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West Wittering Cricket Club


									West Wittering Cricket Club Minutes of the AGM- Wednesday 16th March 2005
Present: List attached 1. Apologies: List attached Minutes of AGM: Proposed Reading as correct : Clive Tranchant Seconded: Jamie Graham 2. Chairman’s Report: (Report attached at end of minutes). Jim Robertson reviewed the year, mentioning in particular our successful transition to a larger more formal club whilst keeping our fun Character alive. He covered the Clubs 2004 achievements and where do we see ourselves going in 2005. 3. Treasurer’s Report: Ian Gray – Report Presentation attached re: Income £ 67,497.32 Expenditure £ 54,660.33 Surplus £ 12,837 Ian, as ever, produced a very professional presentation covering the following areas:  Headline figures  Income breakdown – Last 4 year comparisons – Top 10 Sources  Expenditure – Top 10 Sources  Highlights – Bar profitability, Donators, Sponsors, VP’s etc  Lowlights – Insurance costs, volume of invoices & VAT  Future – Budgets agreed, better cost control, fund raising & money management  Fee Proposals  Full copies of Accounts available by e-mail or photocopy Proposed: Neil Blake Seconded: Iain Lendrum Question from the floor: Jamie Graham on the loan from the Woodger Trust. JR / IL explained – 0% Interest over 9 years. 4. Captain’s Report: Roger Stearn – Roger thanked Ian Gray for his work throughout the year as Treasurer. Roger gave special thanks to Tony Nelson for his excellent work as Grounds man, despite breaking his foot early in the season. Congratulations to League side in their first season on finishing third, Stuart Aldous picking up Best Bowling Award, Neil Blake Best Batting, with an unprecedented six hundreds! Both ably supported by Roger Turner. Well done also to the Sunday side, who suffered through losing some players to the League side, but still won more than they lost – with special mention to the youngsters, Carl Tupper and Ollie Davis. Nets star first Wednesday in April. 5. Croquet Report: Roger Bird – Roger reported on a very successful year for the Croquet section, with membership up to 64. They have equipment for three courts allowing 20 players to play simultaneously. Roger covered funds & fund raising. Training sessions and competitions. Special thanks were given to Pat Parham for arranging a successful Jazz evening along with the other members of the Croquet Committee. Roger is taking over as Captain. Please see attached Croquet Report for full details. BREAK 6. Pavilion Managers Report – Iain Lendrum - Iain reported a good year for bar takings – over £ 6,000 and £ 1250 from pavilion Hire. Iain thanked Brian Evesleigh (Shore Public House) for his sound advice. He is looking to increase takings over the next year with new ideas such as Saturday/Sunday lunches when there is a home game being played. 7. Grounds man’s Report – Tony Nelson – Tony reported on the performance of the ground over the last year and paid special thanks to those who helped him during his period of disablement with a broken foot. Please see attached report for details. Tony also mentioned the very enjoyable evening when the Club hosted the Gateway Club for disabled adults with learning difficulties, all of whom enjoyed their evening immensely and he hoped we could repeat the event next season. 8. West Sussex Cricket League – Roger Turner – Roger offered congratulations to League side in their first season on finishing third and is anticipating good results for 2005, with the 3 Divisions being extended to 5. WWCC are in Div 2 of the 5 new Divisions. 9. Nets & Coaching – Neil Blake & Peter Gimbel – Neil worked hard last season on the skills and fitness of the players and will be doing likewise throughout the new season. Pete Gimbel has had a very successful and rewarding year coaching the youngsters. The club has 72 juniors signed up and an average of 42 turned up every Monday for coaching sessions and an Under 8 side was established. 2 coaches were sent on ECB Coaching course. The kids played the disabled team from Gateway, to which there was a great response. Special thanks to Umpires – Colin Fenning, Tony Nelson & Greg Tamlyn. Vote on structure of fees – unanimously carried:

10. Fixtures – 2005 season WWCC have planned 53 fixtures, Adults 45 and the Colts a commendable 8. 11. Monmouth Tour – Jim Robertson stated that the tour this summer would take place 23rd - 27th June, with three matches being played 12. Election of Officers – President – John Poland Proposed: Brian Evesleigh Seconded: Roger Stearn Chairman – Jim Robertson Proposed: Brian Evesleigh Seconded: Roger Stearn Treasurer – Ian Gray Proposed: Jamie Graham Seconded: Brian Evesleigh Pavilion Manager – Iain Lendrum Proposed: John Poland Seconded: Jeremy Thomas Membership – Neil Henderson Proposed: Jeremy Thomas Secretary Seconded: John Poland Club Captain - Roger Stearn Proposed: Neil Blake Seconded: Clive Tranchant Croquet Captain - Roger Bird Proposed: Richard Oppe Seconded: Pat Parham Croquet Rep - Campbell Goldsmid Proposed: Richard Oppe Seconded: Pat Parham Ground manager – Tony Nelson Proposed: John Poland Seconded: Stuart Aldous Co-Opted Officers – Peter Gimbel Paul Hills Youth Rep – Jeremy Thomas 13. Subscriptions – Covered Ian Gray in section 4 Treasurer’s Report 14. Petanque – Bob Crosby reported that a Petanque Piste was planned with evening events to fund it – all members welcome. 15. Mike Frith picture “Look Again” – Formal thanks were given to Mike Frith for the painting and the rights to sell prints for £ 125 to raise money for the club. AOB –  John Poland gave a vote of thanks to Jim Robertson  Tony Nelson informed the meeting that the Madhu-ban Restaurant has sponsored the Sunday side cricket balls and the Lamb Inn would also were contributing. He asked for other ideas for sponsorship.  Jim stated that sponsors would get space on website. Meeting Closed at 09:15 PM

