Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 Tip Sheet by hijuney5


									                                                                                                                                                          Contextual Tab: Only
                                                    Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 Tip Sheet                                                                   appears when the object (i.e
                                                                                                                                                          picture in this case) is
  Office Button: Most of the
  commands that you used to                                                                                                                               Help button: Click on the
  find under the File menu are                                                                                                                            question mark to get to
  now located here.                                                                                                                                       Word’s Help screen.

   Quick Access Toolbar: contains
   commonly used commands. Click
   on the down-arrow to customize.
                                                                                                                                                             Clip Art Task Pane:
Ribbon: Commands are now                                                                                                                                     Automatically appears
organized by their functionality and                                                                                                                         when you insert a Clip Art
found on the ribbon. PPT’s ribbon                                                                                                                            and is used to help find
is divided into tabs: Home, Insert,                                                                                                                          pictures based on
Design, Animations, Slide Show,                                                                                                                              keywords.
Review, View, and Add-Ins.

   Status Bar: Contains the Ready
   indicator, View buttons, and
   Zoom slider. Right-click on
   status bar to customize it!                                                                                                                            View buttons: Used to
                                                                                                                                                          switch to different views.
                                                                                                                                                          The available views are
                                                                                                                                                          Normal, Slide Sorter &
                                                                                                                                                          Slide Show.

                                                                                   PowerPoint Ribbon

     Home               Cut, Copy & Paste; Formatting; AutoSum; Find & Replace                   Review       Spelling & Grammar; Research; Thesaurus; Translate; Comments;
                                                                                                              Protect document
     Insert             Insert Pivot Tables, Pictures, Shapes, Charts, and Hyperlinks; Headers   View         Document Views (Normal, Page Layout, Page Break Preview);
                        & Footers; Insert Text Box, WordArt, Symbols, etc.                                    Show/Hide Options; Zoom Control; the old Window Menu options;
     Design             Themes; Margins; Page Setup Options; Background; Print Titles; Scale     Add-Ins      The old Tools – Add In options
                        to Fit Options; Gridlines; Headings; Aligning & Grouping Objects
     Animations         Functions; Formulas; Named Ranges; Formula Auditing; Calculation         Contextual   Any other tab that appear s. These tabs appear when a particular
                                                                                                              object is selected i.e. table, picture, chart, etc.
     Slide Show         Importing & Exporting Data; Sort; Filter; Data Tools; Outlining
Compatibility                                                        Since you will be printing and previewing your             2.   As soon as you select text, a MiniBar will appear on
                                                                      documents often, you may want to just add the quick             the screen slightly dimmed out and for only a few
    The new default file extension for PowerPoint 2007
                                                                      print and preview buttons to the Quick Access                   seconds. If you hover over this toolbar then it will
     files is .pptx
                                                                      Toolbar. To do this, click on the customize button and          become visible and you can use it to format the text.
   If you want to save your PPT files so that users on               add them!                                                      You can also use the buttons on the Home Tab to
    previous versions can use them then use the Office            Preparing Documents for Distribution                                format the text.
    Button – Save As and set the Save As Type to PPT 97
    – 2003 Presentation.                                              If the document needs to be shared with others, you          You can also click on the little button to the right of
Creating a New Presentation                                            may want to remove personal information and ensure            the Group
                                                                       version compatibility.                                        Name to get to
1.   Click on the Office button.                                                                                                     the dialog
                                                                  1.   Click on the Office button.
2.   Click on the New button.                                                                                                        boxes that used
                                                                  2.   Hover over the Prepare option.
3. Click on one of the templates listed on the left side or                                                                          to be in the old
                                                                  3.   Click on Inspect Document.                                    versions.
   double-click on Blank Presentation.
Opening Presentations                                             4. Click on Run Compatibility Checker.                         Inserting Pictures
1.   Click on the Office button.                                                                                                 1.   Click on the Insert tab.
                                                                  1.   PPT remembers the last 20 actions that were taken and     2.   Click on the appropriate button. (i.e. Picture, Clip Art)
2.  Click on one of the files listed             on the right          can Undo or Redo them. (20 is the default but it can be
    side of the screen if you want to open a recently used             changed to 99 in PowerPoint options under the Office      3.   If inserting Clip Art, then type in a descriptive word in
    file or click on the Open button to open another file              button)                                                        the Search for: box in the Clip Art task pane and click
    and navigate to the folder containing the file and            2.   To Undo your last action, click on the Undo button on          Go. Click on the picture that you want to insert.
    double-click on the file to open it.                               the Quick Access toolbar. You can keep clicking the       4.   If inserting a Picture from your computer, then
Saving Presentations                                                   Undo button until you have backed up enough actions.           navigate to the folder that contains the picture and
1.   Click on the Save button on the Quick Access                 3. If you backup too much, you can click the Redo                   double-click the picture to insert it.
     Toolbar.                                                        button.                                                       You will see a new “Contextual” tab appear called the
    If it is the first time you are saving the document, you     Adding Design                                                     Format tab and above it you will see Picture Tools.
     will need to select the folder to save it in and type in a                                                                     This only appears once you have the picture selected
                                                                  1.   Click on the Design tab.
     name.                                                                                                                          and this is where all of the
                                                                  2.   Click on any one of the design buttons to apply an           buttons to edit the picture
    If it was already saved previously, it will just save it          overall design (including background color, font and         will appear.
     over the old version and not ask you for a location or            font color, bullets, etc.)
     name. If you DID want to give it another name, then                                                                         Page Setup Options
                                                                    You can also use the Colors, Fonts, and Effects
     you would have to use the Save As option located on                                                                             Page Setup options are now available on the Design
                                                                     buttons to customize the design even more!
     the Office button.                                                                                                               tab using the Page Setup or Slide Orientation button.
                                                                  Animation & Transition
   Remember that you might want to save the document                                                                              Page setup options used to be available under File –
    as a PPT 2003-2007 type of Presentation under the                 Animation (how text & objects act on the screen) and         Page Setup…
    Save As Type option in the Save As dialog box. This                Transition (how slides change from one slide to           Customizing PowerPoint
    will allow users with older versions of PPT to still use           another) are both found on the Animations tab.
                                                                                                                                 1.   Click on the Office button.
    your presentations!                                               Click on the desired animation scheme or click on
Printing/Previewing Documents                                          Custom Animation to create your own animation.            2.   Click on PowerPoint Options.

                                                                    You can automatically create timed presentations by         3.   Click on each Option listed on the left and be sure to
1.   Click on the Office button.
                                                                     setting the Advance Slide Automatically option and               scroll down on some screens to see all choices.
2.   Click on the Print button to open the
                                                                     type in a number of seconds.                                    This used to be found under Tools – Options…
     Print dialog box OR hover over the Print
     button and then select the Print, Quick Print, or
     Preview option on the right side of the screen.              1.   Select the text first before you format.

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