Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 Basics

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					                         Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 Basics
Starting PowerPoint in ’07 with XP
Click the “Start Button”, All Programs, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Power Point2007

Starting PowerPoint in ’07 with Vista
Click the Microsoft Office Button with the Vista flag logo “Start Button”, All Programs, Microsoft Office,
Microsoft Power Point 2007

Introduction to PowerPoint: Things to Remember                                                  Office
When PowerPoint opens, the appearance of the screen will be very                                Button
different. Once you get used to the new 2007 features, you’ll find it much
easier to use as you create and edit your PowerPoint slides. There are three
features that you should remember as you work within PowerPoint 2007:
the Microsoft Office Button, the Quick Access Toolbar, and the Ribbon.

       Microsoft Office Button
        This button performs many of the functions that were located in the File menu in previous
        versions. This button allows you to create a new presentation, open an existing presentation,
        save and save as, print, send, or close.
       Quick Access Toolbar
        The quick access toolbar is a customizable toolbar that
        contains commands that you may want to use. You can
        place the quick access toolbar above or below the ribbon.
        To change the location of the quick access toolbar, click on
        the arrow at the end of the toolbar and click Show Below
        the Ribbon. You can also add items to the quick access
        toolbar, simply right click on any item in the Office Button or
        the Ribbon. Click Add to Quick Access Toolbar and a
        shortcut will be added.

       Ribbon
        The ribbon is the panel at the top portion of the document it has seven tabs: Home, Insert,
        Design, Animations, Slide Show, Review, View and Add-Ins. Each tab is divided into groups.

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                                                                                       PowerPoint 2007 Basics

        To view features in each tab, click the tab name. Below is the list of groups within each tab.
                Home: Clipboard, Slides, Font, Paragraph, Drawing, and Editing
                Insert: Tables, Illustrations, Links, Text, and Media Clips
                Design: Page Setup, Themes, Background
                Animations: Preview, Animations, Transition to this Slide
                Slide Show: Start Slide Show, Set Up, Monitors
                Review: Proofing, Comments, Protect
                View: Presentation Views, Show/Hide, Zoom, Color/ Grayscale, Window, Macros
                Add-Ins: Educator tools, Student tools (This tab only available on LPSS imaged

To view additional features within each group, click
the dialog box launcher (arrow) at the bottom right
corner of each group.

Mini Toolbar                                                                             Dialog box
This floating toolbar appears when you select text or right click text. This toolbar     launcher
displays common formatting tools (ex. Fonts, size, bold, italics, etc.)

Viewing Slides
There are three ways to view slides. Slides can be viewed by using:
             slide navigation menu on the left side of the screen.
             by clicking the view tab at the top of the screen, or
             by clicking the PowerPoint toolbar at the bottom right hand corner.
             Outlines can also be viewed by clicking on the outline tab in the slide navigation menu.


                                                                       View Tab

                             Slide Sorter View
                                                                        Slide Show
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                   Normal View
                                                 Slide Show           Zoom
                                                                                     PowerPoint 2007 Basics

Creating a Presentation with a Template
There are a lot of different options for you to choose with PowerPoint 2007. You can customize the
design, color set, and background.
1. Click the design view tab. There are various themes that you can choose. For more options, click
    the drop down arrow.

2. Move the mouse over each template, a preview will be displayed on the slide.
3. Select a theme design. This theme will be applied to all slides in the presentation. Color, can be
4. To change the color of a template design, click the Colors (drop down arrow). Move the mouse over
   each color set- a preview will be displayed. You can select a color scheme for the design you chose.
   Simply, click on the color scheme that fits your
                                                                        Office Button
5. To change the background style, click the
   Background Styles (drop down arrow). Move the
   mouse over each background style-a preview will
   be displayed. Select the background style that you
   like for the design that you chose. Simply, click on
   the background style that fits your presentation.
6. Click the Office Button (top left hand corner), click
   Save As, choose one of the saving methods-
   PowerPoint presentation, PowerPoint show,
   PowerPoint 97-2003 (this will allow you to open in
   older versions of PowerPoint).
7. Save the presentation as PowerPoint 97-2003 in My
   Documents as “Your Last Name Louisiana”
        ***When saving as PowerPoint 97-2003 a pop-up
        window appears stating that “this presentation is not
        supported by earlier versions of PowerPoint. This
        window will appear every time you save unless you
        deselect the check mark stating “Check compatibility
        when saving in PowerPoint 97-2003 formats.”

