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You, Nanuk, have been chosen to save the Ciucki people. In order to recover their independence, you must travel around the world looking for clues and trying to solve problems; good luck! Ciucki is an old Siberian town. It is a long time since it became independent thanks to a brave and intelligent breed of dogs: the Siberian husky.



Native to Siberia, the Husky was used for centuries by the Ciucki people in Siberia to pull sleds, herd reindeer and perform watch dogging functions. They were perfect hardy, able to integrate into small packs, and quite happy to work for hours.

A Travel Adventure te sumerge en una aventura en que tú, y nadie más que tú, será el protagonista. Para superar con éxito el reto no sólo deberás poner a prueba tus destrezas con el inglés sino también tus dotes como jugador. Como en toda aventura, habrá momentos en que te sientas un poco desconcertado o tenso porque no acabas de encontrar como resolver una situación u como seguir avanzando. Pero nada de esto debería preocuparte si sigues atentamente las instrucciones y consejos que te ofrecemos en este manual.


I. PEVEK 1.

Wall Window Cornice Roof Chimney Letter box Cottage Tree Mountains

1. Nanuk habla con su perro, Loky N: -Hello, Loky! L: -Hi, Nanuk! N: -How are you? L: -I‟m very well, thanks. And you? N: -I‟m fine! Tell me all your news! L: -I haven‟t any news. My life is boring. N: -I don‟t think so. Look at this letter! Perhaps it‟s for you. L: -…from the “Dog Magazine”? N: -Yes, I‟m sure you‟re the winner of the canine competition. L: -Oh, I hope so! 2. Coger la carta 3. Entrar en la primera pantalla de las dos de arriba

2. La araña

1. Nanuk habla con la araña N: -Good morning, spider!


A: -„morning! N: -It‟s not very nice today, is it? A: -No, it isn‟t. Not very nice at all. N: -What a long face! Are you worried about something? A: -I miss mum terribly! N: -I know what you mean A: -She‟s so far away! N: -Where does she live? A: - She lives in Moscow N: -Come on, cheer up! I promise to write to your mummy soon, OK? A: -Thanks, Nanuk! That‟s very nice of you N: -Not at all. See you later A: - See you! 2. Entrar en la segunda pantalla de las dos de arriba


Typewriter Oil lamp Picture Ground Table Chair

1. Coger el trineo 2. Coger la lámpara de gas 3. Inspeccionar el cuadro 4. Coger el dinero que está detrás del cuadro

5. Usar la máquina de escribir


6. Escribir la carta para la madre de la araña

7. Exit 8. Volver a la primera pantalla 9. Abrir la ventana de objetos haciendo clic con el botón derecho sobre algún punto de la escena 10. Buscar la carta de Mr. Witon con la ayuda de las flechas de navegación que aparecen en la parte inferior de la ventana. 11. Hacer clic en el botón usar/inspeccionar para leer la carta Ciucki Town Siberia February 12 Dear friend, Today Ciucki is a worried town: our manuscript of independence is in hands of Jermak, a Cossack trader. He is envious of our riches, he wants to fish and hunt in our land. We are in danger. Please, Nanuk, help us to recover the manuscript. We need it and we need your braveness. Fondest regards Mr. Witon 12. Exit 13. Abrir de nuevo la ventana de objetos y usar el trineo para marcharse


II CIUCKI TOWN 1. El leñador Woodcutter Firewood Cabin Porch Trough Warehouse Sign Weathercock Barrel Smoke Rock Hillock Sky

1. Nanuk habla con el leñador N: -Good afternoon! L: -Good afternoon! Who are you? N: Oh, I‟m sorry! My name is Nanuk L: -Pleased to meet you N: -I‟m looking for Mr. Witon. Do you know him? L: -Yes, of course. He‟s our chief N: I want to help him with the problem of the manuscript L: -Are you a detective? N: -No, I‟m only a friend of him L: I‟m afraid there‟s nothing I can do N: Why? L: -Because Mr. Witon no longer lives here N: -So, where does he live now? L: -Actually, I don‟t know N: -Thanks anyway! L: Not at all. Goodbye! N: -Goodbye! 2. Pinchar en la leña para poder seguir la conversación N: -Excuse me, how much is the firewood? L: -Those logs cost 21 pounds N: Thank you! 3. Comprar leña 4. Coger el bidón de fuel y la escalera que se encuentra apoyada en el poste derecho del letrero 5. Entrar en la primera pantalla de arriba


2. La cocina de Rose

Bowl Blender Kettle Bottles Roll of paper Cupboard Clock Saucepan Coffee maker Coffee mill Coffee cap Coffeepot Filter coffee maker Frying pan

Cooker Drawers Kitchen scales Dustbin Chair Kitchen table Leg of the table Fruit Glass Loaves of bread Bar of butter Chocolate Cheese Sugar bowl

