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									   Inspiracje G Biznes po angielsku

       HR Writing                                 W dotychczasowych odcinkach cyklu „HR Writing Tool Kit” po-
                                                  radziliśmy, jak w języku angielskim sformułować opis stano-
          Tool Kit                                wiska pracy, profil stanowiska dla celów rekrutacyjnych, a tak-
                                                  że prasowe ogłoszenie rekrutacyjne. Ubiegający się o pracę
                                                  w firmach, w których wymagana jest biegła znajomość angiel-
                        czyli                     skiego, dowiedzieli się, jak napisać list motywacyjny i życiorys.
                  jak tworzyć                     Przeprowadzający rekrutację – jak napisać raport z rozmowy
       dokumenty personalne                       kwalifikacyjnej, wewnątrzfirmową informację o zatrudnieniu
         w języku angielskim                      nowego pracownika. Przedstawiliśmy także terminologię
                                                  z dziedziny zarządzania przez cele. W poprzednich dwóch od-
                            Poradnik haerowca     cinkach Autorki pokazały jak sporządzić w języku angielskim
                                  przygotowany    notatkę służbową („memo”) oraz kwestionariusz oceny szko-
                             przez specjalistów   lenia. Ten odcinek dotyczy procedur personalnych.
                           z firmy szkoleniowej
                                 ACT Advanced
                            Corporate Training
                                                  Chapter 11:
                                                  Writing Good Policies
                                                  and Procedures
                                                  Rozdział 11:
                                                  Procedury personalne

                                                           olicies and procedures are desi-
                                                           gned to guide decisions and ac-
                                                           tions within a specific area in or-   Who are the audience? What must
                                                  der to achieve a desired effect consi-         the readers know and how are they
                                                  stently or to avoid negative effects. Poli-    going to use this knowledge? What
                                                  cy statements address what the rules           does the reader expect from the do-
                                                  and standards are, whereas procedures          cument?
                                                  specify how to implement these rules.          The answer to these questions will
                                                  Policy and procedure documents are             help you focus on the necessary facts
                                                  usually written to last for a longer time,     and exclude any irrelevant or too deta-
                                                  and their quality is of major importan-        iled information. Also, the language ap-
                                                  ce. Therefore, in the process of desi-         plied should be adjusted to the profile
                                                  gning such texts the authors should ask        of the audience as very sophisticated
                                                  themselves the following questions:            or jargon vocabulary might be difficult
                                                                                                 to understand for non-specialists.
                  Dominika Uzar                   1.
         Agnieszka Lasoń-Kurzela                  Do we need this procedure? What ne-
Autorki odpowiadają za metodyczną stronę          ed will the document fulfil? What pro-         Is the layout reader-friendly?
               kursów języka angielskiego         blems should it prevent or solve?              Policy statements and procedures are
                     dla pracowników firm         Unless you can answer these qu-                usually formal documents, and as
       w ACT Advanced Corporate Training.         estions easily, there is no need for wri-      such, will contain longer sentences, so-
             Kontakt: angielski@act.edu.pl        ting the procedure – save your time            phisticated vocabulary, more complex
                                                  and the trees.                                 structures. To make your procedures

      116    www.personel.infor.pl
                                                                                           Biznes po angielsku G Inspiracje

practical, user-friendly documents or-    not end when the document beco-            designate (zdefiniować) – officially
ganise them neatly using headlines        mes public. Regular revisions (e.g. an-    state the name or purpose of
containing key words, bullet points and   nual or semi-annual) and updates are       something
short paragraphs. Make the visual lay-    vital for the policy and procedure do-     exempt (wyłączony, nie podlegający)
out a search tool for your audience.      cuments to remain alive in changing        – one to which a rule, law or policy
                                          environment. For this reason, it is bet-   does not apply
4.                                        ter to exclude from the text informa-      reimburse (zwrócic koszty) – refund
Is the terminology and grammar con-       tion that may be outdated quickly, e.g.    the money that somebody has lost or
sistent?                                  names, dates etc.                          spent on something
To avoid misunderstanding, it is ne-                                                 authorise (zatwierdzić) – give official
cessary to refer to the same wording      Glossary:                                  permission or approval
throughout the whole documents.           purpose (cel) – the reason for which       valid (uzasadniony) – legally or
Thus „immediate superior” should re-      something is done                          officially acceptable
main „immediate superior” and not         recognise (uznawać) – accept               mandatory (obowiązkowy) – obliga-
„line manager,” „boss” or „person in      officially                                 tory, required by the law or other rules
charge.” Respectively, if you describe    party (strona) – a person or a group of    submit (przedstawić, złożyć) – to
a process using future forms, e.g.        people involved in an activity or          officially provide a document for
„The president will approve the annu-     process                                    consideration
al training budget,” do not replace it    facilitate (wspierać, usprawniać) –        accountability (odpowiedzialność) –
with the present tense in the another     make a process easier or more              responsibility
part of the document, e.g. „The em-       effective                                  effective (obowiązujący) – starting to
ployee submits the training require-      provide (dostarczać, dawać) – give or      apply, operative
ment form to the HR department.”          make available for use                     come into effect (wejść w życie) –
                                          means (środki) – an instrument or          start to apply
5.                                        way for achieving a result                 in liaison with (we współpracy z) – in
Is the procedure up-to-date?              scope (zakres) – the extent to which       cooperation with, working closely
The procedure writing process does        the matter is applied or relevant          with                                  I

