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									Sorrento Community Centre 860 – 868 Melbourne Rd, Sorrento 3943 Semester 1, 2009 “Activities connecting a healthy and vital community”
Phone: 59 84 3360 Healthy lifestyle and recreation Fax: 5984 3193 Email:
Live Longer Stronger Cameron from Ocean Fitness takes you through the paces using weights and strength training techniques Ph: 5984 0081 Wednesdays 9.15am Barefoot Bowls at the Sorrento Bowling Club. Includes coaching and playing time.
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Meditation and Relaxation Try this new evening self help group that will start in March Tuesdays 6pm – 7pm $3 casual Croquet with the Sorrento Croquet Club. Join in & learn the game. Morning tea supplied th th 4 - 25 March or th th 6 - 27 May 10am – 12 noon $15 for 4 weeks Starting Over Computers with Aldo Taranto – MS Office Tuesday for 4 weeks th th 17 Feb. – 24 March th nd or 28 Apr. – 2 June 9.30am - 1pm Learn “MYOB V18” Includes payroll Computer skills required. th th 20 April – 15 June 9.30am – 1pm $135 – inc. manual Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) Essential for bar and hospitality staff th th 26 Feb, 24 March, th 1.15pm – 5.15pm 14 th May or 16 June Walking Group Join the walk and keep fit on Wednesdays at 9.30am or try the new Sorrento Strollers new group for mums and prams on Thursday No Cost Tennis anyone? Learn the basics with Tennis professional David Field 12 March – 2 April th th or 7 - 28 May 9.30am-10.30am $85 for 4 weeks Computer Club with Margaret Wilson A circle of learning on Friday for 8 weeks th rd 13 Feb. - 3 April th th or 8 May – 26 June 10 am – 12.30pm Website Design using S.C.O.T. with Michael Lyne Wednesday th th 6 – 20 May 11am – 3.30pm $120 – not funded
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$5 annual membership applies
Foot Care Tips with Kate. Free Thursday th 19 Feb. 1pm Podiatrist here by appointment Ph: 0409179678 Golf for Beginners with Ross Moodie at the Portsea Golf Club 23 Feb – 23 March th st 11 May – 1 June 10am -11am $80 for 4 weeks Winning ways with Computers with Aldo Taranto A follow on from the beginner’s classes Tuesdays 9.30am – 1pm Photo Editing with Charlie Brown
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Strength Training “Go for your life” Keep fit, healthy & build your strength. Monday or Thursday 9.15 am– 10.15am $60 per 10 sessions or $8 casual Belly dancing with Clara on Thursdays A fun way to get into shape. 5 - 26 March th th 7 - 28 May 10.30am – 11.30am $40 for 4 weeks Computers for Beginners are easy paced classes for those with little or no experience. All $90 or $80 conc. For 20 hours For those with basic computer skills.
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Adult Community Education

10 -31 March or th th 5 - 26 May 4pm-6pm 9.30 am- 11.30am $45 for 4 weeks $15 for 4 weeks Beginners Computers - MS Office 2007 with Ethan Thursday mornings for 6 weeks th nd th th 19 February – 2 April or 7 May – 18 June 9.30 am– 12.30pm Monday nights for 6 weeks th th th nd 16 February – 6 April or 4 May – 22 June 6.30 pm– 9.30pm B.A.S. preparations With Julie Forrester The ATO Business Activity Statement th Wed. 25 March 9.30am – 1pm $35 Follow Workplace Hygiene Procedures Ideal for those in the hospitality industry. th th 26 Feb, 24 March, th th 14 May or 16 June. 9.15am – 1.15pm End of financial year preparations with Julie Forrester. Be prepared! Wednesday th 17 June 9.30am – 1pm $35 Implement Food Safety Supervisor Learn to manage a food safety program! Thursday th th 26 March or 25 June 9.15am – 2.15pm

T’ai Chi Ch’uan with Coral Barrand. Intermediate or Advanced -Tuesday or Thursdays $150 Monday - Beginners 10.30am – 11.30am $140 Sailing - Blairgowrie Yacht Squadron Rigging and sailing a small boat. Saturday st nd 1 - 22 March

Yoga Oki Do with Joanne Hafey Held at Blairgowrie Tuesday & Friday 9.15am -110.30am Thursday at 7pm $15 casual Ph: 0438 023484 Women’s health & well being – “Feeling well from the inside out” - Jean Hailes Foundation Afternoon tea inc. Tuesday st 31 March 1.30pm $10 Demystifying Computers -Find out where to start or what to buy. Join Ethan Moss th th 14 April or 14 May 1.30pm No cost.

“For Lifelong learning skills”

Hospitality training certificates $90 or $80 concession Why not enroll in two certificate classes for $120 and win that job?

SLR Digital Photography with Charlie Brown Thursday Thursday th st th th 30 April – 21 May 26 Feb. – 19 Mar. 5pm -9pm 5pm-9pm $130 - not funded $130- not funded Peninsula Training and Employment Program The Registered Training Organisation providing accredited hospitality training here at Sorrento Community Centre and issuing these certificates.

