Application of Nuclear Techniques to Nuclear Waste Management by li5899



Application of Nuclear Techniques to Nuclear Waste Management

A. P. Toste, T. Pilot (Springfield, MO, USA)
             Detailed study of HEDTA’s chemodynamics upon gamma-radiolysis in a simulated, mixed waste                     5

J. La Rosa, I. Outola, E. Crawford, S. Nour, H. Kurosaki, K. Inn (Gaithersburg, MD and Fort Collins, CO, USA)
             Radiochemical measurement of 237Np in a solution of mixed radionuclides: Experiences in chemical
             separation and alpha-spectrometry                                                                            11

B. Wierczinski, G. Müllen, S. Rosenhauer (Garching, Germany)
            Tritium enrichment from aqueous solutions using cryosublimation of mono- and polysaccharides                  19

G. A. English, R. B. Firestone, D. L. Perry, J. P. Reijonen, Ka-Ngo Leung, G. F. Garabedian, G. L. Molnár,
            Zs. Révay (Berkeley and Livermore, CA, USA and Budapest, Hungary)
            Prompt gamma activation analysis (PGAA) and short-lived neutron activation analysis (NAA) applied
            to the characterization of legacy materials                                                                   25

P. Tkac, B. Matteson, J. Bruso, A. Paulenova (Corvallis, OR, USA)
            Complexation of uranium(VI) with acetohydroxamic acid                                                         31

J. Aign, B. Wierczinski, A. Türler (Garching, Germany)
             Development of a bipolar electrolysis system for tritium accumulation in HTO                                 37

D. P. DiPrete, C. C. DiPrete, R. A. Sigg (Aiken, SC, USA)
            Neutron activation analysis applications at the Savannah River Site using an isotopic neutron source          43

A. N. Berlizov, I. A. Malyuk, A. D. Sajeniouk, V. V. Tryshyn, V. V. Petrov, A. I. Savin, S. Abousahl, G. Rasmussen,
             I. I. Sadikov, F. A. Tashimova (Kiev and Slavutych, Ukraine, Karlsruhe, Germany and Tashkent,
             Transuranium elements and fission products in technological channels of unit No. 2 of Chernobyl
             Nuclear Power Plant                                                                                          49

V. S. Sullivan, D. L. Bowers, M. A. Clark, D. G. Graczyk, Y. Tsai, W. E. Streets, M. H. Vander Pol, M. C. Billone
             (Argonne, IL, USA)
             Determination of actinide and fission-product isotopes in very-high-burnup spent nuclear fuel                59

Radiotracers in Chemical-Technological Research

D. Arginelli, G. Berton, S. Bortoluzzi, G. Canuto, F. Groppi, M. Montalto, M. Nocente, S. Ridone, M. Vegro
             (Vercelli and Milano, Italy)
             Purification and separation of 239+240Pu and 241Am in biological samples by anion-exchange and
             extraction chromatography for high resolution alpha-spectrometry analyses                                    65

D. Mascanzoni (Potenza, Italy)
           Radionuclide-aided technique in a field study on plant root bioactivity                                        73

T. Suzuki, M. Sato, Y. Fujii (Tokyo, Japan)
            Adsorption behavior of alkaline earth elements on tertiary pyridine resin                                     81

P. P. Bachelor, J. I. McIntyre, J. E. Amonette, J. C. Hayes, B. D. Milbrath, P. Saripalli (Richland, WA, USA)
            Potential method for measurement of CO2 leakage from underground sequestration fields using
            radioactive tracers                                                                                           85

D. Jurkin, B. Wierczinski (Garching, Germany)
             Analysis of the kinetic stability of yttrium chelates by free-ion selective radiotracer extraction (FISRE)   91
S. M. Jerome, A. K. Pearce (Teddington, Middlesex, UK)
           Separation and purification of 249Cf and 245Cm                                                             97

E. W. Hoppe, C. E. Aalseth, R. Brodzinski, A. R. Day, O. T. Farmer, T. W. Hossbach, J. I. McIntyre, H. S. Miley,
           E. E. Mintzer, A. Seifert, J. E. Smart, G. A. Warren (Richland, WA, USA)
           Use of electrodeposition for sample preparation and rejection rate prediction for assay of
           electroformed ultra high purity copper for 232Th and 238U prior to inductively coupled plasma mass
           spectrometry (ICP/MS)                                                                                     103

N. E. Bores, M. K. Schultz, J. M. Rankin, A. J. Denton, G. F. Payne (Oak Ridge, TN and Iowa City, IA, USA)
             Urine radiobioassay intercomparison results from the Intercomparison Studies Program at Oak Ridge
             National Laboratory                                                                                     111

S. Ridone, M. L. Bonardi, F. Groppi, A. Martinotti, Z. B. Alfassi (Saluggia and Segrate, Italy and Beer Sheva,
            Paper radiochromatography for evaluation of radiochemical purity and stability of [186gRe]Re-HEDP
            in biological samples after human administration                                                         117

Environmental Radioactivity

G. Espinosa, J. S. Bogard (México, D.F., Mexico and Oak Ridge, TN, USA)
           Optically Stimulated Luminescence response of commercial SiO2 optical fiber                               125

