The Odyssey - Study Guide by marlyfinn


									The Odyssey Part II- Study Guide (pgs. 942 –964)
The second test on The Odyssey will only include Odysseus’s return to Ithaca. Use this study guide with the book to help prepare.

1) Character Matching
In the space provided write a brief description of each of the following characters. How is each important in the second part of the story? OdysseusPhiloetius -


Eurycleia -


Antinous -


Eurymachus -




The beggar-

2) Multiple Choice
The answers to the following questions will prepare you for the multiple choice section of the test.
-How and why does Odysseus disguise himself when he returns home?

-What is a suitor? How many of them have taken control of Odysseus’ palace?

-How does Penelope finally decide to choose a suitor? Explain the rules that are involved with this.

-What test does Odysseus give to his servants before he reveals his true identity? How does Odysseus prove who he his ?

-Describe in detail what Odysseus’ plan is to take back his palace.

-How do the suitors attempt to make up for their crimes against Odysseus? How does Odysseus respond to their requests?

-What are the key to victories for Odysseus and his men during the battle in the great hall?

-What is the test that Penelope gives to Odysseus?

3) Short Answer
For the short answer section, you will have to write a paragraph about hospitality. Know what it is and be able to cite
examples of it from the entire story.

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