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									                                                    Durham Family Court Clinic                                               Spring ~ Summer 2007

You                                       make a difference
                       Dedicated to Fostering a Healthy and Safe Community
                                                                                                  DFCC receives Ministry of
Employability Skills Training Provides                                                            the Attorney General grant
Youth Vital Links to Future Opportunities                                                         to assist youth victims
        In 2006, in consultation with                  Primary funding for the program
    community stakeholders, the DFCC                comes from the Ministry of Children and           In December 2006, the Ministry of the
    developed a pilot project to offer an           Youth Services - Youth Justice Services,      Attorney      General,     through     the
    Employability Skills Training Program to        with additional funds provided by Seeds       Community Grants Program and the
    youth      attending       the      agency’s    of Hope, the DFCC’s charitable                Victims’ Justice Fund, announced that the
    Collaborative Day Treatment Program.            campaign. Approximately fifty youth,          DFCC was a recipient of a $140,150
    The program provides vulnerable youth           14-19 years of age have participated in       project grant. Our 15-month funded
    the opportunity to develop work related         the pilot project running from September      project extends over two fiscal years and
    skills and practical training opportunities     2006 to June 2007.                            creates an innovative community-based
    in an environment that supports their                                                         program designed to assist youth,
                                                       Four older youth, with high levels of
    unique academic, emotional and                                                                primarily twelve to eighteen years of age,
                                                    learning readiness, participated in
    behavioural challenges. By creating this                                                      who are victims, or who are at risk of
                                                    individual co-op placements, working as
    innovative and client-focused program,                                                        being victims, of sexual exploitation.
                                                    assistants. To support the successful
    youth     can     access      opportunities                                                   Funds support the creation and delivery
                                                    completion of the placement and a high
         previously not available to them and                                                     of an integrated series of psycho-
                                                    school credit, students were matched
              enhance their opportunities to                                                      educational workshops. Special outreach
                                                    with businesses whose services comple-
                    secure future employment                                                      will be made to Durham Region’s
                                                    mented the youth’s personal interests
                         and         economic                                                     northern communities and organizations
                                                    and aptitudes. Based on these interests,
                           stability. Program                                                     providing frontline support to youth-at-
                                                    a co-op partnership was established
                            activities include                                                    risk, including street youth. Program
                                                    with a mechanic shop, hair and beauty
                              Food Handling,                                                      development incorporates the use of a
                                                    supply store, pet care facility and a
                                WHMIS and                                                         survey to help assess the needs of youth
                                                    recording studio.
                                 First      Aid                                                   who will benefit from the program and
                                  certificate          Feedback from DFCC staff, youth            the needs of community service providers
                                    training, job   participants and community partners           who make contact with and support these
                                      shadowing     has been very positive. One male              youth.
                                                    student, 18 years of age, earned a               Workshops address victim issues that
                                                    grade eleven credit, achieving an             manifest as a result of neglect, physical,
                                                    overall mark of 76% during his full-time      emotional and/or sexual abuse.
                                                    placement at a recording studio.              Workshop topics include substance
                                                    Feedback given to the student                 abuse, addiction, self harm, low self
                                                    acknowledged            his     motivation,   esteem and mental health illness. The
                                 and co-op          punctuality, reliability, courteous manner    project focuses on developing a
                            p l a c e m e n t s.    and ability to meet and exceed                foundation for change within a
                       Students are also            placement expectations. The student           therapeutic setting to assist youth in
                   assisted in developing           was able to take leadership roles in          becoming more informed and better able
               job readiness skills                 “mixing recordings” and customer              to make positive choices to help reduce
        including resumé development,               relations. The co-op experience was so        their risk of victimization. Connecting
    interview techniques, communications
                                                                                                  youth to appropriate community
    and interpersonal /relationship skills.
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                                                                                                         Dur ham Family Court Clinic
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                                                                                      Message from the Executive Director
       You                        make a difference
    You is a publication of the Durham Family Court Clinic.                                                  As in previous years, recent times at the DFCC have presented
                                                                                                          many challenging moments and successes. As in any organization
                   Editor:                                                                                during a period of growth, new opportunities arise and processes
                          Natalie MacDonald
                                                                                                          are changed. This can create a level of uneasiness as well as
                          Dr. Carla Baetz                                                                 excitement within an organization.
                          Bonnie Gagné
                          Michael Guitard-McDonnell                                                          This addition of our You newsletter highlights many of these
                          Bea Hancock                                                                     exciting moments including the introduction of new programming
                          Natalie MacDonald                                                               in the Collaborative Day Treatment Program emphasizing the
                          Beryl Rick
                          Diane Shea
                                                                                                          development of youth employability and job readiness skills. This
                          Cheryl Tsagarakis                                           Bonnie Gagné        focus supports our vision of providing services to youth to help
                          Peggy Van Staveren
                                                                                      Executive Director ensure their future success. In late 2006, DFCC received a grant
        Design & Printing:
                                                                                                          from the Government of Ontario through the Ministry of the Attorney
                           IMAGE Design Group.ca
                                                                                                          General to develop and deliver a series of psycho-educational
                                                                                     workshops for youth who are, or are at risk of being, sexually exploited. Initiatives such
                                                                                     as these support the agency’s vision of providing services that better prepare youth for
                                                                                     the future.
                                                                                        Our partnerships with a number of community services are critical resources for
                Dur ham Family Court Clinic                                          DFCC. The Stakeholders for the various programs provide exceptional support and their
                                                                                     input and ideas contribute greatly to strengthening DFCC programs and their delivery.
                44 R ICHMOND S TREET W., S TE 201,
                   O SHAWA , O NTARIO L1G 1C7                                           In order to provide effective services, program design and delivery are essential
         TEL : 905.436.6754        FAX : 905.725.0845                                elements as is staff’s commitment to their clients. The skills and professionalism
                 dfcc@dfcc.org     www.dfcc.org
                                                                                     demonstrated by staff and their ability to establish effective therapeutic relationships
                                                                                     drive the success of our programs and our clients’ experiences when receiving service.