                                                                    Uncheck this box
Adding Text to Slide
Now that you have created a presentation with a template and saved it, you can begin adding text to the
presentation. The title slide has two text placeholders (title and subtitle)-boxes with dotted line borders.
To enter text in a placeholder, simply click the placeholder and then type your text. After you enter text
in a placeholder, the placeholder becomes a text object. An object is any item on a slide that can be
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                                                                                   PowerPoint 2007 Basics

1. Move the cursor over the title placeholder labeled “Click to add title” and click on the title
2. The insertion point, a blinking vertical line, indicates where your text will appear in the title
   placeholder. A selection box, the dashed line border appears around the title placeholder,
   indicating that it is selected and ready to accept text.
3. Type “Louisiana” in the title placeholder. On the Home Tab, paragraph group, click one of the
   alignment buttons on the menu bar to left, right or center justify the blinking vertical line.
4. The subtitle placeholder is for additional information such as your name. Type Presented (Press
    the enter key), type By (Press the enter key), type Your Name.
5. Click outside the placeholder to deselect that particular text box.         Save
6. Click “SAVE” on the Quick Access toolbar.                                   disk

Add Additional Slides                                                                    New Slide
1. Click the New Slide drop down arrow on the home tab of                                Drop Down
   the toolbar.                                                                          Arrow
2. Click the slide layout “Title and Content”
3. Type Louisiana in the title placeholder
4. Adjust your font size (80pt), color, and style. Center justify
   your title.
5. Type Festivals in the content area and press Enter. Notice
   now that a bullet automatically appears when you press
   the enter key.
6. Type Cities and press Enter.
7. Type Famous People and press Enter.
8. Click “SAVE” on the Quick Access toolbar.

Word Art
Word Art is styles that can be added to text to add visual effects.
To Apply Word Art:
      Click New Slide-Blank Slide
      Click the Insert tab, Text Group
      Click the Word Art button
      Choose the Word Art that fits your presentation
      A box appears that states “Your Text Here”
      Type “Festivals” in the box
      Click Home tab- Adjust your font size (80pt), color, and
       style. Center justify your title.
      To move the Word Art your cursor needs to be a four
       sided cross with arrows ( ). Hold the left click down and drag to the new location.
To Modify Word Art:
     1. Select the Word Art                                                       Text Fill
     2. Click Format tab
     3. In the Word Art group, Click Text Fill                                              Text Outline
        button, the Text Outline button, or the
        Text Effects button                                                            Text Effects
Click “SAVE”

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                                                                                    PowerPoint 2007 Basics

Inserting text boxes
1. On slide 3, click the Insert tab
2. Click the Text Box icon
3. Hold the left click down and drag out
4. Type Crawfish Festival, press Enter.
5. Type Festival International, press Enter.
6. Type Frog Festival, press Enter.
7. Type Mardi Gras
8. Adjust your font size (48pt.), color, and style. Text box will adjust automatically when you change
    the font.
9. Click “SAVE”
Copy and Paste                                                          paste
1. Highlight the text you wish to copy
2. On the Home tab, click copy icon                                                                   copy
3. Put cursor where you want the text in the document
4. On the Home tab, click paste icon                               undo

Cut and Paste                                                                                    redo
1. Highlight the text you wish to cut
2. On the Home tab, click cut icon
3. Put your cursor where you want the text in the document
4. On the Home tab, click paste icon

Undo and Redo
On the Quick Access toolbar, click undo or redo icon      Spell
Spell Check
1. Click the Review tab
2. Click the Spelling button

Inserting Clip Art
There are multiple ways of inserting graphics into a Power Point slide show. You can insert clip art from
menu, insert graphics from slide layout, insert clip art from slide layout and insert picture from file.

Inserting Clip Art from Menu
1. On the Insert tab, in the Illustrations group, click Clip Art.
2. In the Clip Art task pane, in the Search for type “Festivals”,
   click “go”
3. Use scrollbar to view all thumbnails.
4. Wait for thumbnails to load in the preview pane. Click on arrow next to
   thumbnail to view options, or click on thumbnail to insert.

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                                                                                                  PowerPoint 2007 Basics

     Grab this handle by
     clicking and holding to
     rotate the graphic                                         When the cursor looks like this
                                                                symbol you can click and drag
                                                                to move the graphic.

Once the graphic is
inserted into the
slide it can be
                                                                      When the cursor
                                                                      looks like this
                                                                      symbol you can click
 When the cursor looks like this                                      and drag to resize
 symbol you can click and drag to                                     the graphic without
 resize the graphic with                                              distortion.

