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									Croquet Club News
The Lansdown Club AGM was held in May and the following Croquet members were elected onto the Committee. Brian Wilson is now Vice Chairman Jean Wilson is Croquet Representative (known officially as Croquet Secretary) Ros Key-Pugh is Second Croquet Representative and has been elected on to the Main Club Development Committee. Meanwhile the Croquet section continues with its busy programme of activities and matches. Another Beginner’s Coaching Session was organised and instructed by Mo Boys. Beginner’s coaching sessions always seem to bring the sunny weather and the four sessions recently completed did just that. The seven people who attended were enthusiastic and luckily fast learners, as we had to make do with one less session than usual. Two had already joined the club and the remaining five will be joining soon, so if you see new faces arriving on the lawns please welcome them and invite them to play. Two of them have handicaps of 9 so watch out! Mo Boys, who arranged the course, would like to thank Jan Crang, Brian Wilson and Ros Key-Pugh for their assistance.

External Competitions
Croquet Association Centre Stage Competition On Wednesday 17th June Lansdown Croquet Club hosted the first round of the Centre Stage competition. This is a singles competition for players who have handicaps between 5 and 8. The competition required everyone to play each other using a 13 point game (first to 7 hoops). Games were of a very high standard and included fantastic long shots, jumps and shorter placing shots that stimulated excellent play. At the end of the day the following 4 Club Members were in the top 4 – and will be in the draw for the next round. Congratulations go to Ros, Tony, Mo and Dave. South West Area Golf Croquet League The Lansdown North team League match against Dyffryn had to be postponed owing to heavy rain flooding their lawns. The rearranged date is not yet available but as we shall be playing away it will not affect play for members at the club. Friendly matches On Wednesday 20th May 7 of us shared cars for the journey to the picturesque village of Dowlish Wake, near Ilminster in Somerset. The village Croquet club members welcomed us warmly to their ground. They have wonderful lawns and facilities which are run on a self help basis. Unfortunately we did not take full advantage as we lost heavily! However we thoroughly enjoyed the day and look forward to playing them next year. On Monday 8th June, 8 of us arrived at the Bishop's Palace in Wells and drove in over the drawbridge, where the swans have learned from previous generations to pull the rope to ring a bell and receive bread from the little window above, like manna from heaven! The lawns are surrounded by ancient ruins and beautiful gardens, but the grass is not as good as ours at Lansdown. But it grows a beautiful crop of daisies! The friendly Wells Palace team welcomed us warmly and we enjoyed our games, especially as we won by 5 matches to Wells 4. The afternoon ended with a delicious cream tea and good conversation.

Internal Competitions
Progressive Singles Twelve members participated ranging across the whole handicap range from 12 down to 5. The event was played in 2 blocks of 6 followed by play-offs of identically placed players in each block. Each match was a timed 30 minute game with reduced handicap differences resulting in fast play as the aim was still to complete as many hoops as possible. This resulted in everyone having 6 games in the day to put on their handicap cards!! . Congratulations go to:Winner – Arthur Jarrett Second – Tony Brooks Third – Mo Boys Fourth – Jan Crang Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the day – thank you Richard. The above Progressive Singles Handicap competition was such a success that another has been arranged for September 23rd using both lawns and lasting all day from 9.30 to 5.00pm. Arthur Jarrett has kindly volunteered to run it so watch the club board for the entry form coming up soon. All our matches and events require that we have the correct equipment to hand. What follows is a gentle reminder of the procedure for reporting lost balls. Last season two new croquet balls were lost. One member immediately admitted the loss and asked for help to search - sadly to no avail. That member paid for the ball replacement. The second ball just 'disappeared' and no-one admitted responsibility. The club has had to replace this at a cost of £53. Please will members check that all balls are collected in at the end of each game they play? Should a ball go into the hedge or bushes and be 'lost ' please search diligently and if that fails, report the loss immediately to Alison Long, the Club Chairman so that swift action can be taken to find it.

Dates for your diary
Lansdown friendly matches Our next two friendly matches are both at home. We shall play Thames Valley on 19th June, and Cheltenham on 26th June. These will be the last two friendly matches for this season. 25th June 2009 – the Annual Cream Tea at Jean Wilson’s house. Tickets are available from Alison Long (price £5). Sunshine has been especially ordered! Can we please remind people to bring a garden chair, and an umbrella? If anyone can also bring a picnic table that would be appreciated. Thanks to all members who have contributed articles to this newsletter. Ann Trevanion

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