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									Curriculum Vitae
Date of Birth: 3rd June 1959 Address for correspondence: Biophysics Section Department of Physics University of Pune Pune – 411007 E-mail: Contacts: 91-020-25691278/1712 Ext. 318 & 403 Permanent Address: ‘Krishnai’, Plot No.11 Shreenath Sahakari Socoiety, Mayur Colony Complex, Kothrud Pune – 411029

Academic Qualification:
• • • Ph.D (Physics) from University of Pune, Pune in 1986. M.Sc (Physics) from University of Pune, Pune in 1981 with first class. B.Sc (Physics) from University of Pune, Pune in 1979 with first class.

Academic Distinctions:
• National Science Talent Scholarship from 1976 to 1986

Area of Special Interest:
• • • • • • Neurophysics Information Processing in Sensory System Biomedical Signal Analysis, Wavelet Transforms and its applications to evoked potentials in human auditory and visual systems Experimental Neurophysiology: Intracellular and extracellular electrophysiolocal responses from insect visual systems Application of Neural Networks for modeling the visual system of insect Optical Tweezers for biophysical application

Present Position : • Reader in Physics

Teaching Experience:
• • One year at Fergusson college (Physics at B.Sc. level) 20 years at Department of Physics, University of Pune.

Teaching Contributions: • Designed and developed course material related to Biophysics and Bioelectronics • Preparation of laboratory manuals on experiments in Biophysics • Setup of laboratory experiments in Electrophysiology.

Special Contribution towards institution building:
• Development of a laboratory for recording of various Biopotential • Like ECG, VEP, AEP, ERG, Spike trains • Development of infrastructural and computational facilities for the analysis of these potentials with the help of Advanced Signal Processing Techniques • Development of single beam optical trap technique and its biophysical applications.

Research Guidance:
• • • • • Ph.D : 2 M.Phil : 12 M.Phil at present: 3 Ph.D at present: 2 B.E & M.Sc. Projects: 50

Research Schemes:
• 7 project schemes funded by DAE-BRNS & DST

Research Publications:
• In Journals & Conferences: 25

International Participations and Collaborations:
• Visited University of Bremen under Poona Bremen Exchange Programme in 1989 to study electrophysiological responses from the optic tectum of frog using pattern stimuli.

• • •

Participated in the College of Neurophysics at International Centre fro Theoritical Physics. Trieste, Italy (1-20 October 1990) Participated in the college on Advanced Experimental Technique in Biophysics at International Centre for Theoretical Physics (20Sep – 30 Oct 1992) Collaborated for research in Application of Wavelet Transforms to Evoked Potentials, with Dr. Vincent Samar and Dr. Ila Parasnis from Rochester Institute of Technology (Nov. ‘93 to Feb.’94)

Additional Information:
• • • • • Worked on organizing committee of Indian Biomedical Symposium February 1992/1995 Secretary of Indian Physics Association Pune Chapter 1992-94 Participation in cultural activity in dramatics Life memberships of Indian Biophysics Society, Biomedical Engineering Society, Society for Neuroscience, Third World Organization of woman Scientists. Coordinator of Optometry Courses.

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