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Lyall Bay School
2009 Centennial Celebration Notes from Planning Meeting #4 Wednesday 24 September 2008
Present: Sharon Neilson, Dennis Thompson Doug Mitchell, Jim Caddis,Ted Darling, John Cowan, Sylvia Nichol Apologies: Tania Waugh, Ngaire Applegarth, Paul Soma, Jill Thompson, Vicki Bee, Fran Smith

Matters Discussed: Sub-Committees: - General – Sharon - Finance – School Office - Fundraising – John /Ted - Publicity - Fran - Products – Dennis - Registrations – Sylvia - Speakers/Old Students – Jim - Photographs and Displays - Staff - Venue(s) – Dennis / Paul - Catering - Jim Budget - John asked if a budget could be prepared as he wanted to know how much he has to spend on the promotional vehicle. Dennis and Sharon will meet to discuss a budget framework which will be presented at the next meeting. Caterer - Sharon has received a quote from the Pines for the catering. She will get two more quotes and a decision will be made at the next meeting as to which caterer to go with. Venue(s) - Booking for the Wellington Indian Centre has been pencilled in. The Chinese Cultural Centre is also being considered as a possible choice. It was also suggested that The Masonic Lodge, Owhiro Bay could also be considered as a suitable venue. Or alternatively have a marquee on the grass and have the school facilities open. Dennis to get several quotes for a marquee and will provide these prices at the next meeting.

Classroom Displays – Displays of different decades. Each class/teacher to be allocated several decades – can be used as a study for the children and also encourage the children to come dressed in the decade(s) their class is displaying. Website - Dennis showed the committee members the website – still to be added to. Sharon thanked Clint and Dennis for setting up the website – it looks fantastic. Centennial Newsletter – Doug suggested doing a centennial newsletter to be put into letterboxes (same distribution area as the Lyall Bay School newsletter). Products – John suggested that besides having centennial T-shirts for wearing, also have T-shirts in cases for displaying on the wall. Doug also suggested engraved?? wineglasses. Sunday Church Service – Sharon suggested that the church service should be interdenominational representing all the different ethnic groups that make up the school. Sharon and Vicki to look into this. Sunday Sports Day – Invite different clubs (croquet, cricket etc) and Push Play to come to the school and set up displays. MC/Guest Speakers – Jim has approached Grant Cedarwall (former pupil) and he is happy to come along and be the MC and/or a guest speaker. Recapitation – John raised with Dennis about the centennial committee making an approach to the Board of Trustees regarding recapitation. It was agreed that John’s suggestion be put on the table for consideration and then discussed at the next meeting.

Next Meeting: School Staffroom (via main office/hall area) 4.30pm Wednesday 22 October 2008
Please invite any friends/contacts whom you think could contribute further to this important celebration

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