                                             The Promise of                             In regards to growth and energy, the dedicated support of our volunteer Board of
                                            a Brighter Future                        Directors and the addition of new staff have further added to the DFCC’s strong
                                              for our Kids                           foundation - a foundation made of people who contribute, in many different ways, to the
                                                                                     success in providing effective services to our clients. Without each member of this team,
    Durham Family Court Clinic gratefully                                            DFCC would not have the solid foundation and reputation that it has.
    acknowledges our funding partners, special
    granting bodies, donors and community for their                                                                                                              Sincerely,
    generous and continuous support in promoting                                                                                    Bonnie Gagné, MSW, RSW, Acc.FM (OAFM)
    the well-being of the children, youth and families                                                                                                   Executive Director
    of Durham Region.

    DFCC funding partners include:
           Ministry of Children & Youth Services
           Ministry of the Attorney General
                                                                                                                   Message from the Board Chair
           Durham District School Board
           Durham Children’s Aid Society
                                                                                          What an amazing journey it has been at the DFCC since
                                                                                      our last newsletter. The introduction of new services and the
       Board of Directors                                                             expansion of existing ones have required an exceptional level
                                                                                      of dedication by everyone working and volunteering at the
                                                                                      DFCC to keep pace. In response to the tremendous growth in
     DFCC is governed by a volunteer Board of                                         clinical services, we have introduced the position of Clinical
     Directors and seeks proactive planners and                                       Director, have welcomed new staff, and have reorganized
     creative thinkers who are over the age of                                        program models. As a community member who lives and
     eighteen, who live and/or work in Durham                                         works in Durham Region and is professionally invested in the
     Region and seek to be a part of a growing and                                    care and treatment of at-risk children, youth and families, I am
     dynamic team.
2                                                                                     very pleased to be contributing to an organization that is so
                                                                                      deeply committed to its mission and to addressing community
                                                                                      needs and service gaps. The advocacy component to our
        For additional information regarding                                          work, especially within the context of the growing complexity
     upcoming volunteer board positions, please                                       of community pressures and needs is very challenging, but is                 Yours truly,
             visit www.dfcc.org or call                                               truly rewarding.                                                        Dr. Carla Baetz
                  905.436.6754.                                                                                                                                  Board Chair

