Skills Training – solving specific needs by elfphabet2


									Skills Training – solving specific needs

I run a range of specific skills training workshops. These include:

       People Skills,
       Communicatng Confidently,
       Assertiveness,
       Coaching Skills,
       Stress Management,
       Time Management,
       Problem-Solving and Decision Making and
       Customer Relationship Management.

Other specific skills workshops have included Consultancy Skills for senior managers in the
Construction industry; developing competency based job definitions for an Oil company and running
total quality programmes in the Far East and Australiasia for an Office Equipment supplier with the
focus on delivery, problem solving and innovation. I have also co-run Outdoor Management
Programmes. These have been for leadership development or to help in culture change. E.g. for an IT
company to develop a common vision and communication

                Communicating Confidently
                Assertiveness Programme
                Improving Interactions
                Self and Time Management
                Stress Management


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