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									The Mythbuster Report: Debunking The Top 3 Bad Breath Myths And What To Do About It
Do you or someone close to you have bad breath? Is the first thing you do when you wake up is check your breath before kissing your partner? Could the reason why you don’t get what you want in life is because you have bad breath and you don’t even know about it? Are you frustrated because you’ve tried every mint, mouthwash, breath spray, home remedy, gum, and breath strips to get rid of bad breath and it still comes roaring back 15 minutes later?

Part of the reason why is because you’ve been tricked - fooled by old wives tales, big corporate advertising, and outright false information.

Congratulations. You’ve done your part in eliminating those frustrations just by reading this report. In this report, together we’re going to debunk the 3 biggest myths when it comes to bad breath. Knowledge here is the key. Once you are finished reading these pages, you will be happy you did… and here’s why: • You’ll Save Time – you’ll never waste time trying every mint, gum, mouthwash, or any other solution. The information in this report will tell you which ones are best. Bad Breath Sneaks Up At Inopportune Times – especially when you desperately need to have fresh breath and you’ve run out of your favorite breath.



It’s Getting Costly - Have you noticed how expensive these sugary mints and gums are costing you? Plus, they’re only a “cover up.” (more on that later on in the report)

Like it or not, bad breath is a social issue that’s getting out of hand… and the issue is NOT getting any better. It’s going VIRAL… as evidence can be found at the checkout line in stores. You can find thousands of products there that “fight” bad breath – all of them there to help you – the consumer that’s AFRAID of bad breath.

The truth is, we as individuals are too “nice” to tell people the truth… that their breath stinks. But the trend is changing. We’re getting fed up with it. We don’t want to deal with people we can’t even get close to because their breath is so bad. We all have at least one co-worker, friend or family member that has halitosis and we have been too embarrassed to tell them. Perhaps, YOU have bad breath and no one has told you! Now that can be embarrassing.

That’s not all. Because we as a society don’t inform people about their condition, it is affecting each and everyone’s lives. Here’s how: bad breath can ruin first impressions. We all know that first impressions can mean everything. If it is a first date, an important business meeting, or an unexpected encounter with a stranger, bad breath can severely affect how the rest of the relationship turns out. It is true. If you don’t believe it, then you’ve probably been hiding under a rock!

So let’s get down to it and start examining the top 3 bad breath myths no one knows about.

Myth #1: Bad Breath Comes From Your Gut.

Here’s the origin and illogic behind this myth. What you eat eventually finds its way to your stomach and makes it way through your gut and is eventually pooped out, right? If you imagine that the food you eat collects in one place, combines with stuff our body produces and with all the food from previous meals we consumed, the picture is a gross mixture that obviously smells. This smell travels up our esophagus and causes bad breath.

True or False? The answer is FALSE.

The truth is, the only time you smell what comes from the stomach is when you burp or belch. That’s it. And we don’t do that every time we breathe. Because there’s a physical valve (or “door) which keeps food in the stomach, it also acts to keep the smells from the gut inside the gut.

What about the lungs and nose?

In very rare occasions like when you have a certain disease like diabetes, pulmonary disease, or gastrointestinal disease, you will notice an odor that comes from your mouth. Most likely you’re a part of the 99.5% of the population that doesn’t’ have these conditions. If you’re in this group, then your bad breath originates from your MOUTH.

Myth #1: Bad Breath Comes From Your Gut.

Truth #1: Bad Breath Comes From Your Mouth.

Don’t believe me? Scientists, physicians, and dentists all agree, bad breath comes from your mouth and more specifically the back part of your tongue.

Myth #2: Bad Br eath Comes From Your Teeth An d Gu ms.

This myth comes from 2 sources: 1) personal experience and 2) the dentist. First, if you’ve ever brushed your teeth with toothpaste and immediately afterwards had fresh breath, then you would think that bad breath comes from your teeth and/or gums.

