The success of our company depends on more than by li3490


									The success of our company depends on more than just delivering “World Class” services. It depends on inspiring the dedicated people who come together every day and work with a sense of purpose and pride in being the best.

Introducing Abacus
Abacus is a leading independent provider of Global Business Services in the field of corporate administration, accountancy, fiduciary and business advisory services to clients worldwide. Our clients comprise of some of the world’s largest multinational public and listed corporations, including banks and investment firms, oil companies, real estate developers, leading law and accounting firms and high net-worth individuals and their families. Our unique experience and global footprint ensure that we provide our clients across the globe with unparalleled service. Our professional people are widely recognised for their ability to work closely and cooperatively with our clients and to support their business through their wealth of knowledge and extensive experience. Our firm sets the highest standards of client service and maintains them by applying very strict staff selection criteria and an aggressive internal training and control system. Our commitment to excellence and to the provision of World-Class Service guarantees an enhanced level of client attention. In times of rapid globalisation of the world economy, Abacus provides clients with the peace of mind that their affairs are handled by an organisation with a proven track record of integrity, quality and professionalism, where their business interests are supported and catered to with absolute dedication and confidentiality.


World Class Service
A strong client service orientation has always been our key differentiator and the main driver of our success. The “World Class” concept of “service” is prevalent in every aspect of our operations. It starts with the initial point of contact with a prospective client and extends to service quality, client responsiveness and satisfaction. While our service levels have always been exceptional in each and every aspect of our work, we always strive for perfection. This is what we call “commitment to World Class Service”. World Class Service means that we constantly delight our clients and exceed their expectations. It is our ultimate, overriding goal in everything we do. The closer we get to providing World Class Service, the higher we raise the standard for achieving it. Every year, we invest more than ever in our people, tools and processes to raise service quality levels even higher. The industry-leading levels of client and employee retention prove that we are realising the desired return on our investment. Abacus practices the highest levels of integrity, quality, and professionalism in providing its clients with an integrated range of services based on our knowledge and expertise in the core services of company and trust formation, administration, accounting, and international business consulting.


Our people make us who we are
More than 100 first class employees (ACCAs,have the ability to build long-lasting relationships based Abacus is able to consistently deliver superior service to our They ACAs, CPAs, MBAs, MSCs). clients by bringing together talented people in a dynamic, No.1on trust and respect, coupled with a desire to learn and grow.Cyprus. independent professional services firm in high-energy, collaborative environment. This is why our Prove to us also one of the very few independent organisations Abacus is that you're just as special.
employees welcome and enjoy the challenges presented to them and largely the reason why Abacus is a great place to work. in Cyprus who have been awarded with the Platinum Employer accreditation from ACCA.

We want our people to succeed. Without world-class people, We are committed to creating an inclusive, progressive andfind out more about us we couldn’t have become a world-class organisation, so we flexible environment that values individual and collective strive to create and maintain an environment where talented contributions of all of our people. people can develop and flourish. This is why Abacus people Our people have the highest ethical standards as well as theElenion some of the most talented, Themistocles Dervis Str., CY-1066 Nicosia are Building, 2nd floor. 5 forward-thinking, professional P.O.Box 25549, CY-1310 Nicosia, Cyprus. Tel: +357for their work and skills, drive and commitment to find solutions that help meet people in our industry. They have passion 22555800, Fax: +357 22555802 Arianthi Court,in what they do. 50 Agias Zonis Street, a CY-3090 Limassol client needs. take pride 2nd floor. They provide Abacus with key P.O.Box 56183, CY-3305 Limassol, Cyprus. Tel: +357 25555800, Fax:+357 25555801 strategic advantage and are the company’s #1 priority and most valued asset.

What we believe in
Since its inception in 2001, Abacus has been governed by its core business principles. They shape the culture and define the DNA of our company. They determine who we are. They are the fundamental beliefs of Abacus, which guide our behavior and decisions and influence our interactions with each other, our clients and our community. We believe in professionalism. Our people always: Uphold absolute integrity. We inspire trust by taking responsibility, acting ethically and encouraging honest and open dialogue. Safehold sensitive, confidential information. We focus on serving our clients, not on promoting our own work. We grow with our clients. Remain honest. We put the client’s best interests above everything. In doing so, we may need to disagree on a matter or admit to a mistake, regardless of how our views affect our fees. We take a long term view of business and not a short one. Help each other. We provide to each other and to our clients vigorous support through coaching and knowledge sharing, in order to ensure continuity and promptness of service in achieving deadlines and targets. Value diversity. We nurture an interesting and inclusive environment by treating each other as we would like to be treated ourselves. We believe that our success lies on the success of our clients. Our clients’ interests always come first. This results in our clients enjoying superior service than anticipated, without of course sacrificing our core principles by blindly following client requests. We believe that providing “World Class Service” and solving challenging issues requires “World Class People”. We believe that “World Class People” will relish the opportunity to work in a fast paced, challenging, customercentric environment, where they can develop their expertise and pursue a successful, professional career. We believe in teamwork and collaboration. We arrive at better answers as a team rather than as individuals. We embrace diversity. In the Abacus “World Class Team”, with a wealth of backgrounds, skills and talents, our people work for the benefit of the team and ultimately the benefit of our clients.


