1. With scissors_ cut 4 cardboar by fjzhxb




Name: Distribution of Sense Receptors (B. Science 10-35-5b)


purpose: To determine the distance between touch receptors on various parts of the body. Materials: scissors pins metric ruler Methods: (Steps cardboard

1 - 3 are done

for you).

1. With scissors, cut 4 cardboards, about 2 cm by
~ cm, from a large cardboard. ~. Select one of the cardboard pieces and push a the bottom about 2 mm, as shown in figure A. . __ 3. Make another with the pins until extends from ~ $traight pin through the center 2 mmitapart as in figure B. Make a third "tester" as in figure C with the pins 5 mm apart. A fourth tester is made with the pins 1 cm apart as in figure D. 4. With your eyes closed, your partner will test the skin of your cheek. Your partner will select one of the testers, and will touch it to your cheek. CAUTION: BE CERTAIN TOUCHES THE SKIN. You can respond by telling your lab partner whether you feel NOTpin or two. THE SKIN OR PUT SO MUCH PRESSURE THAT THE CARDBOARD one TO BREAK 5. Then, randomly use all the other testers. After testing with each of the pins record the closest distance at which you can distinguish two pins in results. If you cannot distinguish two pin points even when the pins are 1 cm apart record "> 1 6. What does this test tell you about the space between touch receptors in the cheek? cm" in the table. 7. Have your partner test the other areas indicated in the table by randomly using each type of pin for each body region. Record the closest distance at which you can distinguish two pins for each region of the body listed in re5ul~s. 8. Which areas did you find most sensitive? Results: Distance At Which 2 Points Can Be Felt cheek forehead upper lip back of neck 6. space: 8. most: Conclusions: 1. Which areas did you find least sensitive? 2. Are touch receptors distributed evenly over the various areas of your body?





~ ~ '




finger tip

back of hand _


Sec.: __


3. Where is the greatest density of touch receptors found on the body?

Discussion: 1. Do all areas of the skin have the same sensitivity to touch?


2. Why is it important to have a automatic response to a pain stimulus? 3. How could drugs mess up this normal reaction? 4. Match the drug or type of drug with one way that it can affect the body. stimulant a. Acts on pleasure centers of the brain b. Destroys liver cells depressant cocaine c. Reduces pain d. Decreases heart rate opiate e. Increases blood pressure marijuana Alcohol f. Causes lung damage 5. Circle the letter of each choice that is a stimulant drug. a. nicotine b. cocaine c. amphetamine 6. Circle the letter of each choice that is a depressant drug. a. alcohol b. morphine c. tranquilizer

d. codeine

d. barbiturate

7. Circle the letter of each choice that is a result of long - term use of marijuana. a. loss of memory b. increase in testosterone c. inability to concentrate d. cirrhosis of the liver 8. Cocaine causes the sudden release in the brain of a neurotransmitter called

9. Why is it that illegal drug use often increases the transmission of HIV virus (AleS)? 10. An uncontrollable craving for more of a drug is known as _

For number 11 and 12 circle true or false for each statement.

11. The most widely abused illegal drug is marijuana. true or false 12. Alcohol is the drug most commonly abused by teenagers. true or false 13. What is fetal alcohol syndrome (FAS)? 14. What is the cause of fetal alcohol syndrome? 15. After Paul was persecuted for Christ, what did he comment on the pain that he suffered for Christ (2 Cor. 12: 10). 16. Today we have talked about misuse of drugs. alcohol being one of the most misused. Write out Ephesians 5:18 to describe God's advice on this issue.

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