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Industry Background & Experience                              Service Delivery Model

Since its inception in 1996, FSA has delivered                FSA has an in depth knowledge of pipe
piping engineering solutions to a range of                    engineering requirements and application to
market sectors including waste water                          meet relevant piping codes such as ASME,
treatment, steel rolling and coating, acid                    across the afore mentioned industries. Our
storage, explosives manufacture and                           core team of disciplined and experienced
refrigeration engineering industries.                         design engineers and draftsmen enables us to
                                                              deliver innovative high quality design solutions
                                                              to meet the demanding project requirements
                                                              of our customers.

Engineering Services

•   Engineering Design Management                             •     Thermal Profile and Expansion Analysis
•   Design Risk Management                                    •     High Temperature Vessel Design
•   Computer Aided Engineering Analysis                       •     Pipe Flow Analysis
•   Process and Instrumentation Diagrams                      •     Pipe Stress Analysis
•   Plant Layout Design and Drawings                          •     3D Modelling – Pipe Spool Design

Design Capability Examples

                         Offshore – Refrigeration Compressor Skid

                                 Frank Soto & Associates Pty Ltd ABN 58 113 350 146
                                113 Princess Highway, Unanderra NSW 2526 Australia
                             www.franksoto.com Tel: +61 2 4271 7755 Fax: +61 2 4271 5855
Waste Water – Biological Treatment Facility

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Methane Gas Extraction & Electricity Co-Generation

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Reactor-Stripper - Shell & Refractory Lining Hydrostatic Pressure Test

                                                                         Page | 4
GTL Compressor Skid

Emulsification Plant

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Large Diameter Valve Design

   Injector Nozzle Design

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