Expert Lean Six Sigma (MBB) by hijuney9


									Expert Lean Six Sigma (MBB)
25 Years Experience
Sectors    Skills  Project Management leadership:  Projects Management: Budgeting planning. Layout design and control of deliverables. Start up and commissioning.  Quality Management: Implementation and follow up ISO 9001- 2000 and HACCP & BRC / IOP.  Operation Management: Implementation of lean concept (Layout and Value Stream). Automotive Facilities Maintenance Assembly and Packaging Film plastic production


Problem Solving:    DMAIC consultant: Mentor and Project coaching. DFSS consultant: Use of Taguchi approach and APQP in a new product development. Lean Manufacturing Leader:  One-Piece-Flow & VSM: Redesign existing lines to reduce lead time and balance production.  KANBAN: Just in time and WIP reduction.  SMED: changeover procedures and tooling design.  POKA-YOKE: Tooling redesign, & implementation of error proofing.  TPM: Total Preventive Maintenance.  RCM: Reliability Centered Maintenance. Deployment within Luxembourg Company.  5S: Campaign of implementation and control of the progress till the sustain phase.  KAIZEN: several pilot projects implemented with team.  Visual Management: Launch of information plan to keep people focused (Safety, Productivity)


Administration Tasks:    HSE (Health, Safety & Environment): Reports, control, and improvement. Production Control: Scheduling and operation cost control (Lean Manufacturing concept). Financial and Marketing Management: Skills (MBA courses).

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 

Quality Management: TQM, 8D, SPC, APQP and ISO. Department Management: Supervision and decision making.

Technical Knowledge        Injection molding: Packaging and Assembly: Software Tools: Engineering Facilities: Quality: Injection process, blow molding. Process design and improvement. MS office, AUTOCAD, Minitab (Statistics). Design, start up and commissioning. TQM, 8D, SPC, APQP and ISO.

Handling System and Robotic: Regulation and Automation. Manufacturing System Design: Machine and manufacturing process implementation.

JABIL (15 WEEKS)/ SIX SIGMA BLACK BELT TRAINING (STARTING MARCH 2008) Client & Environment  Electronic device assembly (Mobile, Flat Screens) at Uzhgorod Ukraine

Objectives  Six Sigma training of Black Belts.  Accreditation through SSQI of 20 Black Belts. Mentoring and site support of belts projects. Approach         Training of DMAIC phases (4 weeks training each wave). Site support of each phase following client roadmap. Project review. Standard operation procedure control. Training and handover plan set up Financial impact assessment. Sign off from the process owner. Accreditation.

Results and benefits    Complete project documentation of current process. Master DMAIC tools, methods and Minitab software. Improved cycle time and process repeatability.

Functional Environment  Mentor six sigma and Project coach.

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Level of work  Consultant.

BHP BILLITON (2 YEARS)/ LEAN SIX SIGMA DEPLOYMENT Client & Environment     Mining company Republic South Africa, Australia, Mozambique and Europe. Aluminum smelters in Mozambique and Richards Bay (RSA) Manganese in Nelspruit (RSA) Iron Ore in Newman West Australia.

Objectives  Lean Six Sigma Deployment training of Green and Black Belts.  Accreditation through SSQI of 45 Green Belts and 20 Black Belts. Mentoring and site support of belts projects.  Champion and executive manager training for project selection and belts support. Approach         Training of DMAIC phases (4 weeks training each wave). Site support of each phase following client roadmap. Project review. Standard operation procedure control. Training and handover plan set up Financial impact assessment. Sign off from the process owner. Accreditation.

Results and benefits    Complete project documentation of current process. Master DMAIC tools, methods and Minitab software. Improved cycle time and process repeatability.

Functional Environment  Mentor Lean six sigma and Project coach.

Level of work  Consultant.

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Client & Environment  Electronic company, Belgium Project management to improve cycle time and increase of productivity. Introduction of lean concept to the management. Training on shop floor team members. Objectives   

Approach                Definition the business case and the scope of the project. Analyze historical data and verify their reliability. Set up data collection plan and measurement Map the current value stream and identify VA, NVA and bottlenecks. Result Presentation and teamwork composition Map the future value stream and brainstorm analysis. Start up 5S deployment at work place (to facilitate the buy in) Setup of the project plans, and presentation with teamwork. Introduction of a project management method and tools Selection of the best improvement solution. Tooling Design. Organizing the work load and timing for implementation. Implementation of control plan tools and standard operation procedures. Measure the result to confirm the efficiency of the improvement. Training and handover documents to process owner to guarantee the sustain.

Results and benefits    Complete project documentation of current process Introduction of lean tools and methods. Improved cycle time and process repeatability and inventory control.

Functional Environment   Project manager of production increase and cost reduction project. Coaching and mentoring the teamwork to continue the improvement process

Level of work  Project management.

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AVERY DENNISON (6 WEEKS): RELIABILITY CENTERED MAINTENANCE Client & Environment   Adhesive paper, Luxembourg RFID manufacturing

Objectives  Improve Total Preventive Maintenance. Implementation of Reliability Centered Maintenance. Audit of data collection of downtime in production to identify their reliability. Analysis of CMMS set up. Setup of a plan to emphasis CMMS to collect the right data for MTBF and MTTR. Waiting for historical data to define components life time to implement RCM Approach    

Results and benefits     Use of CMMS effectively. Identification of useless spare parts. Improve maintenance scheduling and reduction of downtime. Improve technician skills and set up appropriate training.

Functional Environment   Downtime analysis. Support maintenance department in CMMS set up. Introduction of new knowledge in RCM.