This kind of reasoning can get you in trouble. In reality, you’re fixing SYMPTOMS (Odors from the mouth) by covering them with MORE powerful but more pleasant “solutions.”

Here’s an analogy: Armpit Odor Think about the rancid odors that come from your armpits (or imagine you have body odor if you don’t). Now instead of using a deodorant, you instead spray cologne or perfume around your neck. At first, this works as you can smell the nice floral or musky odor. But an hour or two later, the smell returns. Your perfume or cologne is no longer stronger than your armpit, you are faced with the problem once again. So what do you do? You spray yourself again to “cover up” the body odor.

Of course, this is not the ideal solution because the SOURCE of the problem lies at the armpit.

This is exactly what happens with bad breath. You use toothpaste and toothbrushing the same way you use cologne and perfume in the example. These simply COVER UP OR MASK the odors. The SOURCE of bad breath comes from your tongue! Why not use something that kills the bacteria that causes bad breath at the source? Eliminate the cause then you eliminate bad breath once and for all. How simple is that?

But instead, because your mind thinks that you’ve solved your bad breath problem by using minty toothpaste on your teeth, you conclude that bad breath comes from your teeth. WRONG! For the most part, bad breath does NOT come from your teeth.

The other origin of this myth comes from the dentist.

Did you know that there’s no class in dental school called Bad Breath 101? What this means is that most dentists are unaware of the true cause of bad breath. They believe the same myths that you do – bad breath comes from the teeth and gums, bad breath is cured with the products found on grocery store shelves, and that bad breath comes from your stomach.

Now there are a handful of dentists that DO know where bad breath comes from but to be frank, they don’t care. They are health care professionals that deal with “real” health

care problems like gum disease, tooth decay, missing teeth, wisdom teeth, and oral cancers. And right they should. These can be more serious than bad breath.

AND…. It just happens to be coincidence that treatment for these bigger problems are more difficult and time consuming (let along more profitable)

But what if you, the patient, are really concerned with bad breath? What if it is a real problem that requires real solutions? Shouldn’t the dentist be knowledgeable enough about bad breath and have a solution for you? You would think so but many either don’t know or they don’t care.

Myth #2: Bad Breath Comes From Your Teeth And Gums Truth #2: Bad Breath Does NOT Come From Your Teeth and Toothbrushing Only Fools You Into Believing It Does.

Myth #3: Mout hwash es, Mint s, Gums, Breat h Sprays, and Breath Str ips Work At Getting Rid Of Bad Breath.

Like the toothbrushing example in Myth #2, these products only MASK or COVER UP bad breath… ultimately giving you false believe and false relief from bad breath. But it doesn’t end there. Some of these products actually CAUSE MORE BAD BREATH.

Consumer Beware!

Example #1 – Listerine and Scope Cause MORE Bad Breath.


How? Since these mouthwashes have a high concentration of alcohol (1828%), they dry out your mouth. A dry mouth is bad because it creates a better environment for odor-causing bacteria to multiply and thrive. The healthy mouth has regular saliva flow that naturally rinses away these bacteria. But when you use Listerine, Scope or any Store-Brand mouthwash that contains alcohol, even if you are healthy, these products dry out your mouth causing MORE bad breath.


What about all those commercials? The truth is, Listerine and Scope have been around for over 40 years. These manufacturers have millions of dollars to place big television ads that entice you to buy or keep on buying their products. That’s big business. But over the years, all products improve, research improves, and so does consumers knowledge improves. The same goes for mouthwash and ingredients. Today’s products are much better (and safer) than these products that were developed generations ago. Take the next step and do what works and is safe for your body.

Example #2 – Mints and Gums That Have Sugars or Sweeteners Cause MORE Bad Breath.


How? We all know what sugar in candy does to our teeth – it causes cavities. But the same bacteria that cause bad breath also love sugars. Feed them the

sugars they want and they produce more things YOU DON’T WANT like bad breath.


