Shopping Cart Specifications

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					Shopping Cart Specifications

   1. Overall Description
         a. Install shopping cart software code into a pre-existing template. Connect
              all databases after code is completed
   2. Job Inventory
         a. Web design Template
         b. Shopping Cart Code
         c. PDF example
                    i. Show what products and product_details pages should look like
         d. Demo store
   3. Project Details
         a. Take code from demo store pages, copy and paste it into web design
              template and create the following pages
                    i. Products.cfm
                   ii. Product_details.cfm
                  iii. My_cart.cfm
                  iv. My_account.cfm
                   v. Secure_checkout.cfm
                  vi. Secure_checkout2.cfm
                 vii. Secure_checkout3.cfm
                viii. Order_confirmation.cfm
                  ix. Affiliates.cfm
                   x. Affiliate_login.cfm
         b. Copy and paste code from demo store into left side nav
                    i. Must be able to product the following
                          1. Categories
                          2. Brands
                          3. Internal Search Engine
         c. Styles.css
                    i. Adjust the following to specifications
                          1. Font on all pages
                          2. Background color
                          3. Etc.
         d. Connect all databases to shopping cart software
         e. Upload all pages to server