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					                                       Define Measure Analyze Improve Control

                                                              A Colloquium on
   Prof. Mahendhiran Nair
      Monash University
                                        Changing with Lean Six Sigma
     Dr Sibylle Mutschler                 Innovation, Cost Savings and Continuous Improvements
       USM Consulting
                                                    in a Challenging Economic Climate
        Matthew Gracie
         Rath & Strong
                                             Are you prepared to face the effect of global
       Timothy Williams                      economic slowdown?

                                             Have you thought of solutions to manage the
                                             challenging impact?

                                             Are you thinking of cutting cost, reducing labour and
                                             lower productivity?

                                         "For those who are anxious about
                                         implementing a success strategy
                                         that will work during this difficult
                                         moment, can Lean Six Sigma offer
      LSS Academy Sdn Bhd                measures to get started in the
                                                   right direction?"

 Name : Idayu binti Ishak
 Email :
 Tel : 03 - 8061 9055
 Fax : 03 - 8061 4634
                                         Date : 14        May 2009   Venue : Marriot Hotel, Putrajaya
 Name : Santhi Ram
 Email :

                                         Guest of Honour
 Tel : 03 - 7805 2348/7805 2349
 Fax : 03 - 7805 2354

 Name : Muhaneswari
 Email :
                                         Datuk Dr. S.Subramanian                       FREE!
 Tel : 03 - 7805 2348/7805 2349
                                         Minister of Human Resource                  Admission
 Fax : 03 - 7805 2354

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                            Define Measure Analyze Improve Control

                Agenda May 13, 2009
       Venue : MSC Innovation Centre, Cyberjaya

     Pre- Colloquium Workshop 1                           Pre- Colloquium Workshop 2
 Delivery Performance With Innovation &                Demonstrating A Business Turnaround with
 Technology.                                           Lean Six Sigma.
 - Mr. Sharil Goh Fadhil, Lean Applied Sdn. Bhd.       - Dr. A.Aruleswaran, LSS Academy Sdn Bhd,
 - Mr. Zamry Yusof, Lean Applied Sdn. Bhd.               Malaysia.
                                                       - Dr. Sibylle Mutschler, UMS Consulting
 An overview of Product and Service Innovation of        GmbH,Germany.
 using Triz and a discussion utilizing enterprise
 wide online performance monitoring tools and          A practical workshop with a scenario of the back
 applications for innovation, six sigma, lean and      office operations of a shared service centre
 other improvement initiatives.                        attempting to improve Cost, Quality and Speed.

 Learn how to apply applications and tools such as :   Learn with Lean Six Sigma how to :
 - Stealth Tracker to monitor and track the goals      - Listen to the Voice of Customers.
   and objectiives.                                    - To Change into a High Performing Organization.
 - SigmaXL and Minitab for Statistical Analysis.       - To Maximize Value and Profitability.

                                                                Registeration & Contact

                                                        Name       : Idayu binti Ishak
                                                        Email      :
                                                        Tel        : 03 - 8061 9055
                                                        Fax        : 03 - 8061 4634

                                                        Name       : Sabee Chai
                                                        Email      :
                                                        Tel        : 03 - 8061 9055
                                                        Fax        : 03 - 8061 4634

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                                                     Define Measure Analyze Improve Control
  May 14

   DMAIC-Net for KNOWLEDGE WORKERS                                 LEAN & SIX SIGMA PRACTITIONERS
   LEAN SIX SIGMA KEYNOTE                                          EXECUTING LEAN SIX SIGMA

 9.00 am Introduction and Arrival of VIP, Guests and              2.00 pm   Assoc. Prof. Nicolo Belavendram, University
         Speakers.                                                          Tunku Abdul Rahman.
                                                                            - Executing Continuous Improvement and Cost
 9.10 am    Ms. Ng Wan Peng, Welcoming Speech by VP                           Savings in Business.
            Capability Development Team MDeC.
            - MSC Malaysia 6 Sigma Program Maximizing             2.15 pm   Mr. Eason Phan Yoke Seng, Special Units Head,
              Value & Innovation CDP MSC Six Sigma.                         Sunway Group, Malaysia - Managing Change with
                                                                            Lean Principles in a Diversified Business
 9.30 am    Mr. Thillai Raj, Special Address by the VP                      Environment.
            Software Development & Central Engineering
            (SDCE), Mimos Bhd.                                    2.45 pm   Mr. Allan Lee - Master Black Belt, British American
            - Embracing Six Sigma – an Innovation for Life,                 Tobacco, Malaysia - Improving the Performances of
              experiences in MIMOS.                                         Customer Oriented Services.
            - Using Six Sigma to for Rapid Development of
              Intellectual Property.                              3.15 pm   Tea Break.

10.00 am YB Datuk Dr. S.Subramaniam, Opening Speech               3.30 pm   Mr Nuzul Azam, Lecturer - University Putra Malaysia
         & Colloquium Launch by the Minister of Human                       - Knowing What Your Customers Want with Quality
         Resources, Malaysia.                                               Function Deployment Changes to the Session
         - Importance of Knowledge Workers with                             TitleSubject Matter Experts - Lean Six Sigma
           Innovation and Continuous Improvement                            Strategy Practitioners - Executing Lean Six Sigma.
         - Launching of Lean 6 Sigma /              4.00 pm   Mr. Ahmad Shahrir Shuib – Manager, Capability
           Web Portal for Innovation and Continuous                         Development Department MDeC Malaysia.
           Improvement and Cost Savings.                                    - Why MSC Status Companies in Malaysia should
                                                                              adopt Six Sigma in this Challenging Time.
10.30 am Tea & Coffee Networking Break.
         - Knowledge Based Information Showcase.

    SUBJECT MATTER EXPERTS                                          REGISTRATION / CONTACT

11.00 am    Moderated By Prof. Mahendhiran Nair,
            Monash University Campus Malaysia.                      Name         : Idayu binti Ishak
            - Why Measure and Improve.                              Email        :
                                                                    Tel          : 03 - 8061 9055
11.15 am    Dr. Sibylle Mutschler - Master Black Belt,
            UMS Consulting GmbH, Germany.
                                                                    Fax          : 03 - 8061 4634
            - Innovative Process Design: Success Factors and
                                                                    Name         : Santhi Ram
11.45 am    Mr. Matthew Gracie -Managing Director of Rath &
                                                                    Email        :
            Strong, Europe & Asia.
            - Lean Profit Hunt, Are Organizations Improving the     Tel          : 03 - 7805 2348 / 2349
              Right Improvement?                                    Fax          : 03 - 7805 2354
12.15 pm    Mr. Timothy William - Senior Executive of
            Accenture, Process & Innovation Performance Asia,
            Fast Innovation
                                                                    Name         : Muhaneswari
            - Driving the Profitable Growth Agenda in Uncertain     Email        :
              Times.                                                Tel          : 03 - 7805 2348 / 2349
                                                                    Fax          : 03 - 7805 2354
12.45 pm    Wrap up & Discussions.

 1.00 pm    Lunch

Sponsors of Books & Literature

                      Sponsors of Books & Literature

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     without notice.
     For cancellation in less than 5 days, an admin fee of RM 500 will be invoiced to your
     In the event of no show on the day of colloquium, an admin fee of RM 500 will be invoiced
     to your organization.
                     Agenda May 13, 2009
            Venue : MSC Innovation Centre, Cyberjaya

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