                                                                         Dur ham Family Court Clinic       ❖       You make the difference
                       Assessment Section 34 Assessments
   Section 34 Assessments are Court             factors which may contribute to his/her         and psychiatrist provide important
ordered, and provide information to the         being in conflict with the law.                 information to prepare a comprehensive
Court regarding a youth in conflict with the                                                    understanding of the youth.
law and provide recommendations that               Typically, the assessment team is given
support the judiciary system in planning for    four to six weeks time to report back in            Providing assessments can be
a youth’s rehabilitation and re-integration     Court once an assessment has been               challenging because of the complexity in
into their community.                           ordered. In that time frame, all three team     coordinating and gathering of the required
                                                members must interview the youth to gather      information, the existence of barriers to
   Assessments are conducted by a team of       information. The assessor gathers all           accessing the required information and the
professionals, specifically an assessor,        collateral information and interviews the       challenges associated with preparing
psychologist     and   psychiatrist.  The       parents or the Children’s Aid Society, if the   recommendations that will best fit the needs
assessments are broad ranging and include       youth is in care. The assessor may also         of youth, while presenting information in a
information regarding the young person's        interview the youth’s probation officer,        written manner that will best meet the needs
family history, psychological makeup,           school principal and other agencies that        of the Court.
social/community     involvement,    peer       may be, or may have been, involved with
relationships, academic history and other       the youth. Work done by the psychologist

                      Counselling Addressing the Needs of At-Risk Youth
      Community Support Team ~                  CST program members are veterans in                Demand for the Violence Prevention
      A Multi-Systemic Approach to              their field and have been with the DFCC             Program (VPP) Continues to Grow
         Assisting At-Risk Youth                for up to eighteen years. Such experience
                                                enables opportunities for advanced                 Highlighted in our last newsletter as a
   Referrals to the Community Support           training in many areas and, as a result,        new service, VPP is designed to change
Team (CST) are received from Probation          the DFCC is able to provide a wide variety      school culture regarding violence and
Officers seeking to obtain long-term, multi-    of treatment modalities including Family        bullying through the delivery of workshops
systemic therapeutic counselling on behalf      Therapy, Narrative Therapy, Solution            and assemblies. Using a psycho-
of youth in conflict with the law. Seeking to   Focused Therapy, specialized therapy for        educational format, facilitators provide
overcome all barriers to service,               youth who have sexually offended, Art           violence alternative messages and solutions
counsellors provide a myriad of                 Therapy, Psychodrama and Group                  to students and teachers at schools and
therapeutic supports, meeting the youth at      Therapy. The CST has been serving               youth in other community settings. Due to
their point of need, including in their         Durham Region since 1988.                       continued demand additional staff now
homes, in the community or at the DFCC.                                                         support this program. During the 2006-
Our agency is very fortunate in that many
                                                                                                                      continued on page 4

                         Mediation A Service that helps Families Deal with Conflict
   Michael Saini, Ph. D. (candidate) MSW,     issues related to communication and other family members by reducing conflict
RSW, is an independent consultant, who        conflict between parents and their feelings during a difficult period in people’s lives.
has been contracted to undertake outcomes     about parenting.
                                                                                                The Family Law and Information Centre
research for the DFCC’s Family Mediation
                                                  The Family Mediation and Information
                                                  The Family Mediation and Information is a walk-in information service located at
and Information Service. Research findings
                                              Service is a service for separating and
                                              Service is a service for separating and 33 King Street West in Oshawa and is
will be used to create a better
                                              divorcing clients offering free On-site (at jointly supported by the Ministry of the
                                              divorcing clients offering free Onsite (at
understanding of the current mediation
                                              Court) and affordable Offsite family Attorney General and Legal Aid Ontario at
                                              Court) and affordable Off-site family
service and provide information to help
                                              mediation, a resource and referral service
                                              mediation, a resource and referral service the Superior Court of Justice in Oshawa.
improve service delivery.
                                              (at Court) and free parent information While visiting, individuals have an
                                             (at Court) and free parent information
   During the research stage, parents using sessions.
                                              sessions.                                      opportunity to seek legal and non-legal
our off-site mediation service will have the
option to voluntarily participate and answer
                                                  Mediation services are provided by
                                              experienced and accredited Mediators who
                                                                                             information in areas of family law.