Why Cyprus?
Advantages of Cyprus Cyprus has traditionally been an attractive international financial services centre, combining a convenient location amongst three continents, advantageous tax rates, financial stability and credibility as well as a wide network of international treaties for the avoidance of double taxation. European Member State Cyprus has been a full member of the European Union since May 2004 and fully adopted the Euro as its currency since January 2008. As such, Cyprus-based businesses have full access to EU markets with all privileges that this entails. Tax Benefits The low tax rate together with the extensive double taxation treaty network provides companies resident in Cyprus with a strong basis for cross-border investments. Cyprus investment holding companies enjoy the additional tax advantage of dividend income and profit from the sale of shares being exempt from taxation. Infrastructure Benefits Cyprus maintains a highly professional workforce to provide support to international business. The legal system is based on English common law and English is fluently spoken throughout the country. The accounting, legal and banking sectors are highly developed and the country enjoys a high standard of living with excellent telecommunication facilities in a stable and low-crime environment.

Personal touch

Our Clients
Abacus services clients from all over the world, covering business activities across all sectors. Our clients comprise a range from high-net worth individuals to the largest multinational corporations. Our clients comprise a range from high-net worth individuals to the largest multinational corporations. Some of the main business sectors serviced by Abacus include financial services and investments, oil and gas, real estate development, pharmaceutical research and production, manufacturing, banking, media, marketing and retailing. Our client service philosophy is that every client counts in its own right. There are no small and big clients for us. For every single client there is a dedicated team of people structured so as to pay maximum attention to all requirements and to respond immediately to any request. Our business objectives are long-term geared. As such, we focus on supporting our existing clients and growing with them. We do not seek uncontrolled expansion or growth for its own sake. We prefer to maintain continuous client service and quality at the highest level.


Abacus Services
Trust Services Our specialist trust services group will undertake with complete confidentiality the formation and administration of a Cyprus International trust which includes: •	 Provision	of	corporate	trustee •	 Provision	of	Protectors •	 Advising	on	family	asset	protection	and	inheritance		 issues •	 Administering	trusts	involved	in	employee	bonus			 schemes •	 Opening,	administering	and	monitoring	all	bank	accounts •	 Liaising	with	fund	managers	for	the	operation	of		 	 investment accounts •	 Maintaining	good	title	of	real	property •	 Making	distributions	to	the	beneficiaries Accounting Services Our team of professionally qualified accountants will undertake accounting and specialised financial management work whether it be day to day support in the preparation of accounts or company compliance with regulatory reporting obligations. Our services include: •	 Maintenance	of	the	general	ledger •	 Maintenance	of	proper	books	and	records •	 Reconciliation	and	analysis	of	bank	accounts •	 Preparation	of	management	accounts •	 Conversion	of	accounts	in	accordance	to	IFRS •	 Preparation	of	annual	financial	statements •	 Preparation	of	consolidated	financial	statements	 for groups of companies •	 Preparation	of	annual	tax	computations •	 Preparation	and	submission	of	provisional	 tax declarations and payment of taxes


Company Formation Our specialists in the Corporate Secretarial department will undertake the incorporation of a company, complying with the applicable legislation and best corporate practice to suit our clients’ needs and requirements, in jurisdictions all around the world, including: •	 Cyprus •	 British	Virgin	Islands •	 Cayman	Islands •	 Channel	Islands •	 Seychelles •	 United	Kingdom •	 Netherlands •	 Austria Advice will be provided in connection to drafting of the Memorandum and Articles of Association, issue of share capital, composition of the board of directors and any other relevant corporate matters. We also arrange for any specialised work such as preparation of shareholders’ agreements, formation of partnerships and set-up of funds. Shelf companies are maintained and readily available upon request, facilitating company set-up within 24 hours.

Company Administration We provide a complete range of administration services for our clients’ day to day operations. Our experienced staff is trained to respond immediately to client requests and provide flexible, prompt and professional solutions to all issues. Our services include: •	 Opening	and	monitoring	bank	accounts •	 Provision	of	bank	signatories	and	processing	and		 execution of bank instructions •	 Preparation,	review	and	execution	of	agreements •	 Handling	correspondence	with	third	parties	and	various		 authorities •	 Monitoring	local	compliance	with	statutory		 requirements and filings 	

•	 Issue	of	sales	invoices	and	collection	of	receivables •	 Arranging	for	legal	opinions	or	other	legal	work	where		 necessary •	 Attending	meetings	and	carrying	out	negotiations	on		 behalf of clients •	 Coordination	of	business	processes	such	as	audit,	tax		 advice and VAT work •	 Assistance	in	listing	companies	to	a	recognised	stock		 exchange •	 Assistance	in	applying	for	and	obtaining	business		 licences such as investment licence from the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission •	 Arranging	for	registration	of	trademarks	or	trade	names •	 Arranging	for	bank	credit	cards	or	applications	for	bank		 financing •	 Assistance	for	setting	up	a	fully-fledged	office	in	Cyprus	 •	 Assistance	in	obtaining	work	permits	for	expatriate		 employees