Workplace & First Aid training

Lifelong Learning

Artistic Pursuits

Around the home & community

For the “blokes”

For “young people”

Apply First Aid (Level 2) Express Delivery with a home work book component. th Thursday 5 March th Or Tuesday 12 May 9.30am – 3.30pm $140 Writing your memoirs workshop with Ed Marshall Tuesday th 24 February 9.30am – 3.15pm $30 Watercolours with Tammy Warner. From beginners to intermediate artists. Tuesdays th st 10 Feb.– 31 March th rd or 5 May – 23 June 9.30am – 11.30 am $140 per term A “Stylish Touch” with Felicity Liebert. Simple but dramatic effects with paint. th th 11 and 18 May 10am – 4pm $95 plus materials Men’s group – do you have an idea to start up a men’s group? Help us out and get these off the ground. Study here in the quiet of the computer room Become a member for $5 then access is at no cost to local secondary students

Apply First Aid Administration of Reaccreditation with Adrenalin for Healthguard. Anaphylaxis (epi-pen) Our annual update will For those who work keep you compliant. with children. th Thursday 5 March Wednesday th rd or Tuesday 12 May 3 June 6pm -9pm 6.30pm – 9.30pm $55 $55 French for Intermediates with Louise Keeshan th th Monday 9 Feb. – 30 March or 2 st 0th April – 1 June 1pm – 3pm $105 for 7 sessions Or French Conversation Not tutor on Wednesdays at 7pm- 9pm $3 casual Drawing for Beginners Pastel Art with local with Felicity Liebert. artist James Uhe. Graphite, pastel, Learn drawing watercolour pencils, techniques and charcoal, pen & ink. complete with pastels. A 2 day workshop Friday th rd rd 16 & 23 March 13th Feb– 3 April 10am – 4pm 10am – 12 noon $95 plus materials $140 for 8 sessions Creative Wreath Art Make a Teepee with with Anne Miles. Nola. Unique cubby for Make one of Anne’s the kids complete with famous wreaths. beads & feathers th th th 15 May 12 - 26 March. 3 wks. 10am – 12 noon 10am – 12 noon $20 plus materials $70 plus materials Soccer for blokes Looking for players to Join Royston & the start up an evening crew for a social game. social hit Wednesdays Thursdays 7pm – 8.30pm 7pm – 8pm $3 per night $3 per night nd Youth Art Festival - 22 to 24th May Are you interested in creative writing, art, sculpture and painting? Contact Sandra who is working on an Exhibition as part of the Peninsula Arts & Ideas Festival. Open to all Mornington Peninsula residents under 18 years of age. Ph: 5984 3360 Wednesday or Thursday

Childhood Injury Boat Licence with Cove Prevention and Training. CPR with Jo Whelan Take the hard work out Ideal for new parents of obtaining your boat or grandparents. license and book now! th th 10 Feb, 14 April, th rd 9 June Tuesday 3 March 1pm 5.30pm – 9.30pm $25 $115 Book club - Evening Book Lovers Clubs Tuesdays at 7pm Choose from the first Books for this group Monday or the second are selected from the Tuesday of the month MPSC Library Service Book Club. 3.30pm -5 pm $4 per month $3 per month Acrylics Painting Craft Catch-up. with James Uhe Get motivated, with Covers:- drawing and recent work including perspective, painting jewellery, mosaics, landscapes, buildings scrapbooking & table Friday decorations. th th 15 May – 5 June Wednesdays 10am – 12noon 9.30am – 3pm $65 for 4 sessions $3 per session Communitea Tuesday Only $3 Join us for a “cuppa- tea” with a guest speaker, each month at 1.30pm February– Diabetes March – Mobile Phones with “Retravision” April – Buying a computer with “Mosstek” May – Info session on Sorrento’s Library Service Chess & Cards Volleyball or Join Frank for a Badminton weekly game The stadium is Tuesdays available for a training 7pm- 8.30pm session or just for fun. $3 per night $2 per person Basketball Sorrento Skate Park Drop in and shoot Just next to the centre some hoops or have a for you to enjoy. run in the stadium. Refreshments available Keep warm and dry in for sale at the centre the stadium At only $2 per person

Construction Volunteer induction Induction (Red) Card Join our extensive - Cove Training volunteer program A must have for Are you interested those in the building in joining the team? industry. Tuesday st Friday 1 May 17th February 10 am – 4.30 pm 1.30pm – 3.30pm $143 Phone 59 84 3360 Creative Writing Gone Gardening Put your thoughts & For gardening ideas into words in enthusiasts- talks, this circle of learning. trips and more nd Mondays 2 Thursday each 9.30am – 11.30am month at 1.30 pm $5 per week $3 per month Mosaics SLR Digital with Julia Pickwick. Photography with Complete a piece to Charlie Brown. be proud of! New course, Tuesday for 5 weeks including field trips. th st 11 Feb.– 1 April or Thursday for 4 wks. th th th th 29 April – 17 June 26 Feb. – 19 Mar. 7pm-9pm 5pm-9pm $140 plus materials $130 Sorrento Social Savvys Established for 15 years now, with 90 plus members. Walks, movies, dinner nights and art trips…you design the program! For over the early retired or soon to be! $25 per couple or $15 per single Basketball Calling all volunteer Join the Sunday handymen or training match and women? We are in keep fit and ready for need of your your game. volunteer time. $2 per person Please enquire! Internet access – ask Work Experience about becoming a Please consider a member and having placement here in discounted access to childcare, reception the computers or administration here…fast broadband Build your skills! access

Fees are due 2 weeks prior to course commencing to ensure your place.

$5 annual membership applies.

Phone: 59 84 3360 Email:

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