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									 Skills Training On Risk
 Ian Carr – North Essex Mental Health Partnership Trust
Caroline Falgate – Eastern Area Psychological Service
      Role of Assessors

• What? Who?……Training?

            What is STORM?
• Assessment and intervention skills designed to
  support the ACCT initiative
• Skills based training in the assessment and
  management of suicide risk
• 2 Day workshop utilises practical learning - video
  excerpts, role rehearsal, video feedback,
  discussion and feedback
• Seeks to dispel myths and promote a positive
  attitude to the management of suicide prevention

      Development of STORM
• Origins at Manchester University 1997
• Three stage evaluation – delivered to a wide range
  of professional groups
• Delivered in different settings and to different
  degrees to establish flexibility and effectiveness in
• Results – Improvement in confidence, attitude and
  skills – the greatest improvement occurred in
  non-professional groups

   Development of STORM (2)
• HMP Service commissioned STORM variant to
  support the ACCT initiative and provide a skill set
  for assessors
• Not all areas are adopting STORM
• STORM utilises same risk categorisation
• Familiar terminology and process
• Provides aide memoirs to support thorough
  assessment and evaluation of potential risk
• Local delivery by Facilitators
STORM is delivered in four flexible modules

• Assessment of Suicidal Risk
      •   Development of rapport and communication techniques
      •   Exploring specific risk and intention
      •   Planning and precautions
      •   Risk elevating and risk reducing factors
      •   Mental health issues
      •   Coping and self support systems
      •   Formulating a risk level
                  Modules (2)

• Crisis Management
    •   Ensuring safety appropriate to risk
    •   Identifying and building networks of support
    •   Diffuse emotional distress
    •   Provision of immediate support
    •   Identification of the individuals own resources
    •   Engaging the individual in their own plan

                 Modules (3)
• Problem Solving
     • Utilising and teaching simple problem solving

• Crisis Prevention
     • Identifying triggers and early warning signs
     • Identifying support networks in advance
     • Self support strategies

            STORM & ACCT
• Satisfies the “Trained Assessor” requirement
• STORM skills are of value to all in contact with
  prisoners at risk in identifying and defusing risk
• Information gained helps inform the risk
  assessment of the Case Review Team
• Problem Solving and Crisis Prevention skills can
  become part of the post closure process

        STORM & ACCT (2)
• Questioning formats are in line with ACCT
  documentation – specific, direct and current
• Crisis Management module relates directly
  to the Care Plan
• Utilises same Low / Raised / High Risk

            Training Roll Out
• 5 Consultant trainers from HMP Service and
  Mental Health Trusts working in partnership to
  provide training to local Facilitators
• Ongoing support and supervision
• Facilitators cascade training to local staff teams
• HMP Chelmsford, HMP Bedford, HMP Norwich
  in first phase

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