Vessels Bottle of milk Tiles Venetian blind Hamburger Microwave oven Draining rack Plate Sink Tap Toaster Fridge Flyswatter

1. Nanuk habla con Rose N: -Hello! I‟m Nanuk. Sorry to trouble you but… R: -It‟s not trouble at all! Come in! N: -How are you, Rose? R: -Fine thanks… except for this boring wasps N: -Can we help you? R: - We? Who is your partner? I can‟t see anybody N: -It‟s Loky, my husky dog R: -Where is he N: -Over there… on the snow R: -Sit down and eat something, please N: OK, thanks, just a little snack 2. Coger la pala para las avispas 3. Usar la pala para jugar el juego de las avispas


4. Exit 5. Entrar en la segunda de las pantallas de arriba

6. Coger el queso 7. Entrar en la tercera y la cuarta de las pantallas de arriba


3. El garage de Raty Junk Chest Vase Chest of drawers Stool Chair Shovel Cardboard box Bicycle

Cabinet Filing cabinet Spray pant Power drill Vice Side table Fire extinguisher Glass flasks Nuts

Cars Bumper Radiator grill Bonnet Windscreen Convertible roof Indicator Boot Headlight Number plate Gears Tools Machine Mudguard


1. Nanuk habla con Raty N: -Hello, Raty! R: -Hi, Nanuk! N: -Do you know anything about the manuscript? R: -Not exactly. People say it‟s hidden in a cave N: -What cave? R: -The cave of Bisor. He‟s a dangerous warrior N: -Is it near here? R: -No it‟s impossible to arrive on foot N: -Then, I need a car R: -I can rent you one of these cars N: -OK! How much is it? R: -It‟s 300 pounds per day N: -That‟s very expensive! R: -That‟s right. You choose: 300 pounds or a piece of cheese N: -That‟s easy! I prefer the second one 2. Coger la linterna y el dinero 3. Soltar el queso 4. Volver a la primera pantalla

5. Abrir la ventana de objetos 6. Usar la escalera 7. Entrar en la pantalla que va a aparecer arriba, parpadeando 4. Dark loft Basket Shovel Hanger Cask Cigarette butt Bunch of keys Chest


1. Abrir la ventana de objetos 2. Usar la linterna 3. Hacer clic en el botón usar/inspeccionar para abrir el cofre que se encuentra al fondo 4. Coger las llaves Viajar de Ciucki Town a Kungur


III. KUNGUR La cueva de Bisor

1. Usar las llaves para abrir la puerta


1. Nanuk habla con Bisor N: -My name is Nanuk B: -I haven‟t invited you to go in yet N: -Oh! I‟m sorry! I‟m in a tight spot B: -… and I‟m very angry N: -Where is the manuscript? Have you got it? B: -I don‟t know what you are talking about N: -Come on! Everybody knows you‟ve got it B: -That‟s not true N: -Then, where is it? B: -Give me some of your belongings and I‟ll talk 2. Soltar la leña N: -What do you know about the manuscript? B: -Jermak wanted me to take care of it N: -Did you accept it? B: -No, I didn‟t. He hadn‟t got enough money to pay me N: -And where is Jermak right now? B: -Only the knowledge plant can guide you to him N: -The knowledge plant? Where can I find it? B: -At Navas de Peña N: -Where is that? B: -It‟s a beautiful Spanish town N: -I‟ll visit it but not as a tourist. Be sure! B: -Anyway, enjoy your trip 3. Salir por el túnel de atrás


IV. NAVAS DE PEÑA En la playa Beach umbrella Litter bin Ship Shoes Hammock Tent Ball Sea Lighthouse Crag Hut 1. Nanuk habla con la chica en la playa N: -Good afternoon! C: -Good afternoon! N: -A man told me that a very special plant grows here C: -Are you sure? I have only seen palm trees N: -Yes, he said it was called the knowledge plant if I remember right C: -Aaaah! It‟s only a myth N: -Are you saying that he lied to me? C: -I think so. It‟s an old story we tell our children N: Oh, how could I be so stupid as to believe him? 2. Nanuk entra en el bar En el bar

1. Nanuk habla con Jermak N: -Excuse me, are you the waiter? J: -No, I‟m not. He was just gone out. I‟m Jermak. I‟m only a tourist N: Wait a moment. Did you say “Jermak”? J: Yes, have I met you before? N: -No, but you won‟t forget me for years J: -Why?


N: -Give me the chucki manuscript right now or I… J: -OK! You win! I‟ll tell you where it is N: -You‟d better tell me if you don‟t want to be in a prison for the rest of your life 2. Jugar a la ruleta 3. Exit 4. Entrar en la segunda pantalla de arriba

5. Tirar dardos a la diana 6. Exit 7. Volver a la playa 8. Usar el barco para finalizar el juego 9. Exit