Questions for Rock_ Paper Scisso by fjzhxb


									Activities and Procedures:
1. Give each student a number of Starburst (between 1 and 5). Each

student should write down how many they receive. 2. Students then are told that they will be playing Rock Scissors Paper with each other. There are three rules to the game:
  

Do not eat the candy until told to do so. If you lose, you must give up a piece of candy - when you are out of candy you must sit down and answer the questions. As long as you have candy, you must play the game.

1. Students play the game until most are out and only several remain

playing. 2. After discussing the questions, ask students “What could I do to make this more fair?”. Students inevitably answer that they should all receive the same amount - redistribute candy equally. 3. Notes on Rock Scissors Paper and Communism.

Questions for Rock, Paper Scissors Game 1. How many pieces did you start with? How many did you end with? 2. How did it feel to be out of the game (or) still in the game when everyone else lost? 3. Once you were out, how could you have entered the game again? 4. Was this game fair? If not, what could I (the teacher) have done to make it fair? Notes comparing game with Marxism: Rock Paper Scissors - Students each had their own candy in different amounts - Students could compete - There were winners and losers Marxism - In capitalism, wealth is distributed unequally - People struggle over wealth - Some are rich, some are poor

- Not everyone was happy with the game - Lying or cheating in order to get back in the game - Students suggest handing out equal amounts

- Lower/middle classes revolt - Class struggle over wealth

- A Socialist system is created in which wealth is distributed equally _______________________________________________________________________ - Students are all happy with equal amounts - Teacher can leave because all are happy and equal! - No more class struggle - In ideal Communism/Marxism, a government is unnecessary

** The line drawn shows the divide between theory and reality – ask students if they really think that those conditions can exist, ie “What would happen if I left all the Starburst in the middle of the room and walked out – what would happen?” Tell them that what has really happened in history stops right where the line is – people are supposedly equal but there is a strong government needed to enforce this. ***Discuss the parallels in the game, if not obvious to students; teacher=government, candy =resources/wealth, etc.

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