INTRODUCTION: In my Report last year, I talked about the continuing success of the Club, the fact we were holding
our first AGM in our own pavilion, and the importance of continuity of effort to cope with transition to a more formal, larger Club. I believe we have managed this transition extremely well whilst keeping our fun character alive. Inevitably, we have had our hiccups over this last year and, I am sure, we have not seen the last of them. Some new members – not many, just a few – seem to expect a professionally run Club, with no imperfections. Those people are blissfully unaware of the fact that the Club is run entirely by enthusiastic volunteers – people with little or no previous experience, but who are prepared to give their time and effort to the Club, and who are learning as we grow. Tonight sees the completion of our first year running the Club with our own ground, pavilion, square, nets, croquet courts etc. These are major assets that we want to manage and maintain for all Club members to enjoy today and into the future. To the few people who do see gaps or have complaints about the running of the Club I would just like to say this – Please be patient with us, or help us by bringing a solution, not a problem to the committee. Also, please appreciate the time that is given by the 20 or so members who keep the Club running.

So what have we achieve in 2004?

Thanks to all those people I mention

We fielded a team on Saturdays, Sundays and some evenings, playing a record number of matches – over 40. This meant 3 captains and 3 vice-captains were involved in team selection each week and, fortunately, we were always able to field a full side. Well done – Rog,Clive,Paul, Neil, Stuart RogerT


For the first time in the history of the Club, we played League cricket. We had a very successful first season, coming 3rd in our League, and with Neil Blake top of the League for batting and Stuart Aldous top for bowling. What an achievement! 3. I cannot compliment Peter Gimbel enough for what he has done in bringing Youth Cricket to WWCC. With 70 youngsters on the list, over 30 would turn up for coaching on Monday evenings during the summer. With assistance from some of the dads – who have now completed a coaching course – these youngsters were fired with enthusiasm about the game. WWCC has a future. 4. Neil Blake’s tireless coaching on Wednesdays paid off as shown by the results, and his coaching and drills on those evenings have helped raise the standard of our game. 5. The Croquet section had a steady first year, the highlights being the coaching days when National players came to the Club to give coaching on skills and match play. Richard Oppe and Roger Bird, with the support of other croquet members have prepared a sound foundation. A special mention must go to Roger Bird for his dedication in maintaining and improving the courts. 6. Iain Lendrum, with the support of a handful of other members, has managed the pavilion and bar admirably and, like others, has given his time selflessly. He even made sure that hungry men had something to snack on after nets on Wednesday nights. The bar and thus pavilion are fundamental to the financial operation of the Club, as you will hear from our Treasurer shortly. 7. Despite a broken leg, Tony Nelson with particular support from Roger Stearn, managed to keep the ground in admirable condition for the home matches. A stoic effort considering all the matches that were played. . 8. Sarah Gimbel helped get the Membership & Admissions Secretary role off the ground. However, due to other commitments, she has passed the baton on to Neil Henderson, who has taken up the challenge of this post with great enthusiasm. This is a thankless but essential task in the running of the Club. Please make his task easier by paying your subs tonight, and give him your email address to help with communications in the future. 9. The Tea Ladies have continued to keep up their reputation of “some of the best cricket teas served in West Sussex”. As usual, there has been a hard core of ladies doing this job, providing us cricketers, croquet players and social members with delicious cakes and sandwiches. If you feel you would like to help with teas during the season, please have a word with Tricia. She will let you know what a sociable job it is and the ladies enjoy a good chat whilst in the kitchen. 10. Ian Gray has done another fantastic year of keeping the financial matters of the Club under control. He does an excellent job of reminding Tony and others that we have a Budget, and must keep to it! VAT and loans are still an issue which we will continue to track & manage. There will be people I haven’t named in my thanks, but I know there are people out there who have turned up on working party sessions, or who have done particular jobs throughout the year. Thanks to all of you and – to those who know they have done very little – we look forward to your efforts during this coming season. I have particularly enjoyed putting the “oil” in the joints of this Club, which has achieved so much yet again, and as a Club we are still young with yet more to achieve in coming years. So where do we go from here – in 2005? We have plenty to continue with – the key issues are consolidation and Youth development.  For the first time we will be having 6 Colts matches for the Under 14’s. Peter with his newly trained assistant coaches will be paying particular attention to the preparation for these matches, and will look to organise further Colts matches.  Again, for the first time, we are entering the npower village cup. This is a national knock out competition with the finalists playing at Lords. The first round is to be played on 24th April, at home against Barcombe. Please come along and support your local team.  The Croquet Section will be led by Roger Bird (subject to votes later) for the 2005 season. The focus is to be on more and regular events, and with the hope of arranging external matches. We wish them well with their plans. If I may make a suggestion – what about a match between the croquet players and the cricketers, to help bring the two sections of the Club closer together. Set a date  I have spent quite a lot of time during this winter developing a Website. Hopefully, this will help with communication. I would be grateful if articles, match reports, event reports etc. together with any photos, could be forwarded to me for inclusion on the site. Next week we will be producing the Club Fixture Card complete with the list of officers voted on tonight. Anything that is to be included on the Fixture Card must be with me by Monday please. Finally, we need to continue with our Fund Raising Efforts to help maintain the assets of the Club and also to eliminate the need to increase Subscriptions thus keeping the club all-inclusive CASC. Good Luck for the 2005 season and lets make it another successful one.

Jim Robertson, March 2005

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