                                                                                                The DFCC’s Family Mediation and
additional questions on in-take forms (pre-
                                              assist individuals reach agreements, while Information Service is funded, through a
service stage) and exit forms (post-service
                                              promoting communication and co- service contract, with the Ministry of the
stage). Questions are designed to gather
                                              operation. The service offers an option that Attorney General. To learn more about
information to help evaluate parents’
                                              is less costly than attending court to resolve Family Mediation please visit our website at
experiences before and after being
                                              issues and the process benefits children and www.durhamfamilymediation.ca
involved in mediation and will focus on

                                  Dur ham Family Court Clinic         ❖        YOU make the difference
    Counselling...            from page 3
                                                                                                     Expanded Office Space
    2007 school year interactive workshops           With this new mandate came the need for         Secured due to Growing
    were delivered to almost 6,000 students in       increased staff support to provide this very
    the Durham Region. Workshop topics               specialized service.
                                                                                                     Client Base and New
    include Anger Management, Bullying,
                                                         The ISSP addresses complex mental
    Conflict Resolution, Dating Violence, Gang
                                                     health needs of youth in conflict with the      The success of current services and the intro-
    Violence, Internet Luring, Homophobia and
                                                     law during the period of disposition            duction of a new program at the beginning
                                                     ordered by the Court. Community based,          of 2007, presented many unique chal-
                                                     individualized programs are designed to         lenges and demands for staff. With so much
          Intensive Support and Supervision
                                                     deliver services that are appropriate to the    growth in recent years, the need for
        Program (ISSP) Receives Additional
                                                     youth’s level of functioning and target the     increased office space became an ever
      Funding to Serve Youth Diagnosed With
                                                     specific issues and needs contributing to       pressing issue as we worked to maintain
           Complex Mental Health Needs               offending behaviours. A major premise of        service quality, efficiency and productivity.
       The ISSP began serving Durham Region          the ISSP is to provide appropriate              To help address this challenge, the DFCC
    in 2006. With a successful review of the         alternatives to custody and reduce its use      began an exciting journey in early 2007,
    project’s first year, the Ministry of Children   when the mental health and/or special           by acquiring an additional 2,500 square
    & Youth Services announced that the              needs of the youth are determined to be a       feet of neighbouring office space and reno-
    program would receive additional funding         contributing factor to the youth’s being in     vating the existing premises. With the
    to increase the number of youth served.          conflict with the law.                          expansion work completed in April 2007,
                                                                                                     we can now provide appropriate work
    Employability Skills...                 from page 1                                              space for staff and address the issue of
                                                                                                     anticipated growth in services. We now
    successful that this youth also participated in a second placement with a landscaping            also have a much needed resource office,
    business.                                                                                        can accommodate agency meetings, prop-
        For youth who required a greater level of support, staff established two creative co-op      erly house the growing Mediation program
    opportunities. Under the supervision of both a Teacher and Child & Youth Worker, a group         and provide a place where all clients and
    of students attended a weekly co-op placement at a local coffee shop and worked as               staff feel comfortable and at ease.
    assistant maintenance workers. The presence and support of DFCC staff enabled youth to           During the transition stage of the expan-
    problem solve contentious issues as they acquired job skills. A number of younger students       sion, the Admin Team played a pivotal role
    (14-16 years of age) visited, on a weekly basis under DFCC staff supervision, a local            by supporting services, staff and clients.
    retirement home to provide ‘craft’ sessions. Youth participants commented on this being a        This, combined with the ever increasing
    very positive experience, with feedback including, “It’s fun to see the older people”, “It’s     and changing needs of the agency, has at
    nice to see them (the residents) happy to see us” and “I like to help them out”. The             times been very challenging for the Team,
    retirement home’s Recreation Director told DFCC staff that the residents look forward to         but they are credited for demonstrating pro-
    the craft sessions and enjoy interacting with the youth. A support staff described the           fessionalism and commitment every step of
    sessions as a rewarding experience for everyone and commented that although it was a             the way.
    lot of work to get it started, it has been very rewarding to see relationships developing
    between the residents and the youth.
        Students requiring an environment with less job associated pressures were given the          DFCC receives...          from page 1
    chance to participate in a co-op placement both within the DFCC’s Nutrition Program and
    at Upstairs @ Loblaws, Bowmanville Market. Students were provided a structured and               resources and developing networks of
    therapeutically supported environment to practice technical (food handling) skills and the       support to promote ongoing positive
    interpersonal skills required for future community placements.                                   change is also a goal of the program.

