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TrickleStar to launch new Z-Wave products designed for the US and European markets
HONG KONG – Wednesday 3 December, 2008 - TrickleStar Ltd will launch three new ZWave compliant products to the markets in the USA and Europe in December – the Z-WaveTM Remote Control, Z-WaveTM USB Stick and Z-WaveTM Apple Mac Widget. “Z-Wave is the first technology to bring affordable, reliable and easy to deploy wireless control to every aspect of daily life – at home and in the workplace. Our new range of Z-Wave products provide the basic building blocks upon which to create simple, scalable Z-Wave networks,” commented Thomas Joergensen, Co-founder of TrickleStar Ltd. “The fact that our products are also visually appealing, not clunky and unsightly like other products on the market and are also extremely cost effective further adds to their appeal. Each of our Z-Wave products will be available in US and EU frequencies, making them easy to incorporate and align with other appliances in the same environment,” he added. The new Z-Wave™ Remote Control can be used with a range of Z-Wave™ compliant devices such as dimmers, plug-in modules, drape controllers and motorised screens. The Z-Wave™ Remote Control has two buttons which are available with either On/Off or Up/Down arrow buttons. These buttons can control either a single load or a group of loads and can be configured to provide On/Dim Up, Off/Dim Down or All On/Off switching. A Configuration Switch enables the user to change between Normal Mode and Configuration Mode. The product also includes a mini USB connector (which is hidden under a rubber end cap) to facilitate recharging via a standard PC / Apple™ Mac USB port. The product can be wall mounted using a „designer‟ wall mounting cradle. The new Z-Wave™ USB Stick has been designed to control and monitor any Z-Wave enabled product from a USB port device such as a gateway, set top box or a PC/Mac. The Z-Wave™ USB Stick can be used with a wide range of PC and Apple™ Mac home control software available on the market today. The new Z-Wave Apple Mac Widget - which is FREE - works in conjunction with the TrickleStar ZWave USB Stick to provide control and monitoring of Z-Wave certified products within a simple, easy to use Apple Mac environment and is the ideal product for people to use for setting up small, easy to plan and easy to use Z-Wave networks. The Widget, which is designed specifically for use with Apple Mac computers running OS X 10.5 or later systems, operates in the Apple Mac Dashboard application and provides users with quick, easy access to control and monitor a small network of up to 16 Z-Wave devices.

The Widget supports basic scheduling, event logging, alarm notification and has basic rule functionality, based upon the status of the computer. “Adding Z-Wave compliant products to the TrickleStar product suite is a natural progression for our company in providing smart, efficient technology to the market,” Mr Joergensen concluded. The new Z-Wave range of products will be available to the US market via from December 1, 2008. In Europe, products can be purchased on-line at For more information, visit


About TrickleStar TrickleStar Ltd was founded in 2007 by Thomas Joergensen and Bernard Emby. A privately held company, TrickleStar is based in Hong Kong and has offices in Singapore, China, UK, Denmark and Malaysia. TrickleStar has developed a unique suite of products which address the issue of standby power used by both general appliances and PC peripherals and stop the flow of standby power when appliances are in „standby‟ mode. In late 2008, TrickleStar will launch its world‟s latest „truly green‟ power saving devices to the USA, UK, Denmark and Australia - countries where there is greater awareness of the need to reduce carbon emissions. TrickleStar will then launch its products into the markets in Germany, France, Italy and Spain and Japan in 2009. TrickleStar has also developed a unique range of Z-Wave compliant products which provide users with the ideal starting point for creating and building Z-Wave networks – in the home or office environment. TrickleStar‟s range of Z-Wave products will be launched to the US and European market in December 2008. For media information, contact: Kerryn Nelson Managing Director Big Mouth Marketing Communications P/L Ph: + 61 3 9558 3122 E:

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