AR Harley have started selling these Hagon Nitro shocks – which are apparently the only ones available in the corrosion-free metal, and so should outlast the bike. Not only because Stainless Steel doesn’t degrade, but because the whole unit can be fully rebuilt. Featuring 10-click adjustable damping, a 38mm piston and an 18mm hard chrome piston rod, they come with adjustment tool and are available in a range of lengths from 290 to 370mm in 10mm increments, and with spring rates of 18, 20, 23, 26, 30 and 35kg. The outside diameter of the spring in 73mm if you need to check your clearance, and the alloy parts are available in a range of anodized colours (blue, gold, black and silver). All you need to know now is that you can buy them online from AR Harley.

The Air Force Blaster motorcycle dryer was specifically designed for cleaning and drying motorcycles with dry, filtered warm air – about 20-25 degrees Fahrenheit above ambient temperature – cutting cleaning times by 80% It is said to be the quickest and most efficient method to dry motorcycles thoroughly, eliminating water spots, in five to seven minutes and is completely safe for all paint and chrome finishes. It’s all-steel construction makes it robust enough for workshops, and its 10-foot air hose should take you round the whole bike without constantly repositioning the main 8lbs unit, and it scores highly over a reworked leaf-blower or a compressor for its condensation filtered, warm air. If you currently dry your bike off with a chamois or similar, work out your hourly rate and then check that against £145 – or else wait for another 100-degree day and just ride. Scorpion Racing Ltd. North Circular Road, London. 020 8211 4888

The Duckman Cometh, and he brings with him these bronze and brass, rubber-isolated handlebar risers inspired by the famous Flanders risers of the 40’s and 50’s: ideal for old school or indeed anywhere the technology suits. Machined brass towers clasp cast bronze clamps between Delrin rings to absorb the worst of the vibes, giving a 50mm rise with a 40mm pullback, and supporting high or wide handlebars without compromising the grip.
W&W #20-205 Vintage Style Risers

There aren’t enough people looking for replacement saddlebags to warrant running this here, but what better way to hold luggage on your bobber than a contemporary saddlebag in original brown and now in black: they look like leather but the release doesn’t say so, so I’m not going to presume they are. Measuring W38, H34 D13cm and with a steel frame on their back side that will mount directly to the rack on a WLC, they’re a few torrential storms away from the patina that will blend right in with a period piece, but are a nice alternative to a pair of generic throwovers.
MCS# 903043

W&W Cycles, 2 Ohmstrasse, D-97076 Wurzburg, Germany.

There are legitimate reasons why you might sometimes need to move a bike without riding it, which is why we have hire vans, but if you’ve already got four wheels and a tow bar, why not hook up a trailer and save yourself the rental? By the same token, if you’re a trader and you have a van but it’s already full, drag one of these behind it. Three options are of particular interest for bike use: a chopper trailer which trades the flexibility of a wider platform for extra length, and a one or two bike trailer – although two Harleys could overload the two-bike model for UK weight restrictions, as it isn’t braked. If you’re interested, the maximum laden weight for an unbraked trailer is 750kg so with a stock new Sportster weighing 251-255kg, a Dyna from 290 to 295kg, Softails from 300 to 322kg, VRs at 275-280kg and Tourers topping out at 372kg, and the trailer itself tipping the scales at a tad over 181kg you’d be advised to be cautious. An unbraked trailer also mustn’t exceed 50% of the kerbside weight of the towing vehicle, so don’t even think about dragging one Ultra behind your Smart car (which, incidentally, I checked is 730kg). The big plus, as anyone who has a trailer cluttering up their premises will tell you, is that the Kendon Trailers fold up when not in use, and therefore take correspondingly less space that conventional ones. They can also be equipped with stone guards so you don’t spit road debris from the towing vehicle at the bike, and utility boxes for storing things like tie downs, and it goes without saying that they feature strong anchor points for tie downs, offering as broad a triangulation as possible within the framework of the trailer’s bed. Kendon Industries: 020 8340 8426

Motorcycle Storehouse, Netherlands


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