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North Warwickshire Community Leisure is committed to increasing levels of community participation in leisure activities. In this regard, it is recognised that it is important to work with, and support, those groups which are also trying to encourage more people to become recreationally active. Action Hire seeks to assist community and voluntary groups, individuals and private organisations to increase the effectiveness and range of their leisure provision through the low cost loan of equipment. The listed equipment can be used in many ways to assist in the planning of a variety of activities and special events. Birthday parties, carnivals, fetes, open days and adventure holidays, to name but a few, could all benefit from the use of the scheme’s equipment. Not only will the equipment provide hours of fun, but it could also help with fund-raising! Privileged booking arrangements and hire costs will be afforded to community and voluntary groups and charitable organisations based in North Warwickshire, although all potential hirers should find the scheme easy and convenient to use.

To check on availability and to provisionally book of any of the listed items of equipment, please telephone North Warwickshire’s mobile community leisure scheme, on (01827) 719220. Provisional bookings can be made during normal office hours. Bookings will only be confirmed upon the satisfactory completion and return of the attached application form. Local community, voluntary and charitable organisations may apply to hire equipment up to 6 months in advance of their requirements. All other hirers may apply up to 4 months in advance.

Detailed instructions for the use of all equipment will be issued to hirers at the time of collection / delivery.

Cancellations will be accepted up to 14 days in advance of a hiring. Thereafter, hiring organisations will be liable to payment of the full costs of the proposed hiring.


Provided that appropriately insured drivers and suitable vehicles are available, delivery may be organised through the Council. The charge for this service will depend upon time of collection / delivery and location.


There are two charge categories: Category A - is applicable to all community (schools etc.), voluntary and charitable organisations. Proof of association to the hiring organisations will be required upon collection / delivery of the equipment. Category B - applies to all other hirers. PLEASE TICK THE COST of your chosen item of equipment.

Item Baby Bouncing Castle (under 5’s) Bouncy Castle 12’ x 12’ (any age) Party Tent 3m x 6m Badge Making Machine (includes 30 badges) -extra badges, per 30 Bowls Mat (extra mats negotiable price) Bunting Croquet Set Display Boards Soft Play Equipment Tumble Time Set (under 5’s) Tug of War Rope Giant 4 in a row Game (connect 4) Giant Jenga

Category A (£) 14.90 23.70 46.30 10.30 10.30 14.40 10.30 10.30 10.30 14.40 23.70 10.30 10.30 10.30

Category B (£) 20.00 30.90 56.60 13.90 10.30 20.00 13.90 13.90 13.90 20.00 30.90 13.90 13.90 13.90

Additional equipment is available for hire by schools and sports clubs. availability and cost please contact Sports Development on (01827) 719220. The equipment available includes:       Sports Hall Athletics equipment - (2 speedbounce, 2 hopscotch mats, 1 standing long jump, 1 triple jump, 1 set tunnels, a graduated mat, soft javelins) Footballs (size 4 and 5) Unihoc Short tennis rackets, balls and nets Basketballs (junior and adult) Kwik Cricket

To check on

Other equipment may be available, please contact us to see if we can help.

Office Use
Form Received Paid In Chq. Cash Inv. Sign

Name: ___________________________________________________ __________ Address: ___________________________________________________ __________ ___________________________________________________ __________ Telephone Number ______________________ Name of Organisation (if applicable): Day: ________________________ Evening:

_______________________________________________ Purpose of Booking (Children’s Party, Fete, etc.):

_____________________________________ Collection: ______________ Return: ______________ Site: ________________ Date: ____________ Time: Site: ________________ Date: ____________ Time:

1. A single hiring constitutes 24 hours for a weekday and up to 48 hours for a weekend. Extended periods of hire (over 48 hours) will be subject to negotiation with the Council. A deposit of £50 per item of equipment is payable prior to collection / delivery. The deposit will be refunded upon return of the equipment in a condition satisfactory to the Council. The appropriate hire charge and deposit must be paid prior to collection / delivery of the equipment. Cheques must be made payable



to North Warwickshire Borough Council (NWBC) and supported by a bankers card.

I hereby agree to pay the appropriate charges for the required equipment; to abide by the Terms and Conditions of Hire exhibited by the Council; and to indemnify the Council from and against all liability arising either directly or indirectly from the hiring. Signed: ________________________________ ________________ Date:

Please send this form or deliver it to North Warwickshire Community Leisure (address below). Please enclose two cheques (made payable to NWBC), one for the hire of equipment and a second refundable deposit cheque of £50 per item of equipment. Please do not post cash, you may make a cash payment at The Council House to a member of Community Leisure staff: North Warwickshire Community Leisure The Council House South Street Atherstone Warwickshire CV9 1BD


With regard to the Community Equipment Loan Scheme’s Terms and Conditions of Hire, North Warwickshire Borough Council will hereinafter be referred to as “the Council”. The term “Hirer” refers to any individual, group of individuals or organisation(s) who hires any of the specified items of equipment.


Hiring of Equipment
The hirer will pay the hiring fee and deposit prior to collection of the equipment and will observe the Terms and Conditions of Hire. Large items of equipment (such as the bouncy castle’s) require at least two strong people to move them.


Use of Equipment
Upon collection or delivery of the equipment the hirer, or the representative of the hiring organisation, will sign a declaration that the equipment is satisfactory for its intended purpose. The equipment must be used by the hirer only, in accordance with the instructions for use which will be issued at the time of collection or delivery of the equipment, and for no other purpose or event than that stated on the application. The hirer will be responsible for the proper use of the equipment and must comply in all respects with any statute, enactment or regulation relating to safety. Failure of the hirer to return the equipment to the Council by the agreed date and time will result in the hirer being charged additional hire costs at the specified daily rate.


Accidents, Damage and/or Loss
If the equipment is lost or, on inspection at the time of return, the equipment has been damaged during the hiring, the deposit shall not be returned to the hirer and the hirer will pay to the Council on demand the

full cost of making good such loss or damage, less the amount of the deposit. The hirer shall accept full responsibility for the operation of the equipment and will indemnify the Council from and against all liability howsoever arising as a result, either directly of indirectly, of the use thereof and shall maintain adequate public liability insurance against all such eventualities.



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