G. Espinosa, J. I. Golzarri, J. S. Bogard (México, D.F., Mexico and Oak Ridge, TN, USA)
           Radon and progeny alpha-particle energy analysis using nuclear track methodology                          131

D. J. Sims, W. S. Andrews, X. Wang, K. A. M. Creber (Kingston, ON, Canada)
             Radiochemical analyses of radiologically-contaminated soil samples in support of transport modeling     137

D. J. Sims, W. S. Andrews, K. A. M. Creber (Kingston, ON, Canada)
             Diffusion coefficients for uranium, cesium and strontium in unsaturated prairie soil                    143

R. M. Keyser, R. C. Hagenauer (Oak Ridge, TN, USA)
            Performance of a portable, electromechanically-cooled HPGe detector for site characterization            149

I. Outola, S. Nour, H. Kurosaki, K. Inn, J. La Rosa, L. Lucas, P. Volkovitsky, K. Koepenick (Gaithersburg, College
              Park and Towson, MD, USA)
              Investigation of radioactivity in selected drinking water samples from Maryland                        155

S. Nour, J. Filliben, K. Inn (Gaithersburg, MD, USA)
             Development of the NIST Rocky Flats Soil Standard reference material (SRM)                              161

A. S. Knox, D. I. Kaplan, T. G. Hinton (Aiken, SC, USA)
            Elevated uptake of Th and U by netted chain fern (Woodwardia areolata)                                   169

S. M. Steinberg, G. T. Schmett, G. Kimble, D. W. Emerson, M. F. Turner, M. Rudin (Las Vegas, NV, USA)
            Immobilization of fission iodine by reaction with insoluble natural organic matter                       175

S. M. Steinberg, G. Kimble, G. T. Schmett, D. W. Emerson, M. F. Turner, M. Rudin (Las Vegas, NV, USA)
            Abiotic reaction of iodate with sphagnum peat and other natural organic matter                           185

S. Biegalski, O. Doron, L. Wielopolski (Austin, TX and Upton, NY, USA)
             Time and depth dependent fluxes due to 14 MeV neutrons impinging soil                                   193

M. Wojcik, G. Zuzel (Cracow, Poland and Heidelberg, Germany)
            A high-sensitivity large volume cryogenic detector for radon in gas                                      199
S. Pommé, E. García-Toraño, G. Sibbens, S. Richter, R. Wellum, A. Stolarz, A. Alonso (Geel, Belgium and
           Madrid, Spain)
               U/235U activity ratios as a probe for the 238U/235U half-life ratio                                     207

Y. Spasova, U. Wätjen, T. Altzitzoglou (Geel, Belgium)
            European measurement comparison of 137Cs, 40K and 90Sr in milk powder                                      211

J. L. Gels, J. T. Elliston, J. W. Talnagi, S. E. Glover, H. B. Spitz (Cincinnati, OH, Pullman, WA
              and Columbus, OH, USA)
              A pre-concentration neutron activation analysis method for the determination of 232Th utilizing a dry-
              tube irradiation facility                                                                                217

T. Mitchell, P. Sandwall, B. Rolfes, M. Lobaugh, J. Bowen, J. Elliston, S. E. Glover, H. B. Spitz (Cincinnati, OH
             and Pullman, WA, USA)
             Feasibility of using dendroanalysis of uranium as a biomarker for environmental contamination             223

L. D. Hughes, T. A. DeVol (Clemson, South Carolina, USA)
           Evaluation of statistical control charts for on-line radiation monitoring                                   227

R. L. Brodzinski, R. C. Runkle, J. S. Hartman, E. D. Ashbaker, M. Douglas, D. V. Jordan, K. R. McCormick,
            W. A. Sliger, L. C. Todd (Richland, WA, USA)
            Design and construction of a Cerenkov counter for in situ monitoring of 90Sr in groundwater                235

S. Happel, M. Beyermann, P. Letessier, A. Bombard, A. H. Thakkar, E. P. Horwitz (Bruz, France, Berlin, Germany
            and Darien, IL, USA)
            Gross alpha determination in salt rich water samples using an extraction chromatographic resin
            and LSC                                                                                                    241

G. M. Reimer (Golden, CO, USA)
           Radon measurement uncertainty: Comparison between passive short-term and active measurement                 247

J. E. Andrews, C. Hartin, K. O. Buesseler (Woods Hole, MA and Queens, NY, USA)
              Be analyses in seawater by low background gamma-spectroscopy                                             253

M. Marouli, J. Dean, N. M. Spyrou (Guildford, Surrey and Teddington, Middlesex, UK)
            Early stages in the development of a UK primary standard for positron emitters in gas                      261

C. Greis, A. Düker, B. Allard, P. Roos, E. Holm (Örebro and Lund, Sweden and Roskilde, Denmark)
             Plutonium remobilization in a humic-rich lake                                                             265

R. F. Payne, S. B. Clark, J. T. Elliston (Pullman, WA, USA)
            Radioanalytical approach to determine 238Pu, 239+240Pu, 241Pu and 241Am in soils                           269

L. Zhao, L. Robinson, E. A. Mackey, R. L. Paul, R. R. Greenberg (Tallahassee, FL and Gaithersburg, MD, USA)
             Determination of carbon, nitrogen, and phosphorus in cattail using thermal neutron prompt
             gamma activation analysis                                                                                 275

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