Abacus Services
Corporate Secretarial Our highly qualified and technically experienced team will provide ongoing corporate secretarial support and compliance services such as: •	 Maintaining	and	safekeeping	the	statutory	records	and		 registers of the company •	 Maintaining	in	safe	custody	the	common	seal	of	the		 company •	 Preparing	the	minutes	of	the	directors’	and		 shareholders’ meetings 	 Fiduciary The Fiduciary part of our work is by definition our strictest controlled service area with extremely tight internal controls and defined authorisation processes to ensure the full protection of our clients’ interests and assets at all times. Our firm offers the following Fiduciary Services: •	 Appointment	of	Corporate	Directors •	 Appointment	of	Company	Secretary •	 Provision	of	Registered	Office •	 Provision	of	Nominee	Shareholders •	 Appointment	of	Bank	Signatories

•	 Preparing	the	Annual	General	Meeting	of	the	Company •	 Preparing	the	Annual	Directors’	Report	to	accompany		 the financial statements •	 Preparing	and	filing	the	company’s	annual	return •	 Issuing	and	safekeeping	of	share	certificates •	 Arranging	for	legalisation	and	certification	of	documents •	 Arranging	for	the	increase	or	decrease	of	the		 company’s share capital 	

Members’ Voluntary Liquidation A members’ voluntary liquidation is the legal procedure where the members of a company decide to dissolve it. Abacus will undertake the appointment of the liquidator on behalf of the shareholders and will carry out the entire liquidation process including: •	 Informing	the	Registrar	of	Companies	that	the	company		 has been placed into members’ voluntary liquidation •	 Advertising	in	an	international	newspaper	for	possible		 claims against the company •	 Settling	all	company	creditors	including	any	taxes	due •	 Preparation	of	statement	of	dealings	during	the		 	 liquidation period •	 Distribution	of	surplus	assets	to	shareholders

•	 Assisting	in	the	compliance	of	the	company’s		 	 Memorandum and Articles of Association with relevant shareholder agreements and legislation •	 Registering	company	pledges •	 Undertaking	company	searches	and	due	diligence •	 Issuing	of	powers	of	attorney •	 Communicating	with	the	Registrar	of	Companies			 for all necessary submissions of forms and requests for certificates •	 Providing	full	support	to	clients	during	acquisitions,		 take-overs or mergers and company disposals

IT Support Services In a fast changing technological world, we believe that the support of our clients with regard to PC, networking, infrastructure and software issues is essential. The highly skilled staff in our IT group will provide support in the handling of the following issues: Solutions to generic problems both in hardware and software •	 Installation	of	hardware	and/or	software •	 Solutions	to	networking	problems •	 Solutions	to	web	related	problems •	 Active	directory •	 Backup •	 Consultancy •	 Servers	environment •	 Microsoft	critical	security	upgrades	for	workstations	 and servers

Payroll Services For our clients that maintain their own offices with staff in Cyprus, our specialist payroll group will undertake with complete confidentiality the entire payroll function which includes: •	 Registration	of	company	and	staff	with	the	Income	Tax		 Office and Social Insurance Department •	 Processing	the	company’s	monthly	payroll •	 Ensuring	monthly	payment	of	salaries,	taxes	and	social		 insurance contributions •	 Submission	of	relevant	reports	to	necessary	recipients •	 Preparation	and	submission	of	monthly	and	annual	tax		 returns •	 Preparation	and	dispatch	of	monthly	payslips

Abacus Services

Escrow Agents Abacus may act in the position of escrow agent between third parties which require such trustworthy agent as part of a legitimate asset exchange transaction. With our independent and fully professional status, Abacus can offer 100% reliability and trustworthiness for such a sensitive position, taking absolute care of the parties’ assets and ensuring crystal-clear procedures during the discharge of our responsibility as escrow agent. Our rates for such service are extremely competitive and we have so far acted as escrow agents in several transactions with assets ranging in value from €10 million to €250 million.

Concierge Services A part of our comprehensive client support service, Abacus can provide concierge assistance to existing clients on a complimentary basis. Some of the services we can offer are: •	 Hotel	Bookings •	 Car	and	Limousine	Rental •	 Boat	and	Yacht	Chartering •	 Airport	Transportation •	 Sightseeing	Tours •	 Bookings	for	Restaurants	and/or	Events •	 Translations •	 Visa	Support It is our pleasure to offer any other assistance or support to any of our clients visiting Cyprus, either on business or pleasure, alone or with their families, so as to make their stay on our island as easy and enjoyable as possible.

Nicosia Abacus’ headquarters are located in the heart of the capital city, Nicosia. Elenion Building, 2nd Floor 5	Th.	Dervis	Street,	CY-1066	Nicosia P	O	Box	25549,	CY-1310	Nicosia

Limassol We	also	have	an	office	in	the	coastal	town	of	Limassol. Arianthi Court, 2nd Floor 50	Agias	Zonis	Street,	CY-3090	Limassol P	O	Box	56183,	CY-3305	Limassol

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