and Cliff
    One of our associations selling points over the years has     Pollack will chair the meeting. We are also talking with both
been the great network of professionals that you have access      the Association of Biomedical Communications Directors
to through the annual meeting and listserve. Does HeSCA           and the BioCommunications Association about a combined
need a virtual presence? Should we have a site on MySpace?        meeting in 2010.
Will busy professionals have more time to interact virtually          I’m looking forward to a great meeting in June, so reserve
than they seem to have for traditional face to face networking?   your hotel room, send in your registration! We’ll see you in
These are questions that the membership needs to answer as        New Haven!!
the board tries to take the Association forward.
    Notes from the Mid-Year Board Meeting. The board
reviewed our upcoming move to the Journal of Visual
Communications in Medicine (Viscom). The final details
have been worked and we are looking forward to the first issue
that will be delivered to our desks in June. As I have written
before, I believe we will see many benefits from the move to                                     Chuck Lenosky, HeSCA President
this well respected international journal. I look forward to         ChuCk Lenosky is President of HeSCA and Director of
hearing your comments after the first issue.                      Learning Environments, Division of Information Technology,
    We have a place to celebrate our Fiftieth year as an          Creighton University
Association. Meet me in Saint Louis. The 50th International
Health and Science Communications Association
                    39 Wedgewood Dr., Suite A.
                        Jewett City, CT 06351