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									Administrative Report
The Office of Continuing and Professional Education experienced a marked increase in the number of parents who selected Kean University’s Summer Fun for Kids camps for their children’s education and entertainment during the long summer. Four hundred children ages 5 to 16 attended camps ranging from Fun with Math and Reading to Robotics and Computer Aided Design (CAD). In addition, several programs targeted high school youth, ranging from visual arts courses to SAT preparation. “Participants had the opportunity to attend a wide variety of enrichment activities that were offered on a weekly basis beginning June 26 and ending August 17,” said Dr. Roseann Bucciarelli, acting assistant dean of the Office of Continuing and Professional Education in the Nathan Weiss Graduate College. “This year we expanded the Kean Kids Summer Fun Program and offered twice as many courses as we did last summer, and our enrollments almost doubled. Our students came from many counties in the region including Union, Essex, Middlesex, Somerset, Bergen, Morris, Passaic and Mercer. A number of them were related to Kean University faculty, staff and students,” Bucciarelli said. “The Kean Kids Summer Fun Program gives children and youth the opportunity to experience the Kean University campus while they participate in fun, enriching activities, as well as meet and become friends with children from a wide variety of backgrounds.” continued on page 2

Four Hundred Kids and Teens Had Summer Fun at Kean
A Record of Policy and Information on Events Published by Univer sity Relations

One could almost hear a pin drop in Matthew Androlowicz’s chess class where 11 boys and girls pondered the next moves. Androlowicz, a 6th grade teacher in Elizabeth, N.J., started a chess club there six years ago and has been teaching either club or individual chess since. Androlowicz is now pursuing a Master of Arts in Liberal Studies at Kean.

Pictured from (left to right) are Kean students Jessica Rieck and Ricky Cordero, with Ronald S. Elowitz, adjunct professor in Kean’s Department of Design and a visual manager in Pfizer’s Consumer Healthcare Division in Morris Plains, N.J. Rieck and Cordero recently completed an industrial design internship program developed by Elowitz, titled Listerine Pocket Paks Redesign Project, at Pfizer Consumer Healthcare. They recently presented their extensive research and package redesign concepts to the company’s senior marketing management, who chose the students’ designs over those submitted by an external professional industrial design agency and will undergo national bases testing. The global director of Listerine Brand management was so impressed with the quality of the students’ work that he has announced that Pfizer will provide another internship to Kean students during the fall semester. Previous industrial design internships have placed students with Ingersoll-Rand, Liberty Science Center, Schering Plough, HS Design, Rock-Tenn and OnSet Design, as well as other corporate sponsors.

Week of August 21, 2006

Produced by the Office of University Relations

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Summer Fun at Kean
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Roly-Poly These Robots Comic Illustration Draws a Crowd
Instructor Ian Dorian taught campers the process of Comic Illustration and Storytelling for High School Students aged 14 to 16. The two-week class, offered by the Office of Continuing and Professional Education from July 31 to August 10, had students’ imagination fired up as they learned to first write the story line and then to turn it into comic-strip panels. “We talk about proportion of figures, lighting and mood, camera angles, and the pacing of the story,” Dorian said. “The students are all very talented.” A graduate of the Kean University B.F.A. program in 1997, Dorian is also an instructor at the Joe Kubert School of Cartoon and Graphic Art in Dover, N.J., where he teaches anatomy and advanced techniques. He also draws trading cards for Marvel Comics. This is the second year he is teaching Comic Illustration at Kean. “It is the only such course that I know of in the area,” he said. Twenty children in the Roly-Poly Robot class taught by Jackie Salerno had their hands full of wires, chips and plastic parts while assembling their round robots which are designed to run, turn over and upright themselves again. The “roboteers” also assembled a plastic car for bumper-racing. “It has been a great experience for me and the kids,” said Salerno, a 2005 graduate of the Kean College of Education majoring in history who has enrolled in the Kean master’s program in special education beginning this fall. Sciensational Workshops hired Salerno to teach the robotics class this summer, her second year as a Summer Fun for Kids instructor.

Head Over Heels About Yoga
Kathleen Carroll taught 11 kids the practice of yoga. The children perfected their lotus, cobra and downward-dog postures with enthusiasm. “I teach them to focus and calm themselves, which is also important for adults before reacting to that person who just cut you off in traffic,” said Carroll, an elementary school teacher in Irvington, N.J., and a graduate student enrolled in the Reading Specialization program at Kean. This is the second summer Carroll has taught Summer Fun for Kids. Last year she taught public speaking.

Rocket Scientists Have a Blast
Aspiring rocket scientist, Noah Speed, 8, of Montclair, N.J., pictured here with his mother, Kim Speed, is a veteran Kean Kids Summer Fun camper. He had a blast when he and 16 other campers launched their rockets in the Vaughn Eames parking lot on August 17. Under supervision by Donnie Barnes, regional manager for Science Adventures, the kids had built the rockets themselves, culminating in the launch. "It took three days," Noah explained. "My son is very interested in all things electronics and renewable energy," Kim Speed said. "On the way here he suggested that we get solar panels on our car." In addition to rocketry, Noah has taken "snap circuits" and math class. Speed was a little concerned about having Noah spend the entire day away from home, but was told not to worry. The children in the Kean camps are escorted from class to class, and their lunchbreak is supervised.

SEPTEMBER 18, 2006 THE SEVENTH ANNUAL KEAN UNIVERSITY GOLF CLASSIC For more information, call the Kean University Foundation at 908-737-3340 or visit keanfoundation.org/

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