       The co-ordinator at Loblaws actively participated in the program and commented that:             Working in collaboration, this project is
    “I have really enjoyed working with the youth in the DFCC program and feel that the              establishing and/or strengthening our
    experience has been very positive for all parties involved. The youth have learned how to        community partnerships with various
    make several healthy dishes in a safe and efficient manner, and have gained confidence           agencies, including Durham Region Police
    in witnessing the success of their culinary creations. I look forward to working with the        Service, the Durham Public Health
    DFCC in future projects.”                                                                        Department, the Victim Witness Assistance
                                                                                                     Program, Pinewood Centre, Lakeridge
       To learn more about how you can support the DFCC’s Employability Skills Training              Health, Durham Children’s Aid Society and
4   Program through donations and partnership opportunities, please call Resource
    Development at 905.436.6754, ext. 233.
                                                                                                     local grass root organizations such as the
                                                                                                     Butterfly Organization.

                                                                                                   TRANSITION GROWTH
                                                                                                    Yo u c a n m a ke a d i f fe r e n c e !
                                                                  DEVELOPMENT CHANGE RENEWAL
                                        Dur ham Family Court Clinic         ❖       YOU make the difference
                                                     Seeds of Hope
                                                           Thank you to our Supporters
                                Funds raised through Seeds of Hope assist vulnerable children and youth establish
                              the necessary building blocks to improve their life opportunities. Seeds of Hope
                              supports various charitable activities including our Connecting Kids to Counselling
                              and Connecting Kids to Their Community initiatives.
The Promise
of a Brighter
Future for
 Our Kids
                                                                          Sponsor & Donor News
Christmas Gift & Food Drive Helps Over                                  created opportunities for counsellors to connect in new ways with
                                                                        their young clients, and how there was a genuine sense of openness
30 Youth Clients and 50 Family Members                                  to receive and express gratitude.

                                                                           On behalf of our agency, our young clients and their families, the
                                                                        DFCC gratefully acknowledges the generosity of the following
                                                                        organizations who granted us the privilege of being recipients of
                                                                        their drives. We also thank everyone who made donations and vol-
                                                                        unteered to these community projects: Dunbarton-Fairport United
                                                                        Church, Durham Regional Police Services - Food & Toy Drive,
                                                                        Greater Oshawa Chamber of Commerce (Christmas Wine &
                                                                        Cheese Food Drive), St. George’s Anglican Church and Trinity
                                                                        United Church (Bowmanville).

                                                                         Back-to-School - Helping Kids Succeed
 DFCC staff join together to say thank you to our
 Christmas Food & Gift Drive Donors

    Our Christmas Gift and Food Drive makes outreach to youth                For DFCC youth clients going back to school in the Fall can be
clients, who are in special need of assistance over the holiday sea-    filled with anxiety and apprehension. Their school experiences have
son. A combination of financial and in-kind donations of food and       often included multiple challenges and for most of our youth the lack
gifts are received from individual DFCC staff and agency associ-        of financial resources compounds their situation, making it problem-
ates, and from various community organizations.                         atic for them to come to school with basic learning provisions.

