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					“Ghost Town:24 Hours in Terlingua” Synopses
Title: Ghost Town Tagline: 24 Hours in Terlingua Genre: Documentary Short Length: 20 minutes SHORT SYNOPSIS

Guns, the family jewels in a mason jar, and living in a bus without an engine… life couldn’t be better for the real-life offbeat citizens of Texas’ Terlingua Ghost Town. Once an epicenter for mining, the remote desert town is a literal shell of its former self. Naturally, it’s the final stop for those fleeing modern society and seeking ultimate freedom of personal expression. Join the residents of Terlingua for just 24 hours, and they’ll not only make you laugh; they’ll make you wonder who’s right about this thing we call “life.”
FULL SYNOPSIS Just minutes from the Mexican border, Terlingua, Texas is a ghost town in the Chihuahua Desert that provides an array of reminders of what prosperity used to look like. Once a prime example of vibrant commerce through quicksilver mining, ruins are all that remain from the productivity and exhausted resources of the past. Today, the electricity is undependable, water is scarce and living quarters are questionable by most standards. “Ghost Town” narrated by acclaimed musician James McMurtry, spends 24 hours with today’s ghost town inhabitants to see why life has never been better. Today’s Terlingua population is a potpourri of characters who made their way to the desert and never looked back. From the Enron evacuee to the folk singer to the former microprocessor engineer, the ghost town of Terlingua has provided more for the lives of its people than any metropolis, fancy job or house ever could. Here, homes are made in an abandoned school bus, an old dynamite shack, a teepee or whatever you can find. People are listed in the phonebook by their single-word nicknames, and shooting cans of Spam out of the air is like double-coupon day in the city. The filmmakers spend exactly 24 hours with Terlingua’s quirky inhabitants, soaking in whatever knowledge and oddball culture they can from noon Saturday to noon Sunday. In this time, they observe a slice of life in the baron, remote desert (croquet on the rocks, stuccoing, BS’ing on “the porch” and a costume party) and meet a rich cast of characters who consider themselves completely fulfilled. CHARACTER SUMMARIES Uh Clem – Runs a pirate radio station from the former mine owner’s abandoned mansion with no roof. Dr. Doug – Lives on the floor of an abandoned school bus. Says he’s a psychologist who left the city and now enjoys free rent and abundant freedom. Pablo Manudo – Folk singer who refuses to disclose how he ended up in Terlingua but would prefer to sing a song about it. He does. He also shares his philosophies on how the desert inspires art. Then, there’s the “Possum and the Cheese” song.

“Ghost Town:24 Hours in Terlingua” Synopses

Glenn Felts – Former microprocessor engineer from Dallas. Owner of La Kiva, a creepy cave-like bar and restaurant that takes pride in its assortment of bones and rocks. Like most locals, he enjoys firing his weapons to let off steam. Kerry O’Hare – Used to live in New York City. Moved to Texas to play the viola in the Houston Symphony. She then became a software engineer at Enron until the collapse. She fled to the desert and intends to stay there where she truly enjoys life. The Porch – A group of locals who meets every evening to watch a “reverse sunset” as the sun reflects off Big Bend’s Chisos Mountains to the East. They share wisdom with one another and anyone who will listen.

FILM CREDITS Narrated by: James McMurtry Directed by: Chris Elley Director of Photography: Dave Rehm Produced & Written by: Chris Elley, Cile Spelce Elley Additional Camera: Chris Elley, John Mckallip Production Manager: John Mckallip Edited by: Chris Elley, Dave Rehm Art Director: Bob Boucher Post Production Assistants: Todd Gates, Katrina Simon, Chip Walton Music by: Adam Garner Music by: Dave Rehm, Bruce Ewing, John Mckallip Music by: Pablo Menudo Music by: Kent Finlay Electro-Fish Equipped by: Texas Media Systems Narration Recorded at: Murray Music

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