Gift Deed

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									This is a document that transfers money or property from the current owner (the
“Donor”) to the gift recipient (the “Donee”). This transfer does not require the exchange
of money or services, rather, it is a gift that the Donor is giving out of pure love and
affection. Additionally, this document must be signed in the presence of witnesses to
ensure there is no undue influence or duress. This document should be used by
individual or entities who want to give the recipient a gift out of pure love and affection.
                                       GIFT DEED
      THIS GIFT DEED (the “Deed”) executed on the ___ day of __________, _______ by
___________________ (the “Donor”) in favor of ________________ (the “Donee”).

       FOR THE PURPOSES of this Deed, the expression "Donor" and "Donee" herein used
shall mean and include them, their, heirs, successors, legal representatives, administrators,
nominees and assignees.

        WHEREAS the Donee is ______________ [enter relationship of Donee] of the Donor
and out of love and affection, the Donor wishes to transfer _________________ (the “Gift”)
(enter description of item or money amount to be transferred) by way of Gift to the Donee, which
has been accepted by the Donee.


   1. The Donor out of natural love and affection for the Donee, and of the Donor’s own free
      will and without any pressure, undue influence or coercion and for no consideration
      whatsoever, hereby transfers, conveys and assigns the Gift to the Donee for his/her own
      use absolutely.

   2. The Donor hereby acknowledges to the Donee that the said Gift to be transferred to the
      Donee is free and clear from all claims, liens or encumbrances.

   3. The Donor and the Donee hereby acknowledge that the Gift has been transferred to the
      Donee for his/her own use absolutely and the Donor further hereby acknowledges he/she
      has delivered all proprietary rights and symbolic possession of the Gift to the Donne by
      way of this Deed.

   4. The Donor hereby acknowledges and confirms that the Donor has transferred the Gift to
      the Donee and has no right, title or interest in, of any nature or kind whatsoever in Gift
      and that the Donee has become and now is the absolute owner of the Gift.

   5. The Donee is now fully competent to use and enjoy the said Gift and may at his/her
      own discretion transfer the Gift to any other party, without any claim, demand or
      objection by the Donor and her/his other heirs and successors.
       IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the Donor and the Donee have executed this Deed on the date
first written above in the presence of the following witnesses.

Witness as to the Donor’s Signature                              Donor

Witness as to the Donee’s Signature                              Donee

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