   Our 2006 drive was a tremendous success as it not only helped         Providing students with school supplies can make a real differ-
to meet the immediate needs of those assisted, but also offered the ence. In the Fall of 2006, Dunbarton-Fairport United Church, the
important gift of helping youth believe that there is hope.          Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and United Way of
                                                                     Oshawa-Whitby-Clarington-Brock & Scugog made generous dona-
   Feedback from those involved revealed several common
                                                                     tions to assist students in our Collaborative Day Treatment Program,
themes, including how the gifts given alleviated a burden or stress,
                                                                     youth clients involved in various agency treatment programs as well
                                                                     as some of our clients’ siblings. Items donated were broad ranging
                              Every day our clients demon-           and included backpacks, calculators, binders, paper, pens, rulers
                              strate the strength and courage and art supplies.
                                    to overcome adversity and,              Also provided during the Fall and Winter of 2006, from
                                    because of this, it has been an     Dunbarton-Fairport United Church and the Church of Jesus Christ of
                                                                        Latter-Day Saints were donations of personal grooming products for
                                    honour for us to serve the
                                                                        youth clients and their siblings. Donated items help meet the regu-
                                    children, youth and families of     lar on-going needs of our young clients, provided extra additions to
                                    our community for more than         our Christmas Gift Baskets and are given to youth who attend our
                                                                        camp programs. For related details, please read Winter Camp
                                    25 years.                           Focus (p.6) and Christmas Food & Gift Drive (p.5).

                                          Dur ham Family Court Clinic   ❖        YOU make the difference
    Camps & Sports Programming Help                                         opportunity to attend camp and reported overcoming personal
                                                                            challenges, acknowledging moments of “greatness” and
    Build Healthy Minds & Bodies                                            accomplishing something they previously viewed as impossible.

       For the third year, the S’port for Kids Foundation has financially       From the perspective of a seasoned CST therapist, the camp
    sponsored the DFCC’s Therapeutic Camp Program, as well as               program offers valuable experiences to support positive
    various sports and leisure excursions for youth served by the CDTP,     development. “For youth that attend camp, the experience is
    CST and ISSP. Thanks to the Foundation’s generous support, youth        forever with them and can be integrated as part of a new positive
    participate in supervised excursions including swimming, bowling        history. It offers them an opportunity to be encouraged, praised
    and visits to fitness clubs. Over the years, when at camp, they have    and appreciated. It opens their minds and their hearts to the
    also enjoyed additional activities such as horseback riding,            possibility that they can achieve, that the impossible is possible,
    canoeing, rope-climbing and skiing. These initiatives are intended      that they are worth the effort”.
    to provide youth challenging opportunities designed to foster
    personal development, interpersonal skills, improve physical and          Current S’port for Kids’ funding will also support our 2007
    mental health and promote integration into the community from           Summer Camp excursion.
    which youth may have become disconnected.
                                                                                Nutrition Program
    Winter Camp Focus                                                           It’s been wonderful over the years to update our readers on the
       On January 31, 2007 the CST and ISSP embarked on a joint             progress made within the DFCC’s Nutrition Program. This
    endeavour, taking 7 female youth to the Kinark Outdoor Centre for       initiative provides students attending our therapeutic and
    an overnight, three-day adventure where youth challenged                educational based Collaborative Day Treatment Program many
    themselves both physically and emotionally, stretching outside their    benefits.
    comfort zones with the support of their counsellors. Prior to camp,        Over the 2006-2007 school year a combination of more than
    most participants attended a pre-event session to review camp           8,000 breakfasts, snacks and lunches will be served to students,
    expectations and identify their individual strengths and areas of       an impressive increase over last year’s reported numbers. Often
    growth. From this initial meeting, the female youth acknowledged        students help to prepare the well balanced and delicious meals
    that each perceived other females in a mistrusting negative fashion     and snacks, offering them lots of opportunities to learn about
    and they designated the camp experience as an opportunity to            healthy eating habits and providing them great hands-on cooking
    redefine their perceptions of one another as female youth. Leaving      experience. The program also offers some youth the opportunity
    their regular “coping strategies” behind, these adolescent females      to earn a high school credit and most recently has been able to
    faced a combination of intense weather conditions and physical          support the delivery of the Employability Skills Training Program
    challenges, while sharing living space and working in collaboration     (see cover story for related details).
    to address therapeutic issues and explore strategies to overcome           Funding for the Nutrition Program relies heavily on grants and
    concrete obstacles, personal fears and insecurities. When issues of     donations. Over the last school year, the DFCC received financial
    conflict or self doubt arose, each youth had the opportunity to         support from the Ministry of Children and Youth Services
    access a therapist for assistance to gain insight, strength and         (Peterborough Family Resource Centre), Durham Child’s Nutrition
    personal resolution towards the challenge. During post-camp             Program, the Baagwating Community Association, Breakfast for
    discussions, each youth expressed her appreciation for the              Learning - the Canadian Living Foundation and in-kind donations
                                                                            from New Life Neighbourhood Centre. The program also
                                   Often, the challenges that               received financial support from Beate Ritchie and the guests of her
                                   our youth face are immense               Christmas charity luncheon.
                                   and can seem
                                   However with support, and
                                   over time, the changes
                                   within these young people
                                   can be amazing and
                                   inspiring as they begin to
                                   understand, envision and
                                   live a life that is better than
6                                  what they knew.
                                                                                Jennifer Matesic, DFCC Child and Youth
                                                                                Worker, prepares a lunchtime meal with
                                                                                                     students and staff.

