Word Faith Teachers That Did Not Get Healed

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					Word Faith Teachers That Did Not Get Healed
1) Jan Crouch: Cancer. Are you telling me that the head of TBN could not find one prophet to heal her? Why did she get surgery? Where was her faith in God to heal her? On September 29, 2004 during the TBN Behind the Scenes program Paul Crouch said that Jan was in the hospital getting surgery to have her gall bladder removed. Why didn't Paul Crouch sow a seed for the miracle that he needs? 3) Betty Price (Wife of Fred Price): Cancer. She got chemotherapy as well. Fred Price teaches that he does not allow sickness in his home. (Article: "E. W. Kenyon and the Twelve Apostles of Another Gospel," Hank Hanegraaff). 4) R.W. Schambach: Quadruple bypass surgery. "When you need help physically you don't need to run off to the arm of flesh..." R. W, Schambach June 18, 2004, Daystar. 5) Kenneth Hagin: Wore glasses and had heart problems. His sister died of cancer and his wife was operated on-Can You Be Decieved? 6) Oral Roberts: Wears glasses and had an angioplasty, "Evangelist Oral Roberts, 81, underwent an angioplasty procedure on Sunday at a hospital in Newport Beach, Calif. The surgery opened a blocked artery that caused a mild heart attack two weeks ago," Charisma News March 2, 1999 Edition. 7) E. W. Kenyon: Died as a result from a tumor (Can You Be Decieved?) yet taught "It is wrong for us to have sickness and disease in our bodies when God laid those diseases on Jesus." 9) Rod Parsley: Has back problems and at times says that this has kept him out of the pulpit for weeks at a time (He stated this at TBN's Spring Telethon 2004 and other times as well). Yet, hear what Rod teaches, "Let's settle the matter once and for all, God doesn't want you sick." 10) Casey Treat: Casey Treat is battling hepatitis C. “This seemed like a battle I could overcome to continue my vision,” said Treat, who was diagnosed a year ago and revealed his illness during services at SeaTac’s Christian Faith Center last month. “I believe in healing. It was never an option of dying young. It was more of a fight of faith.” In December, Treat started a rigorous nine-month chemotherapy program through the University of Washington Medical Center. (Article Seattle Times) 11) Benny Hinn's crusades: It can be proven by empirical evidence that more people have died at his crusades that have been healed. See article: Four die at Hinn crusade. Sydney Williams a man that would take care of Hinn's children died from a heroin overdose in 1998. Hinn's close personal aide and travel companion David Delgado died from complications of heroin abuse in 1998. Are you telling me that Hinn's close companion was not healed and died from complications from heroin abuse? Why wasn't he delivered? Why wasn't he healed by Hinn? A man that close to Hinn dies from sickness, I hope this helps to open your eyes, (WKMG Channel 6 T.V. Orlando, Florida, December 1998. "Many Faces Of Benny Hinn DVD") In Oklahoma City a woman attending a Hinn crusade was not merely crushed, she was killed. Ella Peppard died from complications she suffered after someone was slain in the spirit right on top of her. The ensuing lawsuit was settled out of court. (Hank Hanegraaff, "Counterfeit Revival," page 189) 12) Buddy Harrison: Ken Hagin's Son in law died of cancer. (Article: WORD-FAITH PUBLISHER HARRISON DIES) 13) Aimee Semple McPherson: Died from an drug overdose. (Hank Hanegraaff, "Counterfeit Revival," page 184) 14) A.A. Allen: Died from cirrhosis of the liver. (Hank Hanegraaff, "Counterfeit Revival," page 150) 15) Jack Coe: Died from bulbar polio. (Hank Hanegraaff, "Counterfeit Revival," page 154) 16) Dr. Hobart Freeman: He and over 100 of his followers died after refusing medical attention. (Article: "Faith Assembly (Hobart Freeman)," Watchman Fellowship)

