BAUDER ELEMENTARY SCHOOL SUPPLY LIST 2008/09 PLEASE LABEL BACKPACKS, AND CLOTHING. (coats, boots, etc.) Save your supply list, as supplies need replenishing. KINDERGARTEN - Please bring all of your child's supplies to the open house. Pencils-6 or more yellow, #2 pencils, adult size. Please sharpen, names are not necessary. Glue Sticks - 10 small (2oz) school glue sticks Markers - 1 box of large, washable, classic colors (no pastel, bold or fluorescent, please). Backpack - or school bag (one that kids can open themselves, with one zipper and one section) large enough to hold library books, tennis shoes or boots and items needed for day care. Please label with your child's name using a permanent marker. Crayons - 2 boxes of 16 (No fluorescent or jumbo). Kleenex - 1 box Folders-2 with 2 pockets. NO metal prongs Paper Cups - 1 box of 100 cups, 5 oz. size. NO styrofoam please! Notebooks - 1 - 70 page spiral. $2.50 for National Geographic/year Optional - $10.00 for a center-fund donation that will cover the entire school year. Please make checks payable to your child's teacher. This fund makes it possible for us to provide your child with enrichment materials for the art, science, math, writing and listening centers. Items not required but appreciated due to budget cuts: Ziploc bags (any size), stickers PRIMARY ONE Please label everything and bring the first day of school. Pencils - 2 Boxes of #2 pencils, sharpened Scissors - 1 pair of strong, metal, sharp pointed scissors, 5" long. Eraser - 1 package of pencil top Glue -2 - 4 oz. bottles of Elmer's white and 12 small glue sticks Crayons - 1 box of 16 - Regular size Colored Pencils - 1 set of tall pencils please sharpen. Markers-1 box Backpack, with a zipper - to be brought daily Pencil Box - 1 box, approx. size of cigar box (8 1/2 " x 11") Pocker folder-1, with 3 whole prong In middle Pocket Folders (portfolio) - 4, with horizontal bottom pockets Spiral notebook, 1 wide ruled (1 subject) Kleenex (200 count) - 1 box for your child's use $2.50 for National Geographic/year *No individual pencil sharpener and/or crayon sharpeners *In addition all students are being asked to bring 1 container of clorox wipes and 1 hand sanitizer PRIMARY TWO-Required Backpack/knapsack-must be able to hold a folder and 2+ books and clothing Supply box-hard plastic Box crayons-any size as long as they fit In the supply box Glue sticks-8 white or clear Scissors-metal, kid sized, sharp Pencils-24 #2 sharpened Colored pencils-any size as long as they fit In the supply box Pocket folders-2 w/pockets on BOTTOM Kleenex-1 box OPTIONAL, but Greatly APPRECIATED: 1-container antibacterial soap 1-container antibacterial cleanser 1-box freezer ziploc baggies, sandwich or storage size $2.50 for National Geographic/year NO: Trapper keepers,3 ring notebooks, pencil sharpeners, markers or erasers PRIMARY THREE Pencils - 2 pkg. - #2 pencils with erasers Colored pencils – 1 box – Sharpened! PLEASE COME WITH ALL PENCILS SHARPENED!!! Erasers - 1 pkg. MAGIC brand white (Office Max) Scissors - 1 pair of metal, sharp pointed scissors Glue - 1 bottle of white glue, 4 oz/NO gels or colors Crayons - 1 box of 16, (PLEASE, NO LARGER) Markers - 1 box, either broad or fine tip, classic colors Ruler - 1 12" ruler with metric markings/wooden or plastic only Supply Box - big enough for all supplies (Weisman only) Spiral Notebooks - 1 - 70-page wide ruled notebooks (4 for Yates) Kleenex - 2 family size boxes for your child's use 2 Pocket folder/ no center prongs, used as daily homework folder Highlighter marking pen Black sharpie magic marker-2 Binder-3 ring (Yates only) Dry erase markers-2 Toothbrush and travel holder-Yates only $2.50 for National Geographic/year ****PLEASE-NO PENCIL SHARPENERS, 3 RING BINDERS or TRAPPER KEEPERS INTERMEDIATE FOUR Pencils-24/#2 Crayons and markers Sharpie -1 fine tip White glue-1 bottle (no gels or colors) Glue stick-2 Eraser--1 large Ruler--1 12" with metric and Inch Spiral notebook--3 (70 page wide ruled) Supply Box Scissors Kleenex-2 family style box Highlighter-1 1-Composition notebook Notebook paper-3 pack wide ruled 6-2 pocket folders, solid color: 1-1" binder $2.50 for National Geographic/year

INTERMEDIATE FIVE **PLEASE PUT YOUR NAME ON EVERYTHING #2 pencils- sharpened (no mechanical pencils) Crayons Composition books-3 Colored Pencils-2 boxes 6 glue sticks Scissors - 1 pair of metal, sharp pointed, 5" Eraser - 2 large eraser (Magic Rub) Kleenex - 2 regular size box for your child's use 2 Wide - ruled loose leaf papers Spiral notebooks-1 Watercolor paints Pocket Folders: 2 of each--purple, red, blue, green, yellow. They MUST be solid with NO pictures on them Pencil Case-Small, please Deck of cards Index cards-3x5 pack $2.50 for National Geographic/year *****PLEASE, NO: TRAPPER KEEPERS, OR BINDERS INTERMEDIATE SIX ALLSUPPLIES ARE MANDATORY, NOT OPTIONAL!! Pencils - 24 - #2 pencils, sharpened. Mechanical pencils are acceptable. Colored Pencils - 1 large box, sharpened. Black sharpie-1 White Glue - 4 permanent glue sticks, (not washable) Ball Point Pens - 2 red and 2 blue or black Eraser-1 large (white Is best) Spiral Notebooks -3, 70 pages each, wide Composition book-1 ruled, 8 x10.5. No "perforated" tearouts Loose-leaf Notebook Paper - wide ruled Scissors - 1 pair of metal, sharp pointed, 5" scissors Ruler - 1 ruler with 1/16" and metric markings Kleenex - 1 regular size box Dividers or label tabs - 8 Zippered Pencil Case - 1 - with punched holes for a binder. Fabric will last longer than plastic. Binder- 1 three ring binder, 3" size required Folders - 7 folders, with two pockets on the inside. NO metal prongs, please. Calculator-1 Inexpensive, basic calculator with(+.-, division, x) $2.50 for National Geographic/year **NO GEL PENS, PLEASE** **NO TRAPPER KEEPER PLEASE**Trapper keepers will be sent home If brought to school

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