     Donate on-line by visiting Durham Family Court Clinic at
                                                  and Help Plant the Seeds of Hope
                                       Dur ham Family Court Clinic          ❖          YOU make the difference
Durham Transit - Connecting Kids                                        Community Fundraising
to their Communities                                                    Supports Seeds of Hope
    In 2006, the Council of the Regional Municipality of Durham
endorsed a resolution for the Durham Region Transit Commission to       Youth Helping Youth
support the DFCC’s Connecting Kids to Their Community initiative.
                                                                           For a second year in a row, students from Trafalgar Castle
The resolution approved a donation of transit tickets to help youth
                                                                        School donated a portion of their Charity Bazaar proceeds to
clients, with limited economic means, gain access to counselling
                                                                        Seeds of Hope. Students volunteer each year, making this event a
and other community based activities. Support from the Region
                                                                        wonderful success in order to help various charities.
demonstrates one of the many creative ways that our community
can help break down barriers that limit at-risk youth’s inclusion and
positive participation in our community.
                                                                        Cooking Up Sweet Success
                                                                           On March 1, 2007, Trinity United Church in Bowmanville
                                                                        hosted a Spaghetti Dinner Fundraiser with proceeds benefiting the
Donors Invest in Employability                                          Seeds of Hope campaign. Approximately 150 people braved a
                                                                        stormy winter night to enjoy a delicious meal that included salad,
Skills Training for Youth                                               spaghetti, dessert and both hot & cold beverages.

    The DFCC’s Employability Skills Training Program offers agency       Over the years the Optimist Club of Oshawa has supported the
youth the opportunity to develop work related skills and practical      DFCC in various ways. In the Fall of 2006, the Club hosted a
training opportunities in an environment that supports their unique     Charity BBQ with event proceeds benefiting our campaign.
academic, emotional and behavioural challenges.

