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Paper Rock Scissors Game by fjzhxb


									Paper Rock Scissors Game

You are going to write a program that allows a user to play the game ‘rock, paper, scissors’ against the computer.

Section 1 Programming: Your game must:
       

Have the user input paper, rock, or scissors. Have the computer randomly pick paper, rock, or scissors Display the user's input, the computers pick and the winner. Keep track of how many wins and losses the user has. Allow for repeated runs of the program Exit the program when the user inputs 'quit' On quitting, Display the users win/loss record inside of a yellow box. Have internal documentation

Hints: Step 1: Create user input, using 1 for paper, 2 for rock and 3 for scissors Step 2: Have computer randomly pick 1 for paper, 2 for rock and 3 for scissors Step 3: Using an IF structure see who wins. Step 4: Display user input, computer's pick and the winner. Step 5: Use a winCounter and loseCounter to keep track of wins and losses Step 6: Use a loop to have program run multiple times Step 7: Check user input for 'QUIT' to have user end the program Step 8: After loop have a box appear on screen with stats listed inside Step 9: Document program Evaluation
Criteria Thinking/Inquiry Program Planning (as represented in flowchart) Use of Time Level 1 Flow-chart demonstrates poor planning by student Student is not making good use of time. Level 2 Flow-chart demonstrates some planning by student Student is working well some of the time. Level 3 Flow-chart demonstrates adequate planning by student Student is working well for the majority of the project. Level 4 Excellent amounts of planning done by student. Student is consistently working well for the duration of the project All components of student’s project are submitted on time. Program does all previous and displays win/loss record in a box;



Application Program

Correctness of flowchart Communication Explanation of program through comments

User input, computer random choice, check and display information, problem definition Flow chart has many errors Comments demonstrate little knowledge of programming

Repetition of play, quitting upon QUIT

Track wins and losses, check for improper input

Flow chart has some errors Comments demonstrate some knowledge of programming

Flow chart has 1 error Comments demonstrate adequate knowledge of programming

Flow chart has no errors Comments demonstrate extensive knowledge of programming

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