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Heath Church
9/6 9/7 9/9

Weekly Prayer List.
The weekly prayer list form is circulating through the sanctuary today. Thanks for keeping it moving quickly. If you wish to participate you may: 1) – Add your name and new request(s) 2) – Add To, Edit, or Delete your existing request(s) 3) – Sign Up to receive the weekly prayer list (e-mail) Thanks for praying! It makes a difference!

Church Website!!
Heath Church has a great website! Check it out at www.heathchurch.org Let’s do our best to think of ways to advertise the website and get the word out to others.

Labor Day Picnic
WHAT: Volley Ball, Horse Shoes, Bocce, Croquet, Basketball, and Hot Tub, along with Hamburgers, Hot Dogs, and Grilled Chicken. WHERE: Dave & Connie Miller residence WHEN: Monday 9/6/04 @ 2:00 p.m. WHAT TO BRING: Just bring your lawn chairs and a SMILE (All Food and drinks will be provided)
Hope you can come! Dave & Connie

Schedule of Services
Sunday School Sunday Morning Worship Children’s Church Sunday Evening Worship Wednesday Youth 9:45 10:40 10:40 6:00 7:00 A.M. A.M. A.M. P.M. P.M.

Dates to Remember:
October 3 November 15 Men’s Prayer Meeting (7:30 a.m.) Concert [The Perrys!] (p.m.)

1375 Heath Church Road (New Hwy. 64 East) Lexington, NC 27292 336-472-3457 www.heathchurch.org Pastor: Daniel M. Downing “THE END OF YOUR SEARCH FOR A FRIENDLY CHURCH”

Heath Church
September 5, 2004
 Prelude  Children’s Choir/ Offering March  Worship in Song (Congregation)  Tithes/ Offerings  Prayer  Welcome / Announcements  Special Music  Sermon  Invitation / Benediction  Postlude

Sunday9:45 A.M. 10:40 A.M. 6:00 P.M. MondayWednesday10:00 A.M. 7:00 P.M. Sunday School Morning Worship Children’s Church Evening Worship Ladies’ Prayer Meeting
(Dorothy Bowen residence)

Youth Fellowship/ Bible Study

Monthly Men’s Prayer Meeting
In response to your responses on the survey, we have started a Monthly Men’s Prayer Meeting. The Prayer Meeting is from 7:30 a.m. – 8:00 a.m. on the 1st Sunday Morning of Every Month. Our first prayer meeting was this morning, and was very encouraging. The next prayer meeting scheduled is for Oct. 3. We encourage all our men, young men, and boys to come and pray!

Summer is over; children & young people are back to school; families are back from vacation; Fall is just around the corner. What a wonderful time to redouble our efforts to see our church continue to grow! Let’s pray and work hard to invite others and do all we can to bring folks to the House of the Lord. Let’s regularly attend the services, ourselves. Let’s come to every service with an air of expectancy and excitement – BELIEVING that God is going to do something very special in our midst! Be assured, He will never let us down!

Prayer Concerns
Nikki DuBois (broken neck) Jimmy Whitlock (Onda & Nita’s dad) – physical need Mark Lewis - Accident Injuries Paul Hemphill – surgery recovery Jacob Gillispie (Eye Surgery – Sept. 10) Betty Myers – surgery recovery Misty Sechrest– surgery recovery All our students (Back To School) Hannah Brink – physical need Keith Studebaker (Kevin’s brother) – physical need Beulah Montel (Martha’s mother) – surgery recovery Kenny Studebaker, Jr. - Iraq Davey Jones – military Kathleen Hemphill – physical need Our Armed Forces

New Ladies’ Prayer Meeting !
There will be a Ladies’ Prayer Meeting every Monday at 10 a.m. at the residence of Mrs. Dorothy Bowen. The location is 2676 Cunningham Road. All ladies are welcome! See Rebekah Gillikin for details.

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