                                  Seeds of Hope helps to support
                              the Employability Skills Training         St. George’s Anglican Church to host
                              Program and was given extra
                              assistance when in late 2006,
                                                                        Charity Golf Tournament
                              designated donations were made by
                                                                         Proceeds to support DFCC and other local charities
                              The     William     Frank      Hayball
                              Charitable Foundation and the
                                                                           DFCC, along with Kids Help Phone, WindReach Farm and the
                              Knights of Columbus - St. Jude
                                                                        St. George’s Anglican Church outreach ministry, are the lucky
                              Council. The DFCC would like to
                                                                        charitable recipients of the St. George’s Anglican Church Alex
                              thank our donors for their support
                                                                        Mines Annual Charity Golf Tournament. The event takes place on
                              and our community partners for
                                                                        September 13, 2007, at Whispering Ridge Golf Club in Brooklin.
                              providing co-op placements and
                              training opportunities for our youth.
                                                                            To inquire about golf fees and/or sponsorships, please contact
                                                                        St. George’s Anglican Church at 905.683.7981.
                                 To learn more about the
                              Employability Skills Training Program,
                              please see our cover story.                  For more news about other great community fundraisers support-
                                                                         ing Seeds of Hope, please refer to articles on p.5 and the Nutrition
                                                                         Program article on p.6.

                                                                              Please support Seeds of Hope
                                                                                           and help create
                                                                            ‘The Promise of a Brighter Future for our Kids’
 More Sports News
     Northminster United Church has once again partnered with the
                                                                          Golf Tournaments • School Fundraisers • Auctions
 DFCC, offering the church’s gymnasium as a place for our youth
 and staff to organize sports activities. As an extra bonus this past
                                                                         Bowl-a-thons • Benefit Performances • Product Sales                    7
 year, the Raptors Foundation donated game tickets, and various
 corporate and private donors donated Maple Leafs Hockey tickets,          If YOU represent a group that could host a fundraising event
 allowing youth to enjoy two very exciting games in Toronto.            to support the Durham Family Court Clinic’s Seeds of Hope
 Thorsons EVT also donated tickets for youth clients and their          campaign, please call Resource Development at
 families to enjoy a great evening out at Mosport.                                         905.436.6754, ext. 233

                                   Dur ham Family Court Clinic          ❖       YOU make the difference
Thank You
   2nd Annual Charity Dinner & Theatre Night raises almost
            $21,000 in support of Seeds of Hope
   On February 22, 2007, the DFCC held its 2nd Annual Charity
Dinner & Theatre Night at Class Act Dinner Theatre in Whitby.
The evening featured the British comedy, “When the Cat’s Away”,
as well as live and silent auctions. Rockford Varcoe, from Class
Act, acted as the Master of Ceremonies, with the DFCC’s
Executive Director, Bonnie Gagné and Board Chair, Carla Baetz,
welcoming guests. Paul Koukofikas, Business Development
Manger from TD Waterhouse, the event’s lead sponsor, also
addressed the audience and thanked them for supporting our

    The DFCC’s Board of Directors and Staff express sincere
       appreciation to our sponsors, donors, guests, to all those
                   who participated in our live and silent                                                                 Welcoming guests to DFCC's charity dinner. From left to
                        auctions, and to Class Act Dinner Theatre                                                               right: Paul Koukofikas from TD Waterhouse, DFCC
                                                                                                                        Executive Director Bonnie Gagné, Rocky Varcoe from Class
                             for providing a most enjoyable
                                                                                                                        Act Dinner Theatre and Dr. Carla Baetz, DFCC Board Chair.
                                dinner and talented performance

                          seeds of, “When the Cat’s Away”. A
                                special thank you is extended to
                          of    DFCC Board member Laurie
                                Pietras for volunteering to secure
                          hope  the evening’s auction donations.                                                        DIAMOND SPONSOR

                                                                                                                           RUBY SPONSORS
Charity Dinner guests take time to bid on their
favourite Silent Auction items

                                                                                                                       EMERALD SPONSORS

                                                                                                          Canadian Hydrogen Energy Company Limited
                                                                                                            Ontario Power Generation • Port Oshawa
                                                                                                         Syvan Developments - Ed & Sylvia Vanhaverbeke

                                                                          Durham Family Court Clinic
                                                                                       44 R ICHMOND S TREET W., S TE 201, O SHAWA , O NTARIO L1G 1C7
       Dur ham Family Court Clinic                                                              TEL : 905.436.6754      FAX : 905.725.0845
                                                                                                       dfcc@dfcc.org     www.dfcc.org

                                                                Dur ham Family Court Clinic       ❖         YOU make the difference

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