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									  Witness / Courtroom Skills Training

The witness training session is an intensive and highly practical one-day course. Throughout the
day we look at the theory and practice of presenting your evidence and help demystify the
process. There will also be a lot of practise whereby you will be asked to present a statement,
followed by questioning by our trainer. The training will help you refine and enhance your
performance and master your presentation skills.


   •   The key skills to presenting effectively
   •   How to deal with adverse questioning
   •   Preparing for court and personal presentation
   •   Confident and clear presentation
   •   Introducing yourself and your experience powerfully
   •   Assessing your performance and using video recording to enhance your presentation
   •   Making full use of supporting documents
   •   How to get the essence of your case and communicate clearly with your audience

These courses are usually based around a single day and tailored to meet the requirements of the
individuals. We request that the delegates prepare prior to the course a short presentation relating
to a previous court-case.

During the day the delegates learn body language, posture points and dealing with nerves, how to
make an entrance, getting started and closing. We cover everything from the initial planning
processes to dealing with Q and A's.

All the presentations are recorded and followed by playback and counselling to help correct the
delivery. Any delegate that goes through the training can use our after sales service to call for
help with future presentations.

The three course objectives we want to achieve are:

   •   To familiarise delegates with the technology and techniques of presentations to help
       deliver with polish, skill and confidence.
   •   To identify the delegates' weaknesses and minimise them, then identify their strengths
       and maximise them.
   •   To encourage a positive attitude towards presentations, to see them as opportunities and
       promote your case.

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