17) Kenneth Copeland: "Much to my deep regret I must postpone our meetings in Australia, Singapore, Korea and Hawaii. A few days ago I injured my back badly enough that even though my healing has already started, so many hours of flying would be too much. Let's face it. I let this situation in my back go on for too long," Ken Copeland, website. Yet he teaches: "God intends for every believer to live completely free from sickness and disease. It is up to you to decide whether or not you will...I ain't never stood for anything in my own life that didn't come to pass." 19) Katherine Khulman: Died from heart disease----Can You Be Decieved? 20) Ruth Ward Heflin: Died from cancer. (Article: "The Life and Times of Golden Girl and Globetrotter Ruth Ward Heflin," G. Richard Fisher) 22) Finis Jennings Dake (The Dake Annotated Reference Bible): Died as a result of Parkinson's disease (CRI Journal Vol. 27/ No. 05/ 2004, page 30). Yet he taught, "Failure to be healed reflects willful unbelief and disobedience to the laws of God and Nature," (CRI Journal Vol. 27/ No. 05/ 2004, page 30). 24) Creflo Dollar: Wears glasses yet he teaches: "Words control the body. Oh glory be to God! And regardless of what's going on in your physical body, you got to talk to it. I'm telling you I talk to my major organs...I speak words to it...The tongue in your mouth will control every inch of your physical body! Do not tolerate sickness and disease as long as you got a working tongue that can speak the established Word of God! [Claps] Uh, that's good!" Why doesn't he talk to his eyes? Why is he tolerating sickness in his eyes? 25) Marilyn Hickey: Wears glasses yet teaches: "Say to your body, 'You're whole, body!...Or speak to your leg, or speak to your foot, or speak to your neck, or speak to your back; and once you have spoken and believe that you have received, and don't go back on it." Why doesn't she speak to her eyes? 29) Peter Doseck: Wears glasses yet believes: "The redemptive work of Christ on the cross provides healing of the human body in answer to the believing prayer of faith." 30) John G. Lake: Died of a stroke--Can You Be Decieved? 31) Brian Zahnd: Wears glasses yet teaches Christians should live in divine health. 32) Jesse Duplantis: Wears glasses and he teaches: "Did He heal in the Bible? Then why are you accepting that sickness? Why are you content to live with it?" Why is Jesse living with bad eyesight? Why is he accepting it? 33) Kerney Thomas: This guy claims to be the next Elijah and Moses sent by God because of our prayers. He sends out his anointed prayer cloths that will heal you, yet he wears glasses. Why doesn't he rub the miracle cloth on his eyes to heal them? 35) John Wimber: Died from complications from heart trouble and cancer. His son Chris, died of cancer as well-Can You Be Decieved? 37) John Osteen: Was hospitalized with kidney problems and received dialysis. John also got heart surgery to have a pacemaker put in his chest. (PFO Quarterly Journal, "The Leaven of Lakewood," October-December 2004, page 14) 38) Larry Huch: Wears glasses. 40) Marcus Lamb (President of Daystar): During the Celebration broadcast on July 21, 2004 Marcus said that he needs glasses to read. Why can't his frequent miracle working guests heal his vision? 41) John Avanzini: Wears glasses. He teaches that you can speak to sickness and it will leave.

44) Perry Stone: Wears glasses yet he and Paula White are selling a "Meal That Heals" for $39. It is a communion set that they claim will heal you physically when you partake of it two times a day. If it heals why does Perry Stone wear glasses? 45) Smith Wigglesworth: "He and Polly agreed never to seek the help of doctors or take medicine but to trust Christ as their Healer. Suffering had no place in God's plan for the believer...Though Wigglesworth believed mightily in God's promise to heal, he himself mourned the early deaths of his wife and a son. He prayed frequently for his daughter Alice Salter to be healed of deafness but to no avail. To add to his frustration, he endured excruciating pain for 3 years from a "thorn in the flesh"--kidney stones. Like others, he could only deduce that he hadn't mustered sufficient faith," ("The Revival Legacy of Smith Wigglesworth," Enrichment Journal, Assemblies of God USA Article) 46) Wendy McDonald (Wife of Pastor Neville McDonald): Wears glasses yet her husband teaches "There is no need for you to have sickness in your body," Daystar August 10, 2004. He even encouraged the audience to literally lay their bible on them to heal them. 47) Charles and Frances Hunter: Frances wears glasses yet they advertise healing schools on their website: "In Bogotá, Colombia, they saw 100 people get out of wheelchairs in one service...They have had thousands of people healed of back problems of all kinds...They have an incredible anointing in the area of healing and the baptism with the Holy Spirit!" Why don't they heal her eyes? 48) Jim Kaseman: He wears glasses yet teaches, "Many Christians are SICK, POOR and DEFEATED in many if not all areas of their lives! In spite of what the Lord Jesus Christ did for them at Calvary's cross where God provided redemption for ALL MANKIND. REDEMPTION from SIN, POVERTY, SICKNESS and DEATH!" 49) Rev. Jeff McLaughlin: Wears glasses yet teaches, "Healing is provided for in the atonement of Christ, & it is the privilege of every believer who will accept." 50) T. L. Osborn: Wore glasses but according to his website he "is best known for his mass-miracle ministry to millions." 51) Loren Schlomer: Wears glasses yet teaches, "DIVINE HEALING - Healing is for the physical ills of the human body and is wrought by the power of God through the prayer of faith and by the laying on of hands. It is provided for in the atonement of Christ, and is the privilege of every member of the Church today ( Mark 16:18; James 5:14-25; I Peter 2:24; Matt. 8:17; Isaiah 53:4-5)." 52) Reinhard Bonnke: Wears glasses yet the Taippei Times reports, "Bonnke reportedly healed 27 people on his first night -- the deaf, blind and those crippled by other ailments were wheeled, carried and stretchered to the national stadium to experience the miracle crusade," (Faith healer stirs up a storm in Fiji with miracle show). 56) Steve Munsey: Wears glasses yet believes, "We believe that divine healing through the redemptive work of Christ is available for every believer (James 5:14, I Peter 2:24)." 57) Daisy Osborn (Wife of T. L. Osborn): Died from cancer--Can You Be Decieved? 58) Steve Brock: Wears glasses yet he is a close friend of Benny Hinn and a frequent guest at his "Healing" crusades! 59) Bishop Eddie Long: Wears glasses yet preaches, "The door was open. Which means you already rich. You decided to live poor! You already healed! You decided to be sick! You already have your family together but you decided to be in chaos! You already have the things that you have confessed but you decided not to receive it!" Why did he decide to be sick? 60) Charles Capps: Wears glasses and his wife got medical treatment for her cancer--Can You Be Decieved?