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					THOMAS JEFFERSON CLASSICAL GRAMMAR –CFA SUPPLY LIST FOR 2009-2010 SCHOOL YEAR KINDERGARTEN These items are MUST HAVES: Pack of markers (any color) 3 – Glue sticks 2 containers of Clorox wipes Backpack (no wheels)

2 Packs – 8 color regular crayons One pair of Fiskar brand scissors Block Eraser 1 box of Kleenex

3 - #2 Pencils 4 ounce size of Elmer’s Glue 2 bottles of liquid hand soap Plastic Kinder-Mat (we prefer the thin ones – on pillows)

Please label all items (scissors, glue sticks, pencils, mats, etc!)
The following items are optional, so please do not feel that you have to purchase them, but they would be greatly appreciated: Ziploc-bags – sandwich, snack and Paper towels Baby wipes
gallon sizes

Plain white paper plates – small and large size Craft supplies – pom-poms, glitter, buttons, yarn, crepe paper streamers, colored tissue paper, wiggle eyes, stickers, cotton balls, brown lunch sacks, pipe cleaners, etc. Blank (un-ruled) 3x5 index cards Dry erase markers Highlighters White & assorted colors of cardstock Rubber cement Small cups Napkins
FIRST GRADE SUPPLY LIST 4- 6 Glue Sticks #2 Pencils (1-2 packs) Erasers (large pink block erasers – One pair Fiskar student scissors Crayons (64 pack count) not pencil top) 3 – twin pocket portfolios without fasteners (solid colors only, 2 for class and 1 for Spanish) 1 black marble or composition 1 Art smock (t-shirt, apron, etc) for One box of Kleenex Tissues notebook for Spanish class art Class Clorox wipes Please bring all school supplies to orientation on Saturday, August 15 Book Bag

Personal and Community Supplies are items REQUIRED by all 2 Grade Students. All supplies are required th to be brought into school on the day of the picnic (August 15 ) Personal supplies – All items must be labeled with child’s name $6.50 for purchase of Chair Pockets (Cole, Conner, Kinter) and Cuisenaire Rods (Jones) 2 dry- erase markers: black or blue (your child may need more later in the year) 1 eraser for dry-erase markers 1 three-ring binder (must be ½ “ hard covered with pockets 1 bottle of liquid glue One pair Fiskar scissors 1 marbled composition book Lunchbox your choice Crayons (24 pack) 1 pack of colored pencils

Book bag (no rolling book bags please) Community supplies – these will be shared among all students and used as needed so there is no need to label these items) 1 pack Yellow pencils 1 Clorox wipes 1 bottle hand sanitizer (sharpened if possible) 30 Glue sticks (we know this 6 paper pocket-folders with 1 box Kleenex
seems excessive, but we do MANY art projects and will go through theses quickly)

brads (1 of each color: red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple)


Wish List – Items we NEED, but are NOT REQUIRED
1 box of page protectors (economy weight or heavy-duty) ** Please purchase this first as it is our primary need ** Various sizes zip-top baggies Items for outdoor recess (sports equipment, games etc) Stickers and other items of treasure box and class auctions Packages of markers

THIRD GRADE SUPPLY LIST Mead- Marbled composition book Pencils Dry erase markers Paper towels Sip lock baggies all sizes 3 two pocket folders Crayons Scissors Clorox wipes Notebook paper (wide rule) Glue sticks Kleenex Hand sanitizer

2- three ring binders (view finder Yellow highlighters A spiral notebook (one subject) Two composition notebooks (marbled black/white) Red pens for checking papers
clear cover so that paper can be placed inside)

Black Expo markers and an eraser or a sock Backpack (without wheels) Crayons and/or colored pencils

Notebook paper (wide ruled) Pencil Box with pencils 5 tabbed divider pack with pockets (paper or plastic)

5 tapped PAPER divider pack (the cheap kind so we can glue pictures on them) If you have any questions about our supply list or you are not sure about an item, please WAIT until the school picnic right before school, we will go over and show all the items listed! FIFTH GRADE SUPPLY LIST One 13 Pocket Fabric/Leather Expanding File/Organizer: We recommend one of the following products:
Ampad Excellence 13 pocket expanding file (Wal-Mart - around $8.00) 01119 Pendaflex 13 –pocket Expanding Spiral File, letter, Foam Poly ( around $9.00) Globe-Weis – Fabric Poly Expanding Files, letter, Letter, Dark Blue or Black (Staples around $13.50) Smead Retrospect Expanding File, 13 Pockets Zip (Amazon-com around $20.00) Other organizers will be allowed. We only list the above as possible suggestions. If you choose another product, we ask the following be followed: Organizer must be fabric/leather for durability and must have 13 expanding pockets. Two refillable Mechanical Pencils (along with extra lead or graphite and erasers). We recommend Mate Clear Point Mechanical Pencils .55mm, which can be purchased in a double pack with extra lead/graphite and erasers for $3.50 (please no disposable mechanical pencils because they do not last)

6 – Marble composition books – assorted colors 3 packs Wide-ruled notebook paper (2 for school, 1 1 marble graphing composition book ( from Staples) for home) One package of six 9 x 12 envelopes white/brown 1 one & a half inch 3 ring binder (Wal-Mart or Staples) FIFTH GRADE CLASSROOM SUPPLIES Ziploc bags: 1 box qt. & 1 box Liquid Hand soap, & Hand Paper Towels, gal. Sanitizer 1 roll wax paper One empty shoe box 18 count Crayola twistable colored pencils

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