Lean manufacturing is essentially a relentless and persistent search for waste… waste in time, money and human capital.
Dental labs in the United States are facing three important challenges that affect their survival: • A shortage of trained technicians; • An inability to raise fees to dentists; and • Low cost crowns imported from overseas labs. The solutions are more efficient process management, better technology, and greater cost containment. More and more labs are achieving this through Lean manufacturing. Lean manufacturing is essentially a relentless and persistent search for waste. Once waste is identified and eliminated, the process becomes better, leaner and more competitive. Part of this process is the adoption of lab products that streamline production. Whip Mix offers a number of top-performing products that maximize efficiency and eliminate non-value-added activity. With experts trained in the art of Lean manufacturing, and with over 87 years experience in developing products for the dental industry, we are in a unique position to offer assistance to our dental lab partners. By utilizing our Lean manufacturing consulting services, you can significantly alter the path your business takes into the future. To find out more about the difference Lean can make at your lab, contact us at leanadvantage@whipmix.com.


Problem: Inconsistencies in model production as well as in investing, often due to untrained, inexperienced technicians. Products are not mixed to manufacturer’s specifications and remakes are often needed. Time and materials are wasted. Lean Solution: Automate the mixing process with a vacuum mixer that ensures consistency day to day, one technician to another...every time. Lean Product Solution: VPM2 Programmable Vacuum Mixing Unit Automated mixing process ensures simplicity and consistency from technician to technician, taking human error out of the equation Hands-free design allows technician to multi-task, eliminating non-value activities Program memory retains settings for up to 30 gypsums, plasters and investments Compact, space-saving design promotes better organization Maintenance free, oil-less design keeps down time to a minimum



VPM2 Programmable Vacuum Mixing Unit

MainStay Dowel Pin System
Problem: Dual pins are labor intensive and prone to failure due to the thin nature of their structure. Single, round pins rotate or become loose as a result of normal use. Lean Solution: A single pin design with a tapered shape that won’t rotate or abrade the base stone. Lean Product Solution: MainStay Dowel Pin System Single pin design requires half the amount of holes to be drilled than traditional dual pins Tapered shape prevents rotation of sectioned dies Protective sleeve grips the pin to protect the base material from abrasion Rubber end caps stabilize quadrants and eliminate use of dowel pin bur, saving time and increasing work flow

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Pro 100


AquaSpense™ and AquaSpense SL™
Advanced Dispensing Technology Problem: Remakes as a result of inconsistencies in model work and castings due to human error in calculating liquid/powder ratios and the variability of pre-weighed powder. Lean Solution: A device that ensures that an accurate liquid/powder ratio is achieved, regardless of powder weight variability, providing predictable results during the model making or investment process. Lean Product Solution: AquaSpense Dispensing Technology Accurately weighs gypsum or investment powder and dispenses the precise amount of water and/or special liquid required No measuring by hand eliminates human error factor Maintains accurate liquid/powder ratios Predictable end results for both models and castings Program memory retains settings for up to 15 gypsums or investments

FlowStone Fluid, Low-Expansion Base Stone
Problem: The use of a lab stone or die stone, in traditional baseing procedures, results in higher expansions and increased inaccuracies, as well as extended stacking time and trimming techniques. Lean Solution: A fluid base stone that allows the pouring of multiple bases with one mix. Lean Product Solution: FlowStone Extended working time allows pouring of multiple bases with one mix Fluid consistency for easy pouring, with no vibration needed Dense surface resists dowel pin abrasion Lean products such as FlowStone can streamline lab production flow, ensuring quality models with no remakes.

Pro 100 Porcelain Furnace
Problem: Valuable time is wasted when waiting for cool down between porcelain firing cycles. Lean Solution: A porcelain furnace that has a cooling feature to reduce wait time between firing cycles. Lean Product Solution: Pro 100 New Quick-Cool Jet cools the muffle twice as fast to reduce operating time while increasing productivity 3-point temperature calibration provides unsurpassed accuracy to reduce remakes due to cracking Redesigned muffle for greater efficiency Smart Box Technology allows software upgrades and program transfers between units saving valuable time in programming

Formula 1

Formula 1 Universal Investment for all
Alloys and Pressable Ceramics Problem: Multiple investments required for alloy casting versus pressable ceramics. Lean Solution: A high-performance, universal investment that works equally well for all alloys and pressable ceramics. Lean Product Solution: Formula 1 One investment for both crown and bridge alloys and pressable ceramics Wide expansion range makes it suited for a myriad of applications Rapid and standard burnout capabilities require no change in laboratory routines 15-minute benchset reduces processing time 30-minute burnout increases lab productivity

IsoCab Constant Temperature
Investment Cabinet Problem: Investments are sensitive to variations in temperature that occur in a lab setting. These variations cause inconsistent expansion rates and increase the risk of remakes. Lean Solution: A storage device that maintains a constant temperature environment. Lean Product Solution: IsoCab Warms investments, liquids and supplies to a constant temperature to help ensure a predictable casting expansion Single space for storing investments and supplies improves lab flow

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