                                                                                       personel nr 5 G 1–31 maja 2007           117
Inspiracje G Biznes po angielsku

         To outline the means by which Creative Paperwork Plc. provides training and development opportunities to the em-
         This policy applies to all non-exempt employees, including regional branches.
         The following employees are considered to be exempt:
         G Members of the Management Board
         G employees during the trial period

         Creative Paperwork Plc. encourages its employees' professional development by providing training and develop-
         ment programs aligned with their individual career plans.
         Training will be organised mostly on working days, however, employees may be sporadically required to participate
         in training workshops on Saturdays. The company will not compensate employees in such situations.
         The total cost of training resulting from the Company Annual Development Plan will be covered by the company. The
         cost of additional training selected by an employee may be partially reimbursed if a written recommendation from
         the immediate supervisor has been submitted to the HR department after the department director's approval.
         A Training and Development Program will be designed for every individual employee by his or her immediate super-
         visor in liaison with the HR manager and department director in annual cycles.
         Individual Training and Development Programs will be submitted to the HR department by the employee after obta-
         ining the department director's written approval in the first month of the fiscal year.
         Training workshops will be organised by the HR department in accordance with the Company Annual Development
         Plan announced in the second month of every fiscal year. Consequently, each training session will be assigned to
         appropriate groups of employees for preferred attendance.
         Training effectiveness will be assessed using the following tools:
         G satisfaction questionnaires conducted immediately after the training session
         G Individual Annual Performance and Development Review in the first month after the end of the fiscal year
         G Department Effectiveness Summary conducted within fourteen days after the end of the fiscal year

         The immediate supervisor is responsible for designing Individual Training and Development Programs for his or her
         subordinates in liaison with the department director and the HR department.
         The responsibility for preparing and announcing the Company Annual Development Plan rests with the HR director.
         The HR department is accountable for implementation of the Company Annual Development Plan by means of im-
         plementing Individual Training and Development Programs for all employees.
         Further Information:
         Additional information regarding development opportunities can be sought on Creative Paperwork intranet sites.
         Effective Date:
         This policy becomes effective on June 1st 2007.
         James M. Scott                                                                                     3rd May 2007
         President                                                                                                   Date

  118   www.personel.infor.pl
                                                                                       Biznes po angielsku G Inspiracje


                                                                                          4. Additional information regarding this policy can be obtained in the Reti-
                                                                                          1. The necessary documents should be submitted to the HR department.
                                                                                          3. When possible, overtime will be distributed equally among employees.
 The characteristic features of formal English include the usage of passive forms

                                                                                          5. Departments are encouraged to support employees in their development.
 and Latin synonyms of Anglo-Saxon words. You can check how well you know them.
 I. Turn the following active sentences into the passive form:
     1. Please, submit the necessary documents to the HR department.
        The necessary documents......

                                                                                          2. All full-time employees are considered to be non-exempt.
     2. We consider all full-time employees to be non-exempt.
        All full-time employees......
     3. When possible, the managers will distribute overtime equally among employ-
        When possible, overtime......
     4. You can obtain additional information regarding this policy in the Retire-
        ment Procedure.
        Additional information regarding this policy......
     5. The CEO encourages all departments to support employees in their deve-

                                                                                          1C, 2A, 3E, 4B, 5F, 6D.
 II. Match the neutral or informal words with their formal synonyms of Latin origin:

                                                                                              rement Procedure.
     1. ask for                A. provide
     2. give                   B. require
     3. check                  C. request
     4. need                   D. assistance

     5. tell                   E. verify
     6. help                   F. inform


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