What about sugar-free? Most sugar-free gums and mints have artificial sweeteners that can cause more harmful consequences than just bad breath. This includes cancers! Stay away from these sugar substitutes. Examples of these are aspartame and saccharin. There’s no reason why you should sacrifice your life for the sake of curing your bad breath, especially if there are some healthy solutions that work.

Myth #3: Mouthwashes, Mints, Gums, Breath Sprays, and Breath Strips Work At Getting Rid Of Bad Breath. Truth #3: Most Of These Products Fool You Into Believing That They Cure Bad Breath. They Usually Mask Bad Breath and Sometimes They Make Your Bad Breath Worse.

By now you’re probably scratching your head or thinking, “Wow. I didn’t know that!” We get that a lot of times when we share this information.

In summary, we debunked 3 of the most common myths associated with bad breath. We have talked about bad breath not coming from the gut but rather the mouth and more specifically the tongue. Then we demystified the issue that to solve bad breath you need to brush your teeth. Lastly, we uncovered some shocking truths about the leading mouthwashes and other so called “solutions.”

Now that you are now “smarter” about bad breath, we would not want to leave you hanging without sharing with you the best solution for bad breath. By now you know that bad breath comes from the tongue and the solution should be multifaceted.

1. Use a good tongue scraper that removes the debris on the tongue. We love the BreathDr. Brand tongue scraper because of its non-gagging head and good looks. Of course, the design is patent-pending and is sold exclusively through the Breath Optimizer System. A quality tongue scraper like this one can run around $20 but in the system, it is practically free.

2. Rinse with a water-based chlorine dioxide mouthwash. Mouthwashes that contain this active ingredient effectively kills the bacteria that cause bad breath on contact. It has been clinically proven and is completely safe. (EPA rates this compound as safe as drinking water). The only problem is that these mouthwashes are difficult to find in stores. We made it available in a 32 oz. bottle that will last you a month if you use it twice a day, when you wake up and go to bed. It too is included in the Breath Optimizer System.

3. Lastly, you should use Breath Spray. There are going to be times when you need a boost of fresh breath like right after lunch. Of course you can bring a big bottle of mouthwash with you but we recommend you carry a small bottle of breath spray containing the same active ingredient as in mouthwash. This BreathDr brand breath spray prevents the bacteria that cause bad breath from forming. We provide 2 of these

bottles in the Breath Optimizer System so you can take it with you and leave one in the car. This product sells for $6 per bottle but you get a whopping of a deal as a part of the system.

More about the Breath Optimizer 3-Step System:

The Breath Optimizer 3-Step System is a safe, quick, and effective 3-step solution for bad breath. We’ve tackled every aspect of bad breath at the source. We’re not simply masking the problem, we’re mechanically and chemically removing the cause of bad breath.

Step 1: Scrape Step 2: Swish Step 3: Spray

In Step 1, you scrape the far back of your tongue to remove the top layers of debris. Scientists have found dead cells, volatile sulfur compounds, odor-causing bacteria, mucous, dental plaque, and food particles in this debris. By removing this layer first, it allows for the subsequent steps to do their job.

Step 2 works more on the microscopic level. Once the top layer is removed, the true causes of bad breath (volatile sulfur compounds, anaerobic bacteria) can be found between the folds (papillae) on the tongue. Gargling and swishing for 60 seconds kills the bacteria and breaks the compounds leading to fresher breath. The mouthwash also

contains natural organic peppermint flavors leaving your breath fresh. So you are guaranteed to be pleased with the taste. No more burning or stinging sensation like the other leading brands.

Step 3 works as a preventive and maintenance measure. Carry around the breath spray and use it before important business meetings or any face-to-face encounters. Spray it in your mouth 3-5 times to ensure fresh breath and more importantly, to boost your confidence prior to meeting with someone.

For More Information about the Breath Optimizer 3-Step System, click here.

Our hope is that you gained a lot of good information about bad breath from reading this report. If you have any questions click here and proceed to the contact us page.


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