Level of intervention   Implementation facilitator. Expertise in RCM and statistics

PCP (1 YEAR): OPERATION MANAGER START UP Client & Environment   Blow molding, Luxembourg Water container

Objectives  Start up plant

Approach   Design of floor layout. Design facility layout and specifications.

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   

Subcontractor selection; Installation and commissioning supervision. Operator hiring and training. Set up Quality procedure HACCP and reporting system

Results and benefits  Smooth start up with high production yield.

Functional Environment   Managing plant and day to day results. Daily Reporting: Safety, hygiene, production, …..

Level of intervention  Operation management

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DELPHI (2 YEARS): PROCESS DEVELOPMENT NEW PRODUCT LINE Client & Environment   Delphi Technical center Luxembourg Fuel injection throttles body.

Objectives  Design assembly process for a throttle body single and double device

Approach        Prototyping tooling assembly using mock up. Analysis of cycle time versus Takt time and repeatability of the process. Analysis of value stream mapping. Evaluating tolerances feasibility using GD&T. Issued complete specification. Liaison between machine manufacturer and part designer to adjust tolerances. Contacting more than 3 companies for quotation.

Results and benefits     Found experienced company within the budget. Reduced number of assembly stations. One robot to eliminate bottleneck. Start up on time.

Functional Environment  Process manufacturing design coordinator between machine manufacturer and part designers.  Installation and commissioning process.

Level of intervention  Project process Engineer.

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TECHNICOLOR (5 YEARS): PROJECT MANAGER START UP Client & Environment   MultiMedia production CD and DVD, Luxembourg Start-up company

Objectives   Involved in the launch of a start-up CD production as production engineer. Start up of new facility for DVD production as project manager.

Approach           Budget and business plan. Layout design and presentation. Contractor and quotation; Project plan and critical path identification. Project team composition and launch. Supervision of framework and timing. Operator hiring and training plan. Start up and commissioning 10 DVD lines. Set up quality requirements. Set up of process standard procedures and control plan.

Results & Benefits     Guiding the start of the project. Gain high knowhow in injection molding. Application of Six Sigma tools and Lean concepts Packaging applied U shape line.

Functional Environment   Monitoring of start and running of the project Giving support technology in multimedia and process.

Level of Intervention  Expertise in DVD.

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TDK (7 YEARS): PRODUCTION SUPERVISION AND PROCESS NEW START UP Client & Environment   TDK recording Media, Luxembourg. Audio Video cassettes and CD-R production.

Objectives   Start up Audio assembly department. Start up CD-R manufacturing

Approach        Transfer knowledge from Japan. Training operators and technicians. Installation and commissioning. Quality procedure implementation. 5S campaign and visual management; SMED and TPM deployment changeover time reduction. KANBAN implementation in assembly and packaging department.

Results & Benefits   Lean deployment and culture change methodology. Process analysis tools and methods.

Functional Environment   Supervision of production planning and lead time delivery. Process analysis and improvement

Level of Intervention    Expertise Strategy Marketing

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GENERAL MOTORS (1 YEAR): ASSOCIATE ENGINEER Client & Environment   Technical center, Luxembourg. Instrument calibration gage R&R.

Objectives  Assist and facilitate engine test in the exhaust department..

Approach      Set up calibration procedure; Daily data analysis. Use of SPC. Recording data and planning calibration process. Consumable inventory control. Instrument follow up with external calibration experts.

Results and benefits    Improve quick test set up. Collection of reliable data and efficient testing process. Improved tolerance range of probes.

Functional Environment   Supervision and calibration lab. Training testing department on new material and equipment.

Level of intervention  Expertise, calibration process.

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LUXGUARD (1 YEAR): AUTOMATION TECHNICIAN Client & Environment   Luxguard , Luxembourg. Glass manufacturing. Coating department

Objectives  New start up of coating line interim.

Approach      Supervision of installation. Commissioning process and reporting. PLC Operating program modification and testing. Acceptance process and final report. Set up process parameters for different coated glass

Results and benefits   Complete start up documentation and training preparation. Spare parts identifications and budget preparation.

Additional results and benefits    Support production team in production launch. Support process parameter setting Support training of operators.

Functional Environment   Start up member of engineering. Liaison between technical department, contractors and production process.

Level of intervention  Technical Expertise.

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MOBIL PLASTICS (5 YEARS): MAINTENANCE ENGINEER Client & Environment   Plastics Manufacturing, Belgium Packaging plastics for food industry, and stretch film.

Objectives   Maintenance troubleshooting. Preventive maintenance schedule

Approach       Logbook follow up and downtime recording. Plan corrective maintenance: PLC program changes, parts preparation. Plan yearly preventive maintenance. Contractor supervision and commissioning. Follow up with spare parts and inventory. Records of new line modifications and communication plan.

Results & Benefits   Develop skill in regulation and automation. Planning maintenance and supervision.

Functional Environment   On shift duty to run production line efficiently. Maintenance leader on day shift to improve capacity and components reliability.

Level of Intervention  Electrical engineer.

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       

Diploma of Industrial engineer (ISIA 1981). Certificate of business administration (2001). Certificate of Green Belt Six Sigma (Delphi: 2002). GD&T “Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing” certificate (Delphi: 2003). HACCP certificate for internal auditing (2004). Master Black Belt Six Sigma Certification (Six Sigma Partnering LLC: 2005). MBA core courses (Financial, Marketing, HR, Business Strategy). CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst) in progress: Exam December 2008.

    French: Arabic: English: German: Mother tongue Mother tongue Fluent Notions.

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