5. Select the image you want-click the image to insert
6. Resize if needed
**Insert the picture by double clicking the image or click the Insert button.
**Once the picture is inserted it will have handles like the ones on clip art graphics with which you can
manipulate the picture (resize or move).
7. Click “SAVE”
8. Close the Clip Art task pane

Inserting Clip Art from Slide Layout                                                                        New
From the Home tab, go to the Slides group on the ribbon.                                                    Slide
1. Click the drop down arrow next to New Slide. Select a slide with
    two contents. Move cursor over icons to determine which media
    to insert into the slide. Layouts with graphic content have the
    following icons displayed:

                      Insert Table Insert Chart    Insert SmartArt Graphic

                   Insert Picture from File   Insert Clip Art    Insert Media Clip

2.      Click the clip art icon. This opens the same task pane as described in Inserting Clip Art from Menu.
3.     In the Clip Art box, type New Orleans
4.     Select a picture by clicking on the one you want
5.     Resize your picture
6.     In the Title section, type “Cities”
7.     Adjust your font size (80pt), color, and style. Center justify your title.
8.     Where it says “Click to add text”, type Lafayette press Enter
9.     Type Baton Rouge, press Enter
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                                                                                       PowerPoint 2007 Basics

10.   Type New Orleans, press Enter
11.   Type Shreveport, press Enter
12.   Adjust your font size, color, and style.
13.   Click “SAVE”
14.   Close the Clip Art task pane

Inserting Picture from File
1. Click Insert New Slide, choose Title and Content
2. In the Title section, type “Famous People”
3. Adjust your font size (80pt), color, and style. Center justify your title.
4. In the Content section, type Louie Armstrong press Enter
5. Type Mary Alice Fontenot, press Enter
6. Type Bobby Jindal, press Enter
7. Type Anne Rice, press Enter
8. Click the Insert Tab, Illustrations group
9. Click “Picture”
10. Browse to the location that picture is saved
     Select My Computer, Work on Intech H, Resources, Pictures
11. Click the picture of Louie Armstrong, click Insert
12. Move and Resize your picture
13. Click “SAVE”
14. Play the Show

Slide Transitions
Slide Transitions is the way one slide changes to the next
slide in Slide Show view.

To Apply Slide Transition:
    1. Click Slide 1
    2. Click the Animations tab, Transition to this slides group
    3. To preview the transitions, move your mouse over each transition and it will
         provide a preview.
    4. Choose the animation that fits your presentation or click the drop down
         arrow in the transition dialog box for more options.
    5. To apply the transition to all slides, simply click “Apply to All” on Animations
    6. To apply a different transition to each slide, click on each slide, click the transition that you
         choose for that slide.
    7. Click “SAVE”
    **Once you have applied a transition, on the “Slide Navigation Menu” a shooting star appears
    letting you know that a transition has been applied to that slide.

To Add Transition Sound
    1. Select slide 1
    2. Click the drop down arrow next to transition sound.
    3. To preview the sounds, move your mouse over each sound.
    4. To apply the sound, choose a sound and select “apply to all”
       or choose a different sound for each slide.
    5. Click “SAVE”
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                                                                                    PowerPoint 2007 Basics

To Modify Transition Speed
   1. Click the drop down arrow next to transition speed.
   2. Select the speed that you want to use for transitions. To apply the
      speed to all of the slides, click “Apply to All” or choose a different
      speed for each slide.
   3. Click “SAVE”
   4. Play Show

To Advance a Slide
To move from one slide to the next, you have two options to choose from on the animations tab.
     Advance on mouse click or
     Automatically after “XX” seconds
        If you want to adjust amount of time between each slide, simply
        click the up arrow.
To select either one of these, simply check the box that you want to use.
    1. Click “Automatically after:”
    2. Set the speed to 00:05
    3. Deselect “On Mouse Click”
    4. Click “Apply to All”
    5. Click “SAVE”
    6. Play Show

Slide Animation
Slide animation refers to predefined special effects, movements, and sounds that accompany text or
slides as they are introduced. You can use preset animations or customize your own animation to
achieve your goals. There are four types of animation effects that can be applied to objects on the slide.
          Entrance is used to call special attention to the object as it enters the screen.
          Emphasis is used to emphasize information once it is on the screen.
          Exit is used to call special attention to objects as they leave the screen
          Motion Paths allow you to draw a custom path that the object travels for animation.

