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					The Odyssey pp. 916-947 In-Class Readings Honors English 9/Mr. Tyler Fall 2009 In-Class Readings: (916-947)
• (25-35 minute In-Class Reading Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday) This will be picked up on Monday. A. Circe’s Descriptions and Warnings (pp. 916-918)
Description: Include specific details from the story to describe each of these creatures. Be specific! Warnings: What warnings and suggestions does Circe give regarding each?



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B.What actually happens in this section? sentences.

Summarize the action in a few

C.The Cattle of the Sun God pp. 922-924: Summarize what happens here in a few sentences.

D.The Meeting of Father and Son/The Beggar and the Faithful Dog pp. 928-934 Copy four quotes - two from “The Meeting of Father and Son” and two from “The Beggar and the Faithful Dog”. Discuss how they follow themes of Xenia, justice, heroism, fate, or pathos.


2-3 questions


E.The Test of the Great Bow (You may use Book 17 online for this: Pick three quotes that you believe are significant to the story and comment on them.


3-4 questions


F. Death at the Palace/Odysseus and Penelope Line Analysis: Write 2-3 sentences of commentary for each chunk of lines, using any questions provided as a guide. • p. 941: 1230-1235: • p. 942: 1253-1260: Why is this death poetic justice? Compare this line to other “action hero” lines

in modern literature and movies. Why is it so powerful? What does it reveal about Odysseus’ heroic nature. • p. 943: 1287-1303: • p. 944: 1314-1322: • p. 945: 1335-1342: • p. 945: 1349-1353: woman? • p. 945: 1374-1385: How does Penelope “get over” her anger and fear? What is Athena doing? What does this Homeric Why is Penelope “cruel” or “cold”? What has Athena done to Odysseus’ appearance? Why is Odysseus calling Penelope a strange simile show about the action?