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									Bulk sms messages

BulksmsIndia.mobi has touched new heights during this festive season of Diwali. The
promotional and wishes sms using its gateway during this period touched a mark of 5 million
SMS in a single day and 24000 users used the service. Since inception it was the highest
number which was handled beautifully by the technical team. In comparison to most of the other
service providers', whose routes choked even on lesser volumes, bulksmsindia.mobi team were
able to deliver with a maximum delay of 10 minutes which was negligible considering such huge
volumes. As per Mr. Bhushan (Technical Team Head) "We were expecting good rise in volumes
but was not even half to what actually happened. Our technical team tackled the situation in
most efficient manner. We have developed our system in such a way that whenever there is
load on one route or operator and delay in deliveries, the system automatically adopts the
alternate route. This caused minimal delay and optimum utilisation of the resources of ours as
well as the operators." This period also saw a jump in the no. of new customers added. Many
of them seems one time customers whose SMS were only for the festive season. As per CEO,
Mr. B. K. Bose "The numbers were definitely mind boggling but we expect this to rise further
with elections coming up and India being a country of festivals, there will always be a reason to
send sms. It takes time to build confidence. Since this is our first year, people who used our
service are far more confident than they were before. There is no one time customer in this
industry. He may not be a regular user of the service but most of so called one time customers
use the service several times a year." The market of SMS is growing. It is increasingly
becoming a new medium for advertisement which is economical yet very effective. A
comparative analysis was provided by Mr. Bose. Comparison of SMS against Other Means Of
Advertising Standard communications mediums available to marketers and advertisers are
usually rated on three factors: Reach, Cost and Effectiveness / Retention.        Medium Reach
Cost Retention       Television One of the Highest Very High Good Radio Medium Medium Poor
 Website Banners Medium High Dropping E-mail Medium Low Extremely Low Print Media
Low High Good Billboards Medium Medium Medium Moving Media Medium High Low
Telephone Medium High Medium Fax Low Medium Low Standard Mailers Good High Medium
 Personal Low High Good Interaction             Most of the corporate have understood the
importance of this medium and are fast adopting this for communication and promotion

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