Entrance, Emphasis or Exit
    1. Select the object on slide 3
       (clip art)
    2. Click the Animations tab,
       Animations group
    3. Click Custom Animation. The
       Custom Animation Task Pane
       will appear on the right side
       of the screen.
    4. Click Add Effect
    5. Click Entrance
    6. Click More Effects (displays ALL of
       the Entrance effects).
    7. The Add Entrance Effect menu screen
       will appear.

                                                                                                     pg. 8
                                                                                  PowerPoint 2007 Basics

    8. Choose one of the effects by clicking on it. The
        animation effect will display on the slide.                                              Elevator
          a. Try several different effects. Notice that there
              is an elevator bar on the right side of this
              menu. As you move down the Add Entrance
              Effects menu screen you will notice that there
              are “groups” of effects – Basic, Subtle,
              Moderate, and Exciting. Try these to see how
              they work.
    9. To apply the effect, click the OK button at the
        bottom of the Add Entrance Effect screen.
    10. Follow the same procedures for applying Emphasis and Exit animations.

***To Preview an animation: click the preview
button on the animations toolbar.

***Notice – on the right side of the screen - under Custom Animation-
objects that have effects added to them are shown as a part of this screen.
The arrow on the right hand of this picture points to a drop down arrow-
there are more options with each drop down arrow.

Slide Show Options
The slide show tab of the ribbon contains options for the slide show. These options include:
     Preview the slide show from the beginning
     Preview the slide show from the current slide
     Set up Slide Show

Set Up Slide Show
The set up button allows you to set up
preferences for how the show will be            Most
presented. There are various options to         commonly
choose from:                                    used
     Whether the show will run
       automatically or will be presented by     Continuous                                    Mouse click
       a speaker                                 Loop
     Looping option

The set-up show screen menu shown to the right will
appear when you click Set Up Show.
    1. Click Slide Show tab, Setup group
    2. Click Set Up Slide Show
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                                                                                       PowerPoint 2007 Basics

    3. Make sure “Presented by a speaker” is selected
    4. Select “Using timings, if present”
    5. Click “OK”
    6. Click “SAVE”

Ending a Slide Show
If you desire to end the show while it is playing, either tap the Esc key, in the upper left portion of the
keyboard, or click the right mouse button and then click End Show.

Creating Notes
Speaker Notes can be added to allow you to create notes for each slide. To add speaker notes, there are
two ways:
   1. Put your cursor in the blank white section below the slide, type your notes
   2. Select the slide
       Click View
       Click Note Pages      Notes
       Click the “Click to   Area
       add Text” section
       of the screen
       Type in the Notes for that slide

Printing Presentations
To Access the Print Options:
    1. Click the Microsoft Office Button
    2. Place the cursor over Print
    3. Click the 1st Print option “Print”
    4. In the Print Dialog Box, click the arrow next to Print what
    5. Choose one of the following options
              Slides: These are slides that you would see if you
               were showing the presentation, one slide per page
            Handouts: 1, 2, 3, 4, 6 or 9 per page, this option
               allows for more slides per page
            Notes Page: This includes the slides and the speaker
            Outline View: This will print the outline of the
    6. Click “OK”

To Print Preview:
     Click the Microsoft Office Button
     Place the cursor over Print
     Click Print Preview
     Click the arrow next to Print What to
        change print options
     To print from Print Preview, click Print

To Exit Print Preview:
     Click the Close Print Preview button

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                                                                                                     PowerPoint 2007 Basics

 When saving ANY Office 2007 file, please make sure to save it as a 97-
 2003 file. Saving in this format will allow the file to be viewed
 regardless of the version of Office being utilized.
 Help in PowerPoint
 To get detailed help on how to perform a task, click the help button in the upper right hand corner.
 To narrow your search, you can use the Table of Contents, Browse PowerPoint Help, or type in a search
 term. Some of the help items are built into Microsoft PowerPoint and other items access Microsoft
 Office Help Online.
                                      Print              Table of

Type in term

                                                                                  Browse Help

 This handout was created by Lafayette Parish School System Technology Department. Information was gathered from the
 following sources: Florida Gulf Coast University: (2007). PowerPoint 2007 Tutorial Homepage. Retrieved April 1, 2008, from
 Florida Gulf Coast University Web site:
 Lynchburg College: Office Tutorials. Retrieved April 1, 2008, from Microsoft-Lynchburg College Tutorials Web site:

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