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Recognised Governing Bodies of S


									Governing Bodies of Recognised Sports
Affiliation to a governing body has benefits to both the club and governing body concerned. The club will benefit by receiving information and advice on issues relating to the management of the sport, coach education, officials training, competition opportunities, events and the structures in place to enable people to progress in the sport. In addition, some governing bodies offer guidance to member clubs on issues relating to club management, child protection, grounds maintenance, facility specifications and insurance. Membership should also provide the club with an opportunity to shape the further development of the sport and its management. Governing bodies benefit from clubs affiliating as it helps the sport financially to sustain its administration and development work, enables the governing body to demonstrate to others the structured development of the sport and can provide a source of volunteers, coaches, officials, athletes/players who can become involved in the governing body activities.

Aikido American Football Angling

British Aikido Board NI Aikido Association British American Football Association NI American Football Association National Federation of Anglers National Federation of Sea Anglers Salmon & Trout Association Ulster Course Fishing Federation Ulster Angling Federation Irish Sea Anglers See Triathlon Grand National Archery Society NI Archery Society No recognised governing body See Roller Sports The Irish Football Association UK Athletics Amateur Athletic Association of England Northern Ireland Athletics Federation NI Fell Runners Association No recognised governing body Badminton Union of Ireland British Balloon and Airship Club See Movement and Dance Ulster Basketball Association Great Britain Wheelchair Basketball

Aquathlon Archery* Arm Wrestling Artistic Skating (Roller) Association Football Athletics

Australian Rules Football Badminton Ballooning* Ballroom Dancing Basketball

Association Baseball/Softball Baton Twirling Biathlon Bicycle Polo Billiards BMX Bobsleigh* Boccia Bowls Baseball Softball UK No recognised governing body British Biathlon Union See Cycling See Snooker See Cycling British Bobsleigh Association No recognised governing body British Crown Green Bowling Association British Wheelchair Bowling Association Irish Bowling Association Irish Indoor Bowling Association Irish Women’s Bowling Association Irish Women’s Indoor Bowling Association British Boxing Board of Control Amateur Boxing Association Irish Amateur Boxing Association Gaelic Athletic Association Ulster Camogie Council British Canoe Union Canoe Association of Northern Ireland National Caving Association Spelelogical Union of Ireland British Council of Chinese Martial Arts National Chinese & Association Martial Arts See Shooting Irish Cricket Union NI Cricket Association Northern Women’s Cricket Union of Ireland The Croquet Association Irish Curling Association British Cycling Irish Cycling Federation Cycling Ulster See Movement and Dance Disability Sport England British Wheelchair Sports Foundation British Blind Sport British Deaf Sports Council British Paralympic Association See Swimming and Diving British Dragon Boat Racing Association See Triathlon British Show Jumping Association


Camogie Canoeing* Caving* Chinese Martial Arts Clay Pigeon Shooting Cricket

Croquet Curling Cycling

Dance Sport Disability Sport

Diving Dragon Boat Racing Duathlon Equestrian*

British Equestrian Federation British Horse Society Riding for the Disabled Association The Pony Club Exercise and Fitness Fencing* Folk Dancing Flying* See Movement and Dance British Fencing Association NI Amateur Fencing Union See Movement and Dance The Royal Aero Club of Great Britain Popular Flying Association British Model Aircraft Association British Model Flying Association NI Association of Aeromodellers Ulster Flying Club Eton Fives Association Rugby Fives Association Gaelic Athletic Association British Gliding Association Ulster Gliding Club The Golf Foundation Ladies Golf Union Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrews Golfing Union of Ireland Irish Ladies Golf Union British Gymnastics Northern Ireland Amateur Gymnastics Association British Handball Association Ulster Handball Council British Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association Ulster Hang Gliding and Paragliding Club See Equestrian See Movement and Dance No recognised governing body Irish Hockey Association Ulster Women’s Hockey Union British Horse Racing Board See Equestrian Hovercraft Club of Great Britain Ltd. Gaelic Athletic Association Ice Hockey UK NI Ice Hockey Association National Ice Skating Association NI Ice Skating Association

Fives Gaelic Football Gliding* Golf


Handball Hang gliding and Paragliding* Harness Racing Health and Beauty Exercise Highland Games Hockey Horse Racing Horse Riding Hovering Hurling Ice Hockey Ice Skating

Jet Skiing Judo* Ju Jitsu* Kabaddi Karate* Keep Fit Kendo* Kneeboarding Korfball Lacrosse Land Sailing/Yachting Lawn Tennis Life Saving* Luge Model Aircraft Flying Modern Pentathlon Motor Cycling

See Sailing and Yachting British Judo Association NI Judo Federation British Ju-Jitsu Association NI Ju Jitsu Association No recognised governing body NI Karate Board See Movement and Dance British Kendo Association See Water Skiing British Korfball Association No recognised governing body See Sand and Land Yachting Lawn Tennis Association Tennis Ireland Royal Life Saving Society Great Britain Luge Association See Flying Modern Pentathlon Association of Great Britain Auto-Cycle Union Motor Cycle Union of Ireland Motorcycle Racing Association Motor Sports Association Motor Sports Ireland Association of Northern Ireland Car Clubs NI Karting Association See Cycling British Mountaineering Council Mountaineering Council of Ireland Keep Fit Association DanceSportNI Ltd Fitness NI Netball NI See Sub Aqua British Orienteering Association NI Orienteering Association British Parachute Association British Petanque Association Hurlingham Polo Association See Equestrian NI Pool Association See Sailing and Yachting

Motor Sports*

Mountain Biking Mountaineering* Movement and Dance

Netball Octopush Orienteering Parachuting* Petanque Polo Polocrosse Pool Powerboating

Powerlifting Puck Hockey (Roller) Quoits Rafting (White Water and Wild Water) Rackets Racketball Rambling

See Weightlifting See Roller Sports No recognised governing body See Canoeing Tennis and Rackets Association See Squash Ramblers Association Long Distance Walking Association Ulster Federation of Rambling Clubs Tennis and Rackets Association British Roller Sports Federation National Rounders Association Amateur Rowing Association Rugby Football League Irish Rugby Football Union Royal Yachting Association British Land Sailing British Shooting Sports Council Clay Pigeon Shooting Association National Rifle Association National Smallbore Rifle Association NI Smallbore Shooting Union Shooting Federation of Northern Ireland Ulster Clay Pigeon Shooting Association Ulster Rifle Association See Equestrian No recognised governing body See Roller Sports British Association of Snowsport Instructors Snowsport GB Ski Club of Great Britain NI Ski Council No recognised governing body NI Billiards and Snooker Association See Skiing Baseball Softball UK British Sombo Association See Motor Cycling See Roller Sports Ulster Squash Racquetball Association of Ireland British Sub Aqua Club

Real Tennis Roller sports Rounders Rowing Rugby League Rugby Union Sailing and Yachting* Sand and Land Yachting Shooting*

Show Jumping Skateboarding Skater Hockey (Roller) Skiing*

Skipping Snooker Snowboarding Softball Sombo Speedway Speed Skating (Roller) Squash Sub Aqua*

NI Federation of Sub Aqua Clubs Surf Life Saving* Surfing* Swimming and Diving Surf Life Saving Association British Surfing Association NI Surfing Association Amateur Swimming Association Irish Water Polo Association Swim Ireland Irish Table Tennis Association Tae Kwon Do Association Tae Kwon Do Association of NI UK Tang Soo Do (Soo Bahk) Federation British Tenpin Bowling Association NI Tenpin Bowling Federation See Gymnastics British Triathlon Association Irish Triathlon Association Tug of War Association NI Tug of War Association No recognised governing body Northern Ireland Volleyball Association See Water Skiing See Swimming and Diving British Water Ski Irish Water Ski Federation British Weightlifters Association NI Amateur Weightlifters Association See Sailing and Yachting British Wrestling Association NI Olympic Wrestling Association British Wheel of Yoga Yoga Fellowship of Northern Ireland

Table Tennis Tae Kwon Do* Tang Soo Do* Tenpin Bowling Trampolining* Triathlon Tug of War Unihoc Volleyball Wakeboarding Water Polo Water Skiing* Weightlifting* Windsurfing Wrestling Yoga

* denotes activities where Governing Body affiliation will be compulsory.

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