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Franchise Agreement: Is an agreement between a Franchisor and a Franchisee that contain provisions covering, the obligations of the franchiser (the company) and franchisee regarding operating the business; the training and operational support the franchiser will provide and at what cost; territory and any exclusivity; the initial duration of the franchise and any renewal rights; use of trademarks, patents and signs; what royalties and service fees you franchisee will pay; tax issues; sell or transfer the franchise; advertising policies; franchisee termination issues; settlement of disputes; by the company, operating practices, cancellation, and attorney fees etc.

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									                      FRANCHISE AGREEMENT

THIS FRANCHISE AGREEMENT is made this day of _____20_ by and between
______________________________ the registered office of which is __________________
(hereinafter called the “Franchisor”, “we”, “our”, “ourself, “us”);
_________________________of __________________________the registered office of which
is _______________(hereinafter referred to as the “Franchisee”, “you”, you” or “yourself”).


A)          The Franchisor is the owner of the ________________ Franchise System, the
registered proprietor of the name “ABC” , its trade marks and the intellectual property associated
with the Franchise Business in United Kingdom and all other territories where the name and
trade marks of the owner are registered.

B)        The ___________ Franchise is a Franchise _______________________approved and
developed by the Franchisor for exclusive use as part of the ______________ Franchise

C)          The Franchisee accepts and acknowledges that the Franchise System provided by
Franchisor to a franchisee to operate a Franchise is an integral and inalienable component of the
Business of Franchise and incorporates all of the requirements standards, procedures and policies
for the successful operation of the Business.

D)         The Franchisee accepts and acknowledges the Franchisor has established quality
control procedures and standards and endeavours to maintain these quality control procedures
and standards in the operation of its Business and the provision of Services which will be a
valuable benefit to the Franchisor and the Franchisee.

E)         At the Franchisees request the Franchisor has agreed to sell the Franchisee a
Franchise in a non exclusive Territory of the Franchisee's choice approved by the Franchisor in
accordance with the terms and conditions of this Agreement.

F)        The parties enter into this Agreement to document the terms and conditions upon
which Franchise as Franchisor will provide the services to the Franchisee.


1.     Definitions

1.1 The following expressions which are frequently used in this Agreement shall have the
Meanings attributed to them below. Other less frequently used expressions are defined
In the body of this Agreement

Franchise Agreement                                                                          1
The “Business” -                         shall mean the business of the Franchisor licensed to the
                                         Franchisee under this Agreement.

The “Business Assets”                    shall mean the assets of the Business whether owned, leased
                                         or otherwise lawfully acquired by the Franchisee in the
                                         conduct of the Business.

The “Equipment”                          The equipment, fixtures and fittings and other
                                         materials from time to time required by Franchisee for use
                                         in the establishment and operation of Franchisee’s franchise
                                         detailed in Schedule 3.

The “Franchisee Fee” -                   is a sum of:

The “Franchise System” –                 shall mean the business system essential to the conduct of
                                         the Franchise Business and includes:

(a)                   Intellectual Property;

(b)                   Corporate Image;

(c)                The goodwill and business reputation which the Franchisor has established in
the Franchisor as a company, its Products and Services, the Name and trade Marks;

(d)                the knowledge, experience and expertise of the Franchisor in the preparation,
marketing and sale of its Products and Services, the preparation, marketing, the sale of the
Services and service Customers ;

(e)                   the Franchisor’s training methods, procedures, accounting practices and

(f)               all innovations and changes in the Franchise System as the Franchisor may
develop and prescribe from time to time;

(g)                   the Operations Manual.

The “Know-How” -                 Is our substantial knowledge of and expertise in the operation
                                 _______________________ developed over a period of time.
The Marks”                       shall means all registered or unregistered